Friday, May 11, 2007

Inner Morality of OutLaw Legislators

Malaysian Parliamentarians: they are so lack of Morality; it's lowest with our legislatures.

Sheer dominance and the power of majority has make it to the point that those in power never need to fear or bothered about their roles and responsibility towards their duties as the citizens' representatives in the highest legislative body. The MPs were entrusted with fiduciary duties of which the people elected them but the nation has now turn the parliament into a circus and parliamentarians have become monkeys, the wild type.

During the parliamentary debate, the opposition MPs highlighted the problem of water leakages at the entrance of the media centre at the parliament building.

Bung Moktar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan) and Mohd Said Yusuf (BN-Jasin) were reported to have each made a statement in quick succession:

Where is the leak, the member for Batu Gajah (Ms Fong Poh Kuan) also leaks once a month.”

The Dewan Rakyat Speaker said both of the MP should be referred to the Privileges Committee immediately after the words are uttered. But since the request was made much later, the Speaker said he was not empowered to take action.

Datuk Idris Haron, the BN-MP for Tangga Batu said: "I feel that she (Fong) should not see it as a gender issue. I feel she is using this issue as a means of getting publicity for her own political agenda. When we said such things in parliament, we take them as a joke, not as a personal attack."

Wow! It's a joke; it's a great joke, a joke that lowers the integrity of another, and a joke that was forbidden by Islam, and a joke that was uttered by 2 Muslims and the other Muslim MPs concurred with such a joke.

Is it a joke? Could the other MPs also say a joke on them and call them faggots, that they prefer assholes and at times they prefer to be pedophiles?

This is no joke... and sadly it comes from those who shouted so loud of their dedicated and faith in Islam, the world revered and respected religion.

To Haron Idris, it should not be seen as a gender issue. What It was degrading of another gender in absoluteness. If it isn't, then can the MP for Tangga Batu explain and justify. It's a shame on the 2 MPs and it's a far greater shame on another to justify a derogatory statement by a lame form of transliteration. It is a disrespect for the woman as a whole and sinful in accordance with Islam. But to these few Muslims, their interpretation of Islamic thoughts are different; for them, what they did or said are abiding.


Arena Green said...

I think the MPs who claim that it is an acceptable joke in Parliament should get their moms, wives, sisters and daughters and fellow female colleagues in BN to sign a public petition supporting them on this issue so that the rest of us who don't agree can STFU.

Better still, get our Mr Clean to say that such sexist jokes are not in conflict with Islam Hadhari.

Anonymous said...

The duo, if I am not mistaken, they 'attacked' the custom together in the parliament the other time. Famous samsengs in the parliament.

Everything is joke if committed by the clowns. Had it been the opposition, I am sure they will be suspended.

Lawmakers clowning around like monkeys. How to expect bolehland not to be crime heaven?

Anonymous said...

I think this tribe of BN Parliament representative just go against evolutions.

Maybe when they born, they didn't touch the black monolith in space odyssey 2001.

Anonymous said...

previously there were only 3 orangutans in the community. fourth one has joined them. well, MP is from the PM's Department.
Volunteers needed as zookeepers to take crae of the growing orangutans community.
aiya, i am just joking that they are called orangutans. take it well, orangutans ok.

zewt said...

a joke???????? oh, so they wanna play joke eh?

hmmm... i got plenty of jokes up my sleeve.... dont make me start.

Nessa said...

I'm totally at a loss to describe my feelings. Utter rubbish from these 2 chauvinistic baboons... that's not even close to describe them... If anybody ever said such things to me, he'll get both eyes dugged out of his face!