Monday, October 23, 2006

Mahathir launch Hari Raya Ballistics

Hours before Raya celebration, Mahathir launched his Raya Message:

Mahathir said today his legacy is ``being chipped away'' by the current government.

Mahathir pledged to continue criticizing his handpicked replacement Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, suggesting the country's deputy leader as his successor.

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak should be the next leader, Mahathir said.

``What I am trying to do is to save UMNO from bad leadership,'' Mahathir, 80, told reporters today at his home after meeting the prime minister yesterday. ``I will continue until there is some change. In the course of time, the deputy prime minister should succeed the prime minister.''

Mahathir's comments suggest the two-hour discussion with Abdullah failed to end months of feuding. Mahathir has accused the prime minister of jeopardizing economic expansion and achieving nothing since taking over in 2003. Abdullah had said he hoped the meeting might resolve the dispute.

Mahathir said he didn't ask the prime minister to step down yesterday.

``I was there to tell him what I am not happy with,'' Mahathir told reporters. ``I was not going to suggest what he should do. It's up to him to decide what to do.''

Somewhat ironical, Mahathir also complained Abdullah has turned the country into a police state.

"I pointed out to him that firstly this country has become a police state because any time anybody who invited me to give a talk would be called up by the police to withdraw the invitation," Mahathir said.

"I told him I will continue to make criticism. I will go on in my usual way but I do hope that this habit of asking the police to frighten people should stop and my civic right should be restored and I have a right to speak to UMNO and any audience I like," he added.

"It is now up to Abdullah to "undo the wrongs" or resign, said Mahathir.

Is this a Hari Raya declaration of an all out war?

This isn't a nice Hari Raya present for Pak Lah.

It's seems the war had just began. The previous tiff was just small battlecries.


Anonymous said...

Police State, huh?

Says the guy who was responsible for Operasi Lallang and the sacking of five (count 'em and weep, hombres) honest the guy who had released a group of suspected terrorists from ISA and also, despite the follies of Khir Toyol and his UMNO associates for the past few months, have 'permitted' the press to report freely on it. Quite a change from the past, wouldn't you all agree?

Its kinda like Mao Tse-Tung accusing Nikita Khrushchev of being a Capitalist Revisionist.

Unknown said...

wow! i missed out so many updates here, now only got time to read 1 by 1...

chong y l said...

Look who's tokking! Police state -- if Yes, those two UMNO councillors should be behind bars by now and flogged and cokked (Did I spell the lust word light?)

"Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri" to Awe readers and Horst at Mave SM's;

Pray very hard for your PM;

appears he's still very much Under Siege!

Anonymous said...

Tun is getting the flak for all the ballistics within 24 hours of smoking the peace pipe!