Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Maya wins New Istana Negara Project

The Star had decided that Dr Amer Hamzah Mohd Yunus is now the New Director-General of Public Works Department (JKR).

In today's new, The Star wrote:

[Quote] Public Works Department director-general Dr Amer Hamzah Mohd Yunus said only 28ha would be developed into the new Istana Negara complex while the rest would be a garden area. [Unquote]

But the current D-G of JKR is Datuk Seri Professor Dr Wahid Omar!

Is it a mistake or was it intentional?

Prof Dr Wahid Omar is overseas. Dr Amer can only be an Acting D-G unless Samy Vellu had unilaterally decided to appoint a new D-G without the need to follow the General Orders and procedures and directed The Star to make the announcement.

Coming back to the news, the new, bigger Istana Negara will cost RM400mil and will replace the current Istana which was built in 1928.

The new Istana Negara to be built on a 96.52ha site atop a hill is expected to start work in June 2007 and slated for completion in 2009.

Upon completion of the new Istana, the present building may become a royal museum.

Kumpulan Seni Reka Sdn Bhd has been appointed the architect for the new palace and Maya Maju Sdn Bhd as the building contractor.

Maya Maju? Who's Maya Maju?

Maya? Sounds familiar?

Wait for further information. Doing research now.


Anonymous said...

400 mils. Damn this mother f*cker old shoes. The elected ruler barely stay in the palace for more than 150 days annually. What the f*ck they spend 400mils tax payer money to expand something not utilise. And not to forget at least tens of millions must be spend to maintain the palace.

Anonymous said...

No money at 9 MP???? Now got 400 millions ??? How come!! I really don't WHO is Maya? If l read backward...it becomes AYAM ....

Anonymous said...

hahahaha Istana Ayam. What a coincidence. The proposed athlete training center in London also cost 400 million.

Anonymous said...

Come on laa friends. This is Malaysia. If they wanna build a rm400 m istana ayam or chicken coup as they call it in timbuktoo, they are welcome. We can only shout and scream, they dont care.

Adoilah, doesnt pak lah realise he's being ribbed left right and centre on the WWW? OOooo lupa, dia buta IT and it would be over his head anyways.. Apanama apanama.

Anonymous said...

Projek nih dah lama geng. Design pun ada tiru org lain punya, company yg propose byk dan bertukar tukar. Yg menang ialah company yg kautim brader Agong dan Pak Lelah. Bila lagi agung miskin from Perlis tu nak buat duit? As usual, crony Pak Lah kena ada .. not necessary the imfamous KJ saja. This project is not paid by the govt, dia trade land in return. Nevertheless, it has monetary value of RM400. Yg aku marah sangat is that the value of the land + kalau buat development on it comes to more than 1B .. YES Billion! so they pay RM400 mill for the istana and untung KAW KAW on the development!

Aku marah sebab bende tu tak di bagi kat aku .. hint hint .. just like most Malaysian yg protest against many project govt.

BUT Pak Lelah have to see that we/rakyat dah tak buta macam dulu. Sekarang nih kita protest with good reasons not only because of Money not coming our way. There is this thing called Maruah?? May be Pak Lelah have heard of this word?? Aper cerita nak jual tanah free hold to S'porean nih?? tak payah jual pasir .. bagi saja tanah kat Johor tuh! Yahudi celup yg dapat S'pore citizenship pun boleh tapau our land. Is this the BEST economic plan that you have Pak Lelah! Untuk memajukan org melayu atau menggadaikan maruah bangsa! None of our leaders are saying anything against him .. GUTLESS!


Salam, U.A.E

Maverick SM said...

Anonymous, is it that your company had submitted the first proposal?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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