Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bloggers United Gathering 2007

Announcement: Bloggers United Malaysia Gathering

All Malaysian bloggers are invited to attend. Please register your interest with Howsy or other committee members such as Lucia or Desiderata. Insyaallah, I should be attending. Hope to meet all of you there.

You can also help promote the event by blogging about this, pasting the banners (click on the links where the banners are hosted by photobucket) and link back to the

P/S: Will the B.U.M. committee invite Shahziman and Pak Zam? Howsy should sent an official invitation to Pak Lah, who is our Prime Minister of Malaysia, to grace the occasion and provide us with ostensible authorized recognition. Oh, lest I forget, Samy Vellu is also an important VVIP for this auspicious occasion. What about including Kayveas and Hishamuddin & his sidekick KJ, Howsy?

Hope to see you there! Embrace and engage!


Anonymous said...

about inviting shahziman or pak lah, howsy's answer would be 'and together with a bunch of SB men would come!'

what hishamuddin? no way, don't wanna see him with his keris, you know.

thanks for pimping us and will be looking forward to meeting you at last!

Howsy said...

I'm sure we're all tired with ribbon cuttings, political sermons and keris waving. You wouldn't want them, would you?

Anonymous said...

Body-check every participant for keris. *LOL*

zewt said...

saturday... a good date!