Tuesday, February 19, 2008

OrangUtan is now the Monkey's new dilemma

“They call their party an Islamist party, but Islam does not teach people to call others 'orang utans'. The orang utan is an animal, and calling people animals is far from what the religion preaches,” UMNO Wanita chief Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz said.

Calling people animals is unIslamic? Puzzled!!!

So, Khairy must be unIslamic, for he called the bloggers Monyet, i.e. Monkeys; and monkey is similar to OrangUtan; and OrangUtan is monkey.

Information Minister Zainuddin called bloggers Goblok; if calling people orangutan is unIslamic, what about calling human such other names?

Oh, we should also refer to the Hansard and read what the other UMNO MPs had called the other human beings, and how they talk about and make fun of women, their mothers, and the leaking once a month. Is that Islamic because those words came from UMNO's representatives' mouth?

What then is Islamic? Is corruption Islamic? Is asking the custom officers to close-one-eye to the crimes committed, Islamic? Is crony capitalism Islamic? Zainuddin said the Malays, who by default are Muslims, thrives on crony capitalism, that is, materialism of this world, not the heavenly riches as pronounced by the Holy Prophet.

Is money politics Islamic? Mahathir had evidence that the UMNO members of Kubang Pasu were given RM200 each so as to ensure that he was not elected as an UMNO delegate to the general assembly. That must be Islamic, according to UMNO's definition and vocab.

Is borrowing RM9 million by a Muslim who said he didn't have the money, but was tempted to buy ECM-LIbra shares to make some profit, Islamic? Islam says you must live within your means, and not live extravagantly; isn't this extravagant? And he is jobless, and unpaid, unsalaried man who is 30 years of age, but why wouldn't he go get a job to feed his family instread of living on charity and donations?

I wish the Muslims will define what is Islamic in reference to the empirical evidences and facts.


Anonymous said...

Islam Hadhari and must be UMNO members can do all the name callings as above..others cannot.

Anonymous said...

to those fellas from BN, who are all religious, money in whatever forms or source, is ok. nothing beats the $ sign, no?

Hope said...

I am so ashamed of these so-called Muslims who are not only making a fool out of themselves but also tarnishing the religion.

I apologise on behalf all of Muslims in Malaysia for the nonsense that these people have said and done.

I assure you that Islam is NOT a religion as they portrayed and they are NOT in positions to preach about the religion.

Ignore them please, as they are an insult to our beliefs...

Anonymous said...

Are NEP Islamic? ROFL. I don't recall Quran say Muslim eligible for taking 30%++ shares in Kaffir company, school, University,etc.

bayi said...

What about the bocor insinuation? Is that Islam Hadhari-approved?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Too stupid words. The politics in this country is like kindcergarten children playing in the backyard. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

wowwwww...... hold on!

monkeys and "united monkeys no otak" reminds me not the OrangUtan but someone we all know that resembles the OrangUtan... and you know who.

Of course OrangUtan are jobless, so that say it...

Maverick SM said...


I agree with Hopeful; "Islam is NOT a religion as they portrayed and they are NOT in positions to preach about the religion."


You are a model Muslim; with great humility and truthfulness. Maybe, it because you are not from UMNO.


If they cared to read the Quran, NEP was against Islam for the fact that it discriminate against the others who are poor and in need. The grace of Allah requires all Muslims to take care of the poor and needy. NEP was about APs & projects; not about the poor and destitute.


I talk about the "leaking"; that's bocor.


Kindergarden children playing in the backyard is innocence and pure; these politicians are Robin Loot.

Anonymous said...

My religion does not say I cannot call them names...so to those corrupt ministers, extremist kris wielding monkeys........I call you bloody sonofabitch...and hope you rot in hell..

Sorry Mav...have to let go my anger.

And you have a nice day.

Maverick SM said...


My religion say, it's alright to call politicians by whatever name because they were classified at such.

Anonymous said...

.... religion.... monkey... let me see.

monkey has no religion, but politicians sometimes behave like monkeys; see equation below:-

monkey x religion

politicians = monkeys

by way of above, we can conclude that "politicians dont have religions because they are supposedly monkeys!"

got that??? wouldn't you agree...

Anonymous said...

Ha ha...

I thought bloggers have left out this piece of news in the midst of GE fever.

Great! You guys have highlighted my anger as well. Monkey god started the animal business. Hope he won't get to rock the kingdom like the chinese Monkey God fable. And even if he does, we need someone holy to put the choke on his head!

Maverick SM said...


They are rude and an insult to our holy monkeys Sun Wu Kung.