Monday, March 31, 2008

Buntong Assemblyman Quit; and then, No quit!

Buntong assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam, who earlier quit all posts in the DAP, has retracted his resignation.

In a letter to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng earlier Monday, Sivasubramaniam said he had had lost confidence in the Perak DAP as it failed to fulfill its promise to appoint two Indian state executive council members.

He added the decision was a "big slap" in the face of Perak Indians and tantamount to deceiving the community.

"My victory in Buntong was a mandate given by the Indian community in the area, and therefore I cannot accept the decision made by the Perak DAP," he added.

When contacted, Sivasubramaniam said he would not vacate his seat and would instead serve as an independent.

“I have no intention of joining any Barisan component party but will fight for the people of Buntong as an independent,” he said.

He also questioned why DAP central executive committee member A. Sivanesan, who is from Selangor, was chosen as an exco over other Perak DAP leaders.

Sivasubramaniam claimed that he and state party committee member and Tronoh assemblyman V. Sivakumar were supposed to get the exco posts as they had worked hard and sacrificed a lot for the party.

He added that even if an Indian Perak DAP member were to get an assembly Speaker or Deputy Speaker post, it could not “do much for the Indian community.”

“This is not right. The leadership should be discussing the allocation of exco posts and other appointments with all 18 DAP assemblymen,” said Sivasubramaniam.

Of the 10 exco members sworn in on March 29, six were from DAP, including one Indian representative, Sungkai assemblyman A. Sivanesan.

UPDATE: Buntong assemblyman retracts resignation

Buntong Assemblyman quits DAP

I think Sivasubramaniam should quit and be an independent. He must hold firm his values and belief. If he thinks Indians should be made the menteri besar, then he should fight for it under the MIC regime. But Indians under the MIC had never had a deputy MB but with DAP Penang, we now have a deputy MB. In Pahang, there's not even an Indian Exco; why are the indians quiet about it? Is it that Umno and Barisan Nasional can do what it like for the Indians while the Barisan Rakyat is particular? In fact we Malaysians are seeing much better representations of Indians within the Barisan Rakyat. But since Siva has lost confidence with the DAP he can quit and join Barisan Nasional. He can join PPP or MIC or Umno. He can take his fight to defend the Indians within MIC or PPP. The fact that Sivanesan is from Selangor is immaterial as he is also an Indian. What Sivasubramaniam is projecting is that Selangor Indians cannot represent Perak Indians. So now our problem is not about Indian rights and representation but Perak Indians cannot be represented by Selangor Indians because they are different Indians. Sivasubramaniam has now created a new class of Indians by dividing the Indians into 13 classes, each state Indians are differentiated and group into a class of its own. If he thinks the current state government cannot do much for the Indians, then he should quit. Why did he turn back? Why can't he hold firm to his integrity? Is he fighting for the Indians or for himself? It's never about the Indians; it's personal interest! The Indians are being used as a shield and a sword for self interest. I hope the Indians recognized the abusers.


Anonymous said...

Because the move he made, lots of people blast MIC and Samy for the bought over inside malaysia-today. lol.

myop101 said...

He retracted because apparently, in his words, an indian speaker will be appointed to Perak state assembly. Who it would be is still uncertain at this point...

Anonymous said...

what makkal sakthi - you think you uthayakumar ar?

you are at the right place at the right time aneh!

just shhadap and work towards a better malaysia.

if the gomen not working for the benefit of the people then you resign also not late aneh.

or maybe if you cannot work for the people you better resign before buntong send you packing aneh.

got elected less than a month sudah tunjuk power.

Anonymous said...

My bet is that the bugger is sulking and try to gain as much as he can FOR HIMSELF.

Unknown said...

whom do they think they are representing? The rakyat or personal interest. Seems that most ADUNs or MPs are targeting the EXCO seat or the cabinet. Why do we have politicians who put self above service? I think what they promise before winning the seat has turned around after winning. Now the objective is working towards an EXCO seat not to serve the people who voted for them. BN and BR alike.

Maverick SM said...


Self interest is paramount and he would try hard at anything to get it even if he had to betray his own.


He mention that even a speaker post would not help the Indians.


Sadly, he had forgotten their pledge after he got elected.

Anonymous said...

Is Siva bought over my BN? plenty of vacancies now in MIC esp. at federal level. Not surprise by his `pusing'. Don't forget, he is an Indian, Mav.- Mmudahlupa

Unknown said...

careful... think MIC must have offered him Sivaji The Boss Foundation in Chennai!

can trust this Buntong assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam any longer.

watch out, he no longer has credibility and integrity.

tomorrow he joins MIC and there you go, no Indians in ADUN anywhere, business as usual like under BN leadership.

DAP should have not put him as candidate in the first place, at least get a Professional Indians as Buntong assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam, now only worry his wallet and bank balances, dont we all sure of that???

Maverick SM said...

Ling Ling Chatt,

Your observation is good. Samy may want to give him a ministerial post or the deputy president....hehehehehe

Unknown said...


probably that could happen sooner than expected... remember a WOR-DING-GHELL is still a WOR-DING-GHELL!

something to ponder over night.

Jefus said...

a reminder: many of us voted political parties which are not our first choice but rather than to allow our votes rendered useless, lend weight to opposition parties.

the opposition parties won BECAUSE we were tired of BN. we won collectively. no one party nor one race - we are walking into a new era, Malaysians as a collective group, not one race against the other.

it would take quite a while before this goes down well for many but that is the road we have chosen.

and there already many who have their interests threatened, would conspire for its failure. be wise

Anonymous said...

thumbs up. please, ask him to join MIC if racism is his vocab. the new coalition doesnt need racisyt like him who cant see beyond race in the struggle for a better Malaysia. Anyway, BN is more suitable for him.

bayi said...

This guy is not worthy of his seat. He looks after his self interests under the guise of standing up for the Indians. What a load of bull!

Anonymous said...

"Sivasubramaniam claimed that he and state party committee member and Tronoh assemblyman V. Sivakumar were supposed to get the exco posts as they had worked hard and sacrificed a lot for the party."

Seems like we now know what the sacrifices were for.... DAP would do well to sack this self-serving racist or risk having their image tarnished by harbouring such a bigot.

Anonymous said...

Sivasubramaniam should quit and castrate/circumcize himself to be elgible to join umno. Then he might be appointed Deputy PM II or at the very least, the Sultan of the Indians

warrior2 said...

All these 'I quit and I dont' are SANDIWARAs, and all the actors/actress sucks!

Anonymous said...

next time dap should rethink their strategy to reduce indians candidates for DUN/MP seats unless they are really deserve them. sudah bagi betis nak paha pula ! he thinks he brought victory to DAP when most voters don even recognize him and voted him coz he's DAP.if he really that good, try to stand by-election by resigning from the DUN and see ppl will elect him again!

what a ingrate brat!

Maverick SM said...


I agree with you.

I also agree with you.


I tend to think alike; it's sandiwara, but it's insidious. We want MPs and ADUN to represent the people, not the people of their race, their color and their creed. This sivasubramaniam said he is against another Indian appointed to the Exco because that Sivanesan is Selangor Indian and is not able to do much for the Indian community. But Sivasubramaniam forgot that the Malays and Chinese also voted for him and Selangor Indian Sivanesan is also a Malaysian. The Indian politics is now much more insidious than BN politics.


You are also proposing something along the same ideological perspective. Political parties must select those who are honest, and will continue to be honest, selfless and competent to be MPs or ADUNs, and not based on race, color and creed. This is Malaysia, a society composed of so many races, and all of them are Malaysians who deserved to be provided with all the services and benefits as enshrined by the constitution.

Anonymous said...

Sivasubramaniam - you are a disgrace to Indians !!

You are unethical and unprincipled, pretending to fight for the masses when the reality is DEMI SENDIRI !!

I hope the Perak DAP chief REALLY did not promise him anything for him to retract resignation.

I think DAP or people of Perak can do without you - such low life people !!

Unknown said...

bayi said... April 01, 2008 12:02 AM

This guy is not worthy of his seat. He looks after his self interests under the guise of standing up for the Indians. What a load of bull!

bloggers must master the "read between the lines" skill. sivasubra is no bull, no way bull but a lod of shit...

all sort of shit he stood on!

those voted him to chair surely had his shit on their faces; to make right of un-right is to seek DAP to strip this sivasubra of his membership due to zero integrity and his craving for self interest!

read between the lines.

Anonymous said...

does it mean the Indians must accepct whatever the BR says.Like MIC bowing down to the BN concept. So what is the difference between BN n BR. Why did PKR made noise when they were initially given less exco seats in Perak.Because one party took away almost all the exco seats.If race is not a factor why did Guan Eng became the CM of Penang. can give it to a Malay or Indian. Will that be acceptable to the chinese. Try that n b4 the flutter of your eye lid Penang would be back to BN. Positions based on race will always be there.

Anonymous said...

YB Siva Subramaniam, I am proud of you making a stand. Cooperate with the PR but dont become a yes man. Its because Indians were yes man that made MIC a monkey for the Malaysian Indians.And we lost out all these years. When Indians start asking it becomes a issue. when others ask it is normal. Were Indians MLA's really offered 2 exco post in Penang. As a first step PR should come up with a proper plan for the Indians in Penisular Malaysia as they were side lined for than 30 yrs compared to others.

Anonymous said...

Indians are proud of Siva. Indians need ppl like siva to stand up to the greedy ones in DAP.