Friday, April 18, 2008

Perak MCA cari makan deal

Kenny KS Yap is the owner of a soy factory which occupies 0.92ha of state land located in Pasir Pinji, Ipoh, has been occupied by a soy factory operator since 1953. Over the ages, Yap had applied to the Perak State Government for the land which is leased to him under the Temporary Occupation Licence (TOL).

According to a reliable source, the chairperson of the Ipoh Timur MCA division Chew Wai Khoon had applied for a 2.18 acres of land which included 0.92 ha of land occupied by the soy factory.

Details now emerge that the MCA division had intended to make a tidy profit from the land deal by selling the portion occupied by the soy factor to Yap.

When contacted by Malaysiakini, one of the three signatories (appointed trustees of the Ipoh Timur division) deputy chairman of the division Thong Fah Chong confirmed the details of the deal.

He said that he had refused to sign the Sale and Purchase letter document (dated 24 March 2008) because he felt the land transaction was improper and immoral.

The other two trustees who signed the letter (bearing the name of the division) were Chew and division secretary Liew Ah Ming.

Thong reveals that State MCA chairman and brother to MCA president Datuk Ong Ka Chuan had played a role in the land deal as evidenced by his contribution of a RM100,000 cheque as part payment for the land premium of RM387,262,

Thong said that many party members can act as witnesses to the cheque contribution although Ka Chuan had since taken back the cheque.

“This land deal has added to the general feeling that there is something wrong with the leadership integrity.

“This is also one reason why Perak MCA lost the Pasir Pinji state seat in the recent elections.

“Party members in the state must now judge what type of leaders they should vote for in future,” Datuk Thong said.

The new Perak Menteri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin had asked Kenny Yap, the owner of the soy factory, to submit a fresh application to the Land and Mines Department for approval.

Source: Perak MCA embroiled in controversial land deal

Don't say Umno is corrupt; MCA is equally corrupt. MCA claimed they represent Chinese; but they only represent Miss Money and Honey; they don't care who you are as long as you pay them to become rich.

Mr Yap asked MCA for help his land problem; MCA helped by acquiring the land with the help of Umno and then sell it back to Mr Yap. That's Barisan Nasional virtue and integrity. We had voted in that government; fortunately, by the Will of God, we now have Nizar and the Pakatan Rakyat to show us what is the meaning of honesty and integrity, and what a good government is like.


GobloKing said...

Why are we surprised (ever) that mca, mic or umno stoops to such overt profiteering and robbing actions?

This is why we no longer want any of them.

But keep the Exposes coming.

This way they know we know
maybe this way they will stop curi makan / makan rasuah macam ni.

MCA - Just STOP saying you represent the Chinese! You are representing yr wallet more than you are representing ME!

Anonymous said...

Let me get this right. Kenny Yap has operated a soy factory which sits on state land since 1953. He has a TOL for the said property.

Now MCA Ipoh Timur Division applied for 2.18 ha which included Kenny's land and was approved. In turn, MCA will sell 0.92ha (the soy factory) to Kenny.

So where is the corruption again? Not proper? Which part of our existing laws says TOL is ownership?

So the state has every right to sell of its land (even if its under TOL.) Fairness is another matter.

And MCA Ipoh Timur has been granted the option for 2.18 ha in Pasir Pinji.

Now let's go through the logic. Perak State did not want to give the land in which Kenny's soy factory is located to Kenny. Instead it gave it MCA. MCA in turn want to sell it to Kenny for a tidy profit. Profit for MCA.

But some people think Kenny should be given the land. Err.. which century are they come from?

Now if Perak State government were to sell to Kenny instead, would it be better? More money for Perak State government to squander?

We all know the government is hopeless when it comes to serving the people. So who is better at it? Government or political parties?

So between Government or MCA making the money, I think the Chinese is better off with MCA taking the money. Huh? What about Kenny? Oh, if I were him and the new Perak State government gives me the land FOC or for a song, I'll flip it and sell it to MCA Ipoh Timur division who has bigger ideas on what to do with the 2.18 ha (Waah, number osso chun and that's the chinese in me talking.)

Btw I think most of the MCA politicians are corrupt including the Ong brothers. But accusing MCA itself of being corrupt is like accusing bloggers as being 'goblok.'

Anonymous said...

1 Hectare = 10,000 square meters.
Or 100 meters x 100 meters land.

RM387,262 /10,000 square meters = RM38.73 per square meters/ 30,000 square feets.

1 meters = ~3 feets, so this is around 38.73/3 = 12.73 per square feet.

Take example here.
A build up semi-D in Ipoh will cost around RM400,000, in 40'x70'(2800 square feet.

For the 400,000 semd-D, say the cost of building material are RM250,000, and 10% profit margin(RM40k) on the house, the land will cost RM110k. for 2800 square feet of land. Or RM39.20 per square feet or RM117.60 per square meters.

Now this is interesting.

MCA get the land for RM38.73/sq meters. But the actual land price for housing purpose are RM117.60 /per sq meters.

If using Perak cost of factory land according to data here

Ipoh city center should be on the high side, so cost of the land should be RM12-RM15 per sq/ft or RM36-RM45/sq meters.

In fact, the land is selling fair is sold as factory land. However, If it is locate inside housing area, it is fine to sell the 0.9 hectare for RM36/sq meters for the soy factory. HOWEVER, the problems lies on the remaining 1.2 hectares. For housing or commercial purpose, it should be RM80++ per sq meters.

It maybe yet another PKFZ buy low sell high game in practice. Where the state become the sucker.

Anonymous said...

I mean if the remaining 1.2 hectares of land is converted for commercial used, it should be RM80++ per square feets.

(1.2 x 10,000) x RM 80 = RM960K.

It is possible somebody sneakily use the soy factory as a COVER UP, to grab the land using factory land price, but later selling it as commercial land (again, converting the land is easy for this people in power).

Anonymous said...

I know this statement is highly personal but let me say it anyway. It just confirms many of our opinions that many of the top leaders in MCA are crooks and would suck Chinese blood with any qualms.

Anonymous said...

simple logic - who would want to "invest" millions of their own funds and to "serve" the rakyat?

Maverick SM said...


There are still many in MCA which believed that they have the exclusive right to plunder.


The land in Ipoh is not that expensive. It's Pasir Pinji, Ipoh and the market value should be about $8-10 per sq ft.

Blood Sucking MCA,

It's the culture of BN administrators and therefore it is widespread germs.

chong y l said...

good expose, bro mave, KEEP IT UP!:)
UMNOputras are Oligarchs, MCAputras are daylight robbers, some were super-inteligent that by 27, they could become billionaires, and by 29, become pauper-billionaires. (Still good for Malaysia Book of Records, but they don't list such superHEROES, I wonder why?)

Maverick SM said...


I also want to be billionaire.

Anonymous said...

anon 8.36
dont see your logic. mca is made of members without which it has no soul. if the members who happened to be leaders, are corrupt, is the party not corrupt?
hey. asked the mr ong. how about timber concessions yearly? at least, it didnt deprive a genuine businessman to his property.
thanks, ong for looking after the chinese. and of cousre, the timber concessions.

Benjamin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Benjamin said...

Greed is human nature, no one can escape from it, including yourself and myself.

Before accusing ppl being corruption, pls ask yourself, will you do the same thing if you are having that kind of power?

In fact, corruption is good, its another kind of wealth redistribution system, but provided the person in power take the money off the table and do their work properly. Look at Dr M, anyone here can swear he never being corrupt before? He did. But at least he performed.

By saying that doesn't mean I reckon what has MCA contributed the society especially chinese community. But no doubt there are some good horse in MCA. But Ong horses are definitely not the good one simply because they are greed of both money and power while doesn't perform and somemore prohibited ppl other than them to perform such ie. Dr Chua. Other than his personal life, this Dr Chua is no doubt a good minister. Pls accept my salutation.

Anonymous said...

Just ask the new perak state government to investigate OKC's assets,e.g. land, cash,houses etc,and you will know what type of person he really is.

Anonymous said...

Almost the same thing happened in Sg.Siput. This (former, coz lost his seat)Gerakan MP had promised a SMJK there of a plot of idle land right beside the school to be converted to school's land to cater for expansion. The school had many times in the past, tried to apply to the Land Office for that piece of land but failed. Community all hands up supporting the idea of acquiring the land and use it for school expansion.

But it turn out the said MP worked hard to get the piece of land and got it he did, but the land title is to a developer, instead of the school. That developer later promised to "give" a small, minute portion of the land for school expansion. The size of the land given is only enough to build bicycle/motorbike parking, instead of classroms building.

So, everyone was damn angry over this issue and thank god that MP lost in GE12.

Anonymous said...


Nothing new really, All BN component parties are run by corrupt leaders, i just pity the grassroot supporters who have been hoodwinked into blind support.

Whys is Najib asking Samy to clarify his statements? You mean Najib cant read English like Mohd. Taib? Is this how BN works,,cannot make any comments? All this for sake of party unity? This is silencing your critics, ala BN style. No wonder Samy couldnt raise issues publicly when he was in government, same goes for MCA cronies.

They talk when they lose to get support and show they represent their race? Maybe voters did the right thing voting them out so they now can open their mouths a little. Now you know why BN leaders are DUMB!!!

Anonymous said...

The mca need to follow Tibet's example and appoint 2 new god-kings-- the Kating Lama and the Kachuan Lama.

Maverick SM said...


So you are suggesting that we must be corrupt too because human nature must lead us to this act of the inevitable? Greed and corruption is not the same; greed is human, but not natural; corruption is not greed; it is more than greed; it is the desire of enriching yourself at the expense of others; it is against any doctrines or any moral code.

I would not do the same as them; I am affirmative; you should not too.

Anonymous said...

I like the title...cari makan deal. lol

This is only a tip of an iceberg. Apart from cari makan deals, there are also curi makan deals

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

So this is how the Minister of Buddhism Hadhari cheat the people

Tak Tumbuh Tak Melata said...

More than 10 years I was working in a district in Selangor. Met a chinese man who earned a living servicing aircond. He stayed in a low cost house which he bought thro' MCA quota and sad to hear that he paid RM10K more to MCA rep for the house.

We vote them so that they can facilitate the people. Once in power they took opportunities for themselves.

Who are we to turn to in difficulties? Are they not equivalent to ALONG?

Anonymous said...

Samy could not raise issues when he was with the gomen but he was happy not to raise issues because he was given many big cari makan deals. Why is the issue of Maika still a contention with the poor Indians? They were duped. Remember the missing Telekon shares? So MCA and MIC sama-sama cari makan but the big, big contracts go to the UMNO rich underthe guise of NEP.

Anonymous said...

anon 2.24

religion takes a back seat when it comes to money. we all know MCA stands for most corrupted association. you dont get that for no reason.
by the way, there's more to come and after all the exposes, you will feel real sick. anyway, all these cant beat the 4.7 billion scandal in PKFA, crafted, approved and managed by MCA. Great way to look after the chinese community, isnt it?

Anonymous said...

anon 2.24
oops, there is a saving grace for MCA. at least, they dont send young and healthy malaysians to their death via National Service Program. At least, the corruption is less despicable compared to sending kids to die, isnt it?
Hi, Chairman Lee, pray harder and sleep well coz the next death shouldnt be too far away judging by the track record. if i am not mistaken, 20 deaths over a short period of 4 years? please, correct me if i am wrong.

Maverick SM said...


I agree that this is only the tip of an iceberg. More would be exposed.

Tak Tumbuh Tak Melata,

This is really sad about the true story of Malaysians. I had many relatives who suffered the same fate.

Anonymous said...

I feel so sick with Ong K C and MCA that I wanna puke!

Maverick SM said...

Most Corrupted Association,

We citizens must be relentless in pushing for MCA to be reformed and clean up. We need to expose all those corrupt acts until they stop all these abuses.

Anonymous said...

MCA is fondly know as the "Money Collecting Association" amongst its top members. Others call it 'Many Chinese Arseholes'..yep, very rude but not surprising given its propensity to mislead the rakyat and teach its UMNO friends how to extract money from the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Aiya... all MCA, MIC< UMNO, ABC all for money!

If you tell them today onwards no more money!

They will all quit!

Anonymous said...

"Malignant-Chinese-Arseholes" + "U-Must-Never-Oppose" = Malaysia Bankrupt

Maverick SM said...


If they were told no more money, it's anarchy.

Anonymous said...


RM8-10 per sq feet are price of industry land.

The land will fetch higher price when converted to residential land. If you remember the tricks on PKFZ, where "agriculture land" become industrial land. IMHO, part of the Pasir Pinji land might converted from industry land to residential land.

Maverick SM said...


You are right based on conversion value. And you could be right to note that Pasir Pinji land are both industrial and residential as they are mixed and disastrously planned.

Billgates said...

Time to teach all the MCA fatties.

Anonymous said...


Can you pls check your maths ?

One square meter does not equal to 3 square feet. (To round up the fig. 3 feet x 3 feet = 9 square feet).

Get it ? If so, pls redo your maths !

Anonymous said...

1 ft = 0.3048m
1 m sq = 10.76 ft sq
1 m = 3.281 ft

Anonymous said...

Biasa lah ... Cari makan lah

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