Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fuel price capped? Inconsistency!

"We are still analysing this as the rise in world prices of oil is too quick (over the last few days)," said Abdullah.

Oil prices posted its biggest single-day hike last Friday when it rose nearly US$11 hitting a new record of US$138 a barrel in New York.

"When we did our assessment, the price of petrol was RM3. It is RM3.45 now.

"When it was RM3, we gave a 30-sen subsidy. But that has been wiped out now with a 45-sen increase. So there are many issues we have to consider.

"As such, I won't give any undertaking not to increase petrol prices," said Abdullah.

Remember that statement? Read it here

Today, we read this: "No more hikes for this year," says Abdullah. There will be no further increase to the price of fuel in the country this year. This is despite the possibility of the global price of oil reaching US$200 per barrel. Prime Minister Abdullah said to stem any more increase, the government would have to think of alternative ways to finance its spending.(Read it here

What alternative ways available? Ya, the government might consider scrapping corruption and look at ways to legalize it without doing it illegally.

We have legalized civil servants' moonlighting and working in the night; we had legalized horse racing and bettings, we had legalized casinos, sports toto, 4-Ds; well, just add one more to it.


Anonymous said...

we're in internet age, changes can/will be done in days......

Anonymous said...

Yesterday he did the Flip! and today he did the Flop!

Anonymous said...

Sit tight. "No more hikes for this year". Don't you get the message? You just wait for the "gotcha"!

Anonymous said...

Any more hikes in petrol price in the near future and strikes and demos will break out throughout the country, ending 51 years of umno rule. Look at what is happening now in Europe, India and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe.. there could be many reasons as to why there will be no more petrol hike for the year...

1. because that dumbo PM has been lying to us all these times and his pants is finally on FIRE! If he increase the petrol price some more, he might just combust! Pooof!.."dear beloved, we gathered here....blah..blah.. blah..."

2. Plenty overnight pisang goreng looking ministers are whining and bitching like a mistress over the recent 10% cut in entertainment allowance and restrictions as to where they can go for their paid vacation? Eh, when men bitch, they can do it so well that queen of bitching will have to remove her tiara for men ok... Everytime increase petrol price, kena cut a small slice of their benefits... eh, like that is tak jalan leh...

3. Dumbo PM cannot handle the stress of everybody giving him that dirty, killer look?? No more well loved and received wor... pretty hard to accept you know..

Hehehee.... anyway, I think I have found a splendid kerja sambilan for myself... I am going to sell flipflops (slipper la) with our PM's face on it at tourist hot spots! Cheap and good flipflops.. perfect for our weather.. and if sales is good enough, I might just quit and be QUEEN of flipflops! Hehehehehehee...

Anonymous said...

bunnies, you can get better sales by selling lsdies' panties with AAB's sleepy face printed on the rear side

Anonymous said...

To anon 1.31pm you ding dong. Do we want to be like such countries? Strikes and demos is not the answer. We are a civilized nation.

Anonymous said...

What is the big problem? Oil prices go up, food prices go up, everything else wants to go up. Why not cost of human labor and services? When is that going to up?

Its all relative. So what if petrol is RM 5.00 per liter as long our pay is doubled to meet the increase in the cost?

Politicians, stupid! Economist, stupid!

Its just a simple solution to a simple problem. Maintain the relativity in prices (cost) and wages (income.) No Einstein necessary here.

Jefus said...

Mav, u said "Ya, the government might consider scrapping corruption and look at ways to legalize it without doing it illegally."

if corruption is legal its no longer corruption isn't?

maybe they should impose tax on corruption, that will really bring in the big bucks!!!

Maverick SM said...


Ya, internet age; change all the time.


It's only 6 months grace period.


Ya, a good job selling flops & slippers.


I have to agree with you.


Then we changed the word to kelptocraticism lah.

Unknown said...

it was reported by an top investment bank from US that for the last 10 years (till 2006), the leakages from the Malaysian Treasury coffers (coffin if it comes from Toyo) due to inflated contracts ( which means corruption) were estimated at US$100 billion.
Give these corrupt fellas an amnesty so that they can float all their ill-gotten gains. In return, they must pay the normal income tax of 28%. You know what, the govt will be able to raise RM90 billion. Whats US$200 for a barrel of oil unless Petronas has sold forward al its oil for US$30 per barrel.
One more benefit, the corrupt fellas can now spend their ill-gotten gains freely and this is expected to contribute substantially to the country's economic growth.
Howzat, Mav. Great idea isnt it? As a loyal citizen, I will not charge one cent for this great idea.

Anonymous said...


you mean civilised nations dont engage in strikes and demos?
you just back from mars?

Maverick SM said...

Yok Hoong,

If that can be done, then Malaysian govt can have US$28b tax; and while those rich can enjoy their monies legally, the nation will have an extra RM100bil to spent on development projects; that's a good advice. We should bring this idea to the PM.

bayi said...

I think Yok Hoong's ides is wonderful. But let's give notice to all the politicians so that they can have a fair chance to embezzle more money before declaring their loot by paying some taxes! :)

Unknown said...


You are right. Cannot generalised all Gomen servants as lousy bumps!

OK - Pak Lah is our Best Leader, Tun Mahathir is not even at Par.

OK - Let us all doomed under Pak Lah leadership.

What else good about Flip Flop?

What is in your mind, I will agree.

Maverick SM said...


You write well; you score good marks now. Thanks!


You also agree with Yok Hoong; shall we go see PM with her idea?

Unknown said...


its him and not her. no offence. great blog you have. keep it up.

Maverick SM said...

Yok Hoong,

Thousand apologies for the wrong conception and misjudgment.