Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kleptocrats in PKR too

Whether it is Umno or keADILan, they are still the same.

In Malaysia, we citizens must come to accept the reality of a thing, and have self-consciousness in that simple thing.

This elite group of people, they are in Umno and they support Umno, for just one reason - the 3Ps: Power, Position, & Projects.

They don't get it, they will turn the table on their leaders. It is their core values, pure culture, and the very essence of the thing they call ketuanan; it wasn't intended to make others slaves; it was only objectively intended that they must be bestowed with the 3Ps.

The same people from Umno, is also the same people in keADILan, albeit some.

The day Khalid Ibrahim becomes MB is also the same day his machais had presumed that they had been bestowed with the 3Ps. They start to become the new demi-gods; they start to act in hole-liness; they start cari makan, cari lubang, and cari agent; they start to sell projects, giving supporting letters in the name of the Minister so as to apply undue influence in the name of efficiency and necessity.

Is Power, Position and Projects the only essence of Umno-centric & keADILan-centric politicians and members? I'm afraid it is observed to be as such. Sabak Bernam division chief Dr Badrul Amin said the members (of PKR) have braved water cannon and beatings and have been loyal to PKR for years but they were sidelined. He was referring to the failure of the Selangor government under the leadership of PKR Khalid to appoint their members to be councillors. Badrul said many party members had been sidelined as the MB had chosen professionals over them.

So, what's the commonality and differences between Umno and keADILan? Except for the fact that they are different people of the same origin, they share common characteristics and values. It is still the 3Ps, after all!

Sad to say, we have yet to see a political party who truly put the peoples' interest before their own personal interest. We are not dealing with absolutes; what we would be happy is empirical knowledge, a posteriori, or, have synthetic knowledge. But the observations betray all philosophies.

Well, if the citizens thought Pakatan Rakyat can be different and will not be the same; then it would need these people, who had defected from one vehicle source to another vehicle source, to go through a blood transfusion and a radically insidious paradigm shift of values and culture.


Anonymous said...

Political truisms dictate the unfortunate state that sometimes, the choice of the ppl really is that of the lesser evil. Not only is the PR still an infant, it's built itself on grand, sometimes over-zealous promises. More over, its leader is someone of very doubtful credentials, and anyone ever wonder should a boulder falls on him tomorrow..what's gonna become of the PR? I understand the frustration and the desire for change, but is the faith on the Pakatan justified?

Maverick SM said...


You have a good point.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do agree that PR can be seen as "infants". Although some would still argue that PR is just that - infants, they should STILL be given a chance. But still, the obvious still shines through, that PR is another flip flop government in making, an individual based political party, with no real system to fall back to.

Arena Green said...

Considering the de-facto leader has still to occupy the grand seat, what happened is an eye-opener of sorts. Actually, we all kinda expected it la - just that we naively hope that they could control their greed better than those UMNO flers. Haih ...

Unknown said...

I think what the MB did is correct, ie. to suspend his aide first and let the ACA do the investigations and charge him if there is sufficient evidence of abuse of power or corruption.

If he ie cleared by ACA, then he will be accepted back. This is integrity issue. The MB should not try to protect the accused like the previous MB Khir Toyo did. The MB should facilitate the due process of law to take place and suspension of his duty is the right step.

The wrong doer must be seen to get his punishment under the rule of law especially if he abuse his power as MB aide. This will set a precedence so that others will not repeat his mistake.

There are black sheeps in every profession, more so if you are in the state or federal government where the temptation to commit wrong doings is great.

What the state or federal government need to do is to have establish a SOP to deal with those who have flouted the law or abuse their authority. ie. immediate supension of duty and facilitate the independent investigations by police and ACA.

Of course the current performance of police and ACA to investigate without fear or favour is still an integrity issue. They need improvement in this area so as to gain public confidence on their impartiality in the investigation

Unknown said...


by appointing professionals instead of partian (but less qualified) members, isnt Khalid doing the right thing?
sure, in PKR there will be opportunists. Which party is perfect? But, here i must give credit to Khalid for trying. It will be easier and less headache if he just pander to the members demand.

Anonymous said...


Malaysia Boleh!

Everything rise, corruption, crime, rape, PETROL & PRICES!


Anonymous said...

i fully agree with cp. at the end of the day, it is not the party that will determine the performance of the country but individuals with the highest level of integrity, conscientiousness and abilities who will make a difference. and hopefully with time, we would have filtered out all these undesirable elements to ensure our survival as a nation.

all in, i tend to still believe that there are quite a good number of men in PR as compared to BN where the 3P's culture is already too entrenched.

keep up the excellent work tan sri khalid. make sure that PR is PURELY for the RAKYAT..

Anonymous said...

IMHO, Khalid must have know something very well before he deliver the suspension notification using SMS.

It is known secret that contractor and supporter queue up on the "present" power door step. If anyone still remember Lim Guang Eng comment about PGCC director on the flower bonquet delivered : "So fast".

Nevertheless, PR are new to the 3P games. And I learn that many MP, state assemblyman are actually professional. IT is sad that PKR has many elected professional but tainted by some spoils rats.

Anonymous said...

you don't find these things in UMNO, cos they prefer to sweep it under the carpet if it happens. At least this is 100% better with Keadilan than in UMNO. It is the people that is corrupted, not the party, cos the party is still new, and policies are not perfect yet. It is what the perty does when such individual are caught that reflects it stand and integrity. With UMNO, you can expect that no action will be taken.

Anonymous said...

I shall emphasize again that PR is a party with NO REAL POLICIES or SYSTEMS IN PLACE.

Ok fine, if they get into Federal Govt, Anwar will be the PM. but who is going to be DPM? Lim Kit Siang or Abdul Hadi? And from which party is the next PM going to be from? PKR or DAP or PAS?

And am I the only sceptical one here who still believe that DAP and PAS will NEVER be good friends?

Anonymous said...

Back to the topic, I do believe it has nothing to do with the PARTY, but the individual themselves. However "pure" the party is assumed to be, the bad apples in the party may also tarnish the whole party's name. But it is still unfair to label that for example "UMNO or BN or whatever is racist/sh*t/useless/etc".

That is why I feel Anwar's party hopping rule is quite pathetic. Because PR is accusing so and so party is corrupt, useless, their enemy, etc. But then invite them to join Pakatan. WTH? What difference does it make? In that case isn't PR back to square one?

Anonymous said...

Dear sandyow,

It is NEVER a good news if the government is strong but the people is weak.

The so called policies under BN is nothing but 3P and 3C.
What kind of "system" you are asking.

Most country will continue to run with the government department even without the political head for YEARS.

Should I care who will be the PM and DPM if they can deliver? Just look at the current PM and DPM.

Anonymous said...


is it that important now to form cabinet ministers when the battle is not won yet?

can you expect everybody is buddy buddy with everyone all the time? at least not to the point of fighting that's all. some disagreement is very natural, you guess you have never work in a MNC before, and interacting with various people of different background and opinions.

there's a saying, when the time is right, things will fall in place. you worry for no reasons.

mob1900 said...

Remember ar, some PKR members are ex-AMNO peeps, so terbawak-bawak their old habits! Still I rather PR states come clean with their tainted apples as compare to 'sweeping under the carpet' or basically being 'Untouchables' under Barisan Najis.

The choice is obvious, don't you think? The rakyat was correct in choosing PR as we help the PR states with critism and even constructive suggestions as their checks & balances. Did we even witness any of these with 50 years of BN rule? lolx

Anonymous said...

That Yahya chap can go join UMNO. Khalid did the right thing to suspend him. He wants to resign to save face..and we shouldn,t be bothered with that. If I were Yahya, and I am not guilty I will let them investigate me..and if nothing comes out of get your position back..simple isn't it?

Yahya..If you are honest, why run. Stay and shame them

Unknown said...

This Yahya is one that is too greedy for his ownself. Just over 100 days PR took administration of Selangor, he wanted to become a man like late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, if not Abang Zack!

WTF - what a short sighted chap and his true intention cut short, with his short-sightedness and greed.

Typical of Monkey among Babboon (sounds similar like Lingam!).

GOD is always GREAT.


Maverick SM said...


I think what is important is about a value system which has integrity. Sad to say, we have far too many calcified corruptors.

Anak Merdeka,

I agree with you.


I do not disagree that the suspension was a right thing to do; what I observed is the fact that PKR consists of the same kleptomaniacs and are vultures.

Yok Hoong,

The main problem is the culture and value system which lacks integrity, which PKR seems to resembles exactly the same bBN characteristics.


This is no biasa thing; we are expecting PR to be different.


I just wonder much as the Yahya is Khalid's righthand man.


I am as skeptical as you do.


I tend to agree with your last para.


The rakyat chose PR and they expect something better - a clean govt, transparent and caring. We expect Khalid to have a clean righthand man.

Maverick SM said...


I think he is more than greedy.

Unknown said...


there is a big difference. Khalid suspend and allow investigation. He has set a good example.
Under Toyo, case close unless this yahya fella needs to be sent to the sin bin like a sacrificial lamb.

Maverick SM said...

Yok Hoong,

If you pick that as a difference, then you are right. But if you observed what Yahya did when he issued letters to unduly influence the award of projects then you'll find there's no differences in a kleptocratic system.

Anonymous said...

hello bloggers!
the way i see it PR is weak in unity. Each of the parties in it carries with them different political views and aspirations. Yes, i do agree that they want the same things-3Ps, Power, Position, Projects.
And again yes, that party will not determine the country's performance but pure and good individuals as leaders. But how many are they in PR?
We've seen how Anwar's stands in his political career,
now, how do we know for sure that this time PR is really on the rakyat side?
Are we willing to gamble our entire nation and country for something which is yet waiting to be proven?
And if Anwar were to step down, who's going to be his successor? Is it someone from DAP or PAS?
They will have a 'jolly good time' fighting and bickering about it (remember the 3Ps...).
Then what will happen to the rakyat?

Anonymous said...

On my defense. There is nothing wrong with being sceptical. And YES of course it matters who our next PM should be! No surprises from BN because with their system in place, it is expected that the next PM will always be from UMNO (unless there's a major miracle or something, next PM can come from MCA or MIC or whatever). But again I am asking, is PR really a people party or an individual based party?

Anonymous said...

PKR can't be compared to UMNO in anyway under any circumstance whatsoever. No body hates power and money, we know we have the same problem in DAP and PAS as well. You remember when the councillors were announced in Penang, some DAP members got angry and argued that they were sidelined. PKR Kelantan chief resigned because PAS wanted almost 100% of the councillor seats in Kelantan and also threatened to deny PKR a senate seat in Kedah if PKR doesn't give "substantial" positions to PAS members in Selangor and Penang. Anwar sent Penang Deputy MB to Kelantan and solved the case.

Yahya's actions of trying to use letterheads of the MB's office for personal gain where he paid a price for it can't be used to lampoon 600,000 people. It is being judgemental and ill intentioned. Tan Sri Khalid sacked him on the spot, would that act not be said to represent the real PKR?

Born2Reign said...

I support the MB suspending and disclosing the suspects under investigation. If Yahya wants to quit, better still, less one rotten apple. In most MNC this is the procedure anyway for independent and fair trial for both parties.

BTW, these 100+ people think that my standing in front of water canons they are secured a JOB ah? I want my councils to be run by PROFESSIONALS with RELEVANT experience and Core Competencies, not demonstrators who are taxi drivers, cook, waiters, teachers, etc. If that's the case the council needs to create a lot of positions if each demo has 1000 ppl.

Anonymous said...

so you are happy to accept dirty people like Najib to be the next PM? What is so important of knowing who our next PM is? Why are you so obsessed with who our NEXT PM is when the current PM (I am not talking about that guy who sleeps thru all the meetings) is still healthy doing his job trying to develop the country. Your mindset is really amazing...

Cruzeiro said...

I don't care if yahya had water cannons up where the sun don't shine for PKR - if he is guilty of abuse of office, he has to go.
He can go whimpering to Amno if it need be .... if he cannot take scrutiny, be transparent so as (to at least appear) to be "whiter than white" and chooses to quit as a "defence" - good riddance to bad rubbish!

Anonymous said...

Why should it not matter who the next PM is? is the leader of the pact not the most important person? funny though that everyone is so ready to ask Pak Lah to step down saying he is flip-flop and a bad person to lead BN...but yet so forgiving to when it comes to the PR. Of course it matters! PM is the person who pushes his vision and policies via the cabinet and all the state's different organs. Just look at the M dynasty, he effectively crippled our judiciary to achieve his ends. I'm willing to bet that there were dissenting voices within his cabinet then too, but did u even hear those voices? ever wondered why?

Malaysia180 said...

These characteristics you talk of are Malaysian characteristics, they are widespread in the community, and really not very nice in a democratic country

It will take generations to change Malaysian political attitudes. In the meantime the public can regain control of their country, a right they have abandoned for far too long, and its up to them to make sure the country becomes more ethical

Anonymous said...

Thank you dan for the "compliment". Yes, I often get criticized with how I look at things, but at least I know how to look at things at a different perspective instead of (maybe?) following blindly what other people are advocating.

That said, I am not forcing the ideas into anyone's throats, so if you have another point of view, I totally understand that we have our differences.

Still, I'm looking for answers about PR because if they are inded the next govt in waiting, I want to know it is a WORKABLE alternative, not merely AN alternative.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am readily more forgiving when it comes to PR because they have shown their sincerity, oh... maybe not all but most of them. Look at Lim Guan Eng, look at Tan Sri Khalid. Since I am from Selangor, I can just give you 2 simple examples what PR has done right in Selangor in 100 days that BN couldn't get it right in the past 50 years. Bandar Mahkota Cheras and the suspension of the Yahya guy. Need I say more?

So you criticise the M dynasty, but M dynasty always have the next PM in line, so what so good about that M dynasty, aka UMNO and BN when it comes to the issue of next PM?

Anonymous said...

Btw, I despise Najib. Too many scandals. End of story.

Anonymous said...

oh... how can you despise our next PM? Isn't that all you want?

Anonymous said...

Where is the 3 rd tier of city council election for Selangor?

This all is just bullshit. I can't stand the DAP PJ list of names. They are stupid fools and why are they selected and not elected by the Selangorians?

The DAP is the master when comes to playing nepotism, cronyism and sycophantism. DAP is destined to run one term only.

LKS can jump into the Perak River and his son LGEcan follow KTK jumping into the Penang Ocean from the Penang Bridge.

The PR is just another bunch of stupid BNputras.

You are right, PR=BN.

Now the PR is playing the rakyats' backsides with all these selected city councilors idiots.

Screw all the selected state councilors. They are just cakap ta serupa begin.

Anonymous said...

Selangor Freedom Fighter,
I think you must be a strong BN supporter trying to stir shit here.
Can't you read and can't you understand? Local government election CANNOT be done without amending the law. How long have PR been in office? If you are a sincere freedom fighter, how long have you been fighting, how long have you been waiting? You think people from PR can just change the law overnight or overrule the laws like those bastards in BN?

Maverick SM said...


You have a good point.


Your question about PR has not yet have an answer.


I do agree with you that Khalid acted accordingly. He should have set in a system to manage this behavior.


I agree with you.


We may be observing phenomena in a different perspective.


You said right.


PR will come under the lens of judgment soon.


You have a good point.


Good explanation. PR must be an alternative; not just another BN-prototype.


You do have a good point of argument and it is factual. But I think we share the same concern except that we put words in different perspective.

Selangor Freedom Fighter,

The councillors had not yet start work and you have already passed judgment on them.

Anonymous said...


Me no BN supporters. Me just an ordinary rakyat wanting to fight for equality and justice for every rakyat.

If the DAP elected state representatives could give up their rights and not fighting for their given and universal rights and the rights of the rakyats who voted for them, do you think they deserve to be elected come next GE?

Dap is just an opportunist party which should not exist at all.

Dap is a bane to the rakyat and traitors to the rakyat.

The selected councilors are failures in their businesses/ careers. So do you think they can dedicate themselves with the jobs assigned to them? Poorrraaahhhhh.

Marverick SM,

You know the politicians sucked big time and since all the members of the political parties were selected by their respective party leaders, do you think they could do a good job?

Why did they want to join political parties in the first place? And why do you have this article in the first place?

You are contracting yourself if you think politicians could do an honest living doing politicks!


Maverick SM said...

Selangor Freedom Fighter,

We are in a social system where the choice is dictated by a political system manned by elected representatives from political parties. However, the rakyat has a power to elect those whom they want to be their representative. Honest living or dishonesty is not exclusive dictates of politicians; even businessmen and individuals are dishonest in their endeavor. But the essence is about choosing a political representation to govern the nation and each citizen do have to pick a choice they deem right. You could vote your choice or leave it to others to decide. Remember: the choice is based on majority votes in a democratic system of government.