Sunday, July 24, 2011

BUM 2011

BUM 2011 Luncheon Forum ended at around 3pm today.
It was a success and the crowd were there.

A group picture of the BUM Organizing Committee

The man in the centre of the picture is the Prince from Africa. He came, he saw and he went back to Africa. He says he will be back. I asked him if the £3 Billion Yacht was his; he didn't answer. Maybe he will give us the answer in the next forum.

MB Tan Sri Abdul Khalid & YB Tian Chua were the guest of honour. Tony Pua was also there. YB Niz Nazmi could not attend as he was away.

AB Sulaiman, Tian Chua, Maria Chin Abdullah & Maverick were the panel speakers.

En. Wan Shariman greeting MB

Helen Hoh presenting the Commemorative Plaque to the MB.

Maverick & Desi presenting the BUM t-shirt to MB. It is just a coincidence that it is yellow. BUM is not Bersih, but Bersih members may be bloggers.

Wan Shariman receiving a copy of Zunar's book

The special guests of honour - Ismawati, Christine, Shariman, Amro & Mave.

The youngsters wanted to have a picture with MB & YB. They are Facebook addicts.

Oh, I'm tired!!! Got to take a rest and prepare for tomorrow's mission. Bye!

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Anonymous said...

Those yellow T-shirts with the words "BUM"--- Bersih Untuk Malaysia