Monday, December 18, 2006

Conbras - Ship in the Snake's norm

What? RM30 million Pak Lah's yacht?

Cobra? Ya, Cobra! You know what's cobra?

Is this part of 9th Malaysia Plan?

and this fast forwarded from the 10th Malaysia Plan?

I won't blog on this.

You should read about it in Rocky's Bru rant here and here and at 2020freelunch's article here

How luxurious it is?

Presented by Ananda?

Even civil servants are not allowed to receive gift hampers worth more than RM50; this's Rm30 mil!!!


Anonymous said...

Gift from Ananda?

Government's purchase?
For what? To promote fishing industry? Or, to cultivate sailing-sport in Msia?


Maverick SM said...


You posed very complex questions...hahahah!!LOL!!

But the questions are worth pondering.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia need to help other country, especially developing ones, in order to be treated and securing FDI from other countries in return.

Now, don't question about RM30M.... it is only RM30 Million ma.

He gave RM600M to his own people, what is there RM30 Million.

"To give is to get", and being a Sleepy Person, this is an achievement to kick start good relation with Turkey Government.

Looking at his style, I just don't know what to say but pity the Malaysians. I would advice go migrate lah even to South Africa or Gabon if you have some extra cash.

The country may head towards disaster like in the days of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

Think about it!

Helen said...

CObra is aptly named. Lethal to mankind. Especially mankind who reside in bolehland.

Anonymous said...

What is Abdullah's RM30 million cheap junk compared to the RM30 billion of tax payers' money lost by TopCat in Bank Negara's forex scandal between 1992 to 1994 (see No wonder the sultan of brunei refused to join malaysia--- his billions would had disappeared without smoke had he done so.

Anonymous said...

at first i thought these pictures of the yacts are badawi's yact... but they are not. i suppose badawi's yact will be more or less same as these cobra yacts since his yact is also a cobra. think i'm gonnna highight this in my blog too as this kind of news we will never see in the mainstream media.

Anonymous said...

yoz broz,

your links has maketh many visitors swarmeth to my free lunch canteen



Anonymous said...

One Prime Minister get "free" jet.

Another Prime Minister get a "free" yacht?

Maybe next Prime Minister will get a "free" rocket?

Anonymous said...


next PM get "free rocket"... that mean his current "locket" not powerful and/or small than standard "locket" ah????

like that, must go australia and get the "locket" fix lor... like africaner black "locket".

Anonymous said...

It looks like a olde time pirate's sloop alright except that a sloop would have only one mast. Of course being a modern yacht, it's dual power, both wind and diesel. But for it's required keel, it'll do just fine to be a king on the river of D'Nile.

The Jolly Roger just isn't shown, of course.