Monday, April 07, 2008

Land titles for residents of Kampung Tersusun - Umno unhappy

Perak Umno Youth has challenged MB Nizar to prove that the 134 planned and new villages in the state only had temporary occupation licences (TOL).

Nizar had earlier announced that permanent land titles would be issued to all Kampung Tersusun (Planned Villages) and new Villages. He said this was to enable the residents to enjoy the fruits of their patience and the benefits of from Pakatan Rakyat.

State Umno Youth chief Zainol Fadzi Paharudin said the previous state administration under BN had issued out a total of 48,183 land titles. On Nizar's statement that it was the state's gift to the people, Zainol Fadzi said: "What is their present to the Malays living in the city with no land of their own?"

Source: Umno Youth challenges Nizar over TOL land issue

I am surprised and perplex with the question Zainol posted. BN and Umno had ruled the state for 50 years and he is asking Nizar what is his present to the Malays in the city with no land of their own. It shows he knows there are many Malays in the city and kampungs who had no land of their own and it also signifies that Umno and BN had never bothered about this Malays dilemma; but he is challenging Nizar what he can do for the Malays when Umno can't do anything for the last 50 years. Maybe Zainol should provide us the list of names of owners of the 48,183 land titles issued by Umno and the list of state land given to Umno leaders to show us how much Umno had cared for their leaders, enriching them at the expense of the ordinary Malays.

Maybe Zainol should read this article to understand the realities better: PM blames loss of Kedah and Perak on Umno members


Anonymous said...

what Umno can't do anything for the last 50 years, it expects the new state govt to accomplish in 50 days. the isa should be used on these scum

Anonymous said...

Seems UMNO and MCA shit on their pants. BR government are going to take the heart of Perak people.

BN always use TOL as a dangling axes to blackmail people. I bet zainol has no idea those land titles issues by BN are mostly TOL (or perhaps all TOL)

Unknown said...


another BENGGAP united monkeys no otak made unthinkable statements that shoot their own foot.

monkeys just dont have brains hah!

Anonymous said...

By asking for presents for the Malay, Zainol just confirmed that UMNO have been serving the elected few and not the mass! Good point taken.

bayi said...

The more these UMNO leaders make statements to the press these days, the more of their inaction and inadequacy over the last 50 years is exposed.

They are obviously still in a state of denial, like their AAB.

Maverick SM said...


We are going through a phase in paradigm shift.

Ling Ling Chatt,

I think he is worse than monkeys; as monkeys are reserved for bloggers.


You are right; they are exposing their own weaknesses.

Anonymous said...

don't be surprised la with Zainol questions'. UMNO now is the pembangkang and asking the same questions DAP asks when DAP was pembangkang. What UMNO ask stupid question, DAP asks the same. UMNO fights for the malay (yeah.. right) and DAP fights for chinese (singapore too?).
Both stupid monkeys!!