Sunday, May 11, 2008

7 demonstrators arrested in Penang

Seven persons were detained, including a blogger and a woman activist, during a 45-minute anti-Internal Security Act demonstration in George Town, Penang this morning.

Among those were social activist BK Ong and blogger K Satish Kumar, who were arrested after they took part in the demonstration held at Gurney Drive at about 11.10am.

Meanwhile, rights group Suaram activists Lau Shu Shi and Teh Chun Hong were detained after they lodged police reports at the city police headquarters in Jalan Patani, Georgetown at 2.45pm.

Source: Malaysiakini: Anti-ISA rally: 7 arrested in Penang


lucia said...

one of the 7 include a young church firend of mine. i also know ong and sh shi - just met all 3 of them yesterday at a media forum!

anyway latest news (as of 9.30pm) is that all had been released except shu shi and teh. heard that they are going to be charged for being disruptive or something like that... and all because a police was rude at them, so they questioned him and both side sort of get into argument. but who started it? the police! and yet they have the nerve to want to charge shu shi and teh for being disruptive.

Anonymous said...

They are detained by the poolice or by the BN bodyguards? Btw, what is the difference ya?

Anonymous said...

if the whole country demostrate at the same time at all different places in the country..that would be something I would like to see.

Seeing how the police buggers running from one place to another trying to arrest demos participants will be interesting.

Maverick SM said...


Hope your friend is alright.


They are detain by police.


That will be anarchy. Let's be rational. If we had issues, we should not abuse the law too.

Anonymous said...

The anarchy is caused by the people in blue.

If the people can group together and protest peacefully, what anarchy are you referring to. Many a times, it is the uniformed guys that start to beat up citiizens

Maverick SM said...


A wrong cannot be made right by justification. However, two wrongs don't make one right.