Sunday, March 09, 2008

Do we have Barisan Rakyat?

The people have expressed their decisions at the ballot box. They wanted change; they do not want a government who allowed corruption to thrive and with a judicial system which is managed by the politicians and businessmen.

How can the government allowed the judicial system to be influenced and directed by politicians and businessmen? How can promotion and appointment of judges be made at the influence of businessmen and politicians? All that we need to know is expressed at the Royal Commission of Inquiry. We found out that we do not have a justice system anymore. We need a radical change.

No where in democratic countries have you heard of massive corruptions at the highest level involving so many at the top of the system administration and to such magnitude of daylight robbery. The Deputy Internal Security Minister was investigated for corruption with linkage with the organized crime syndicate and cartels. The Inspector-general of Police was also investigated for corruption. The chief of Anti-Corruption Agency was also investigated for corruption. And all of them were declared clean when the system remains dirty. Most of the ministers were investigated for corruption - Samy, Rafidah, Nazri, Ling Liong Sik, and many others. We have close-one-eye case in Melaka; we have PKFZ RM4.6 billion bailouts; we have so many failed projects; we have toll Concession Agreements which is one-sided and all for the benefits of the concessionaires which translates and transfers the costs to the rakyat and burdening them.

The people were extremely concern with the rise in crimes. The police have yet to solve the Sharlinie's case. Nurin was kidnapped and raped. See Sheau Fang was murdered. Ooi Ying Ying, Ho Ping, Lo Ching Poon, Liew Mei Fong, and many others were murdered, raped and/or kidnapped. Lest we forget Altantunya, Khrisnasamy, Koo May Ling, Ang Chin peng and Wong Tan Yong, Ching Eng Wah, Tang Lai Meng, Sujata, Noritta, Ooi Choo Lee, Nora Jawi, Tengku Teh, May Goh Lee Fang, Patricia Wong, Julia Law Lee Mei, Mah Ann Ann, Darren Kang, Xu Jian Huang - all of them were murdered and the murderer are still at-large and in some cases, the accused were acquitted.

The people are unhappy with the pillages and pilferages by the little napoleon and executives and wasting of the taxpayers money.PKFZ, indelible ink, bailouts of failed companies, RM224.94 for a set of screwdrivers (that is worth RM40), RM5,741 for a 2-ton car jack (RM50 each at the shops) and RM10,700 for a set of technical books that is worth RM417 in the market.

The people hate kleptocracy. The people of the nation hate the suppression of liberty and oppression of the people. They used tear gas, water cannons laced with chemicals against the people who wanted to voice their concerns. They arrest the rakyat and put them under ISA - detention without trial.

Finally, the oligarchy challenged the people to voice their frustrations through the ballot boxes and not through street demonstrations or protests. Of course the rakyat knows their rights to vote the government through the election process; we don't have to be reminded. The challenge was somewhat contemptuous and scornful. The ministers thinks they can never lose in an election. For 50 years, they had ruled, they had never suffer defeat of more than 1/3. They think their divide-and-rule doctrines will work forever. They think they can pay $200 to the electorate and the people would succumbed to greed.

But this time the people didn't, for once, after 50 years. Many take the $200 but retain their conscious rights and duty as a citizen. The final outcome: BN lost 5 states - Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor and Kelantan (which was retained by PAS).

Never in the history of Malaya or Malaysia had so many states being lost by the ruling regime in a single election. It was far more painful for BN to lose Selangor which is a wealthy state. Gerakan never dream that they could ever lose Penang. Perak was most inconceivable for the opposition to capture. But the people expresses "Makkal Sakthi" - Peoples' Power - at the poll.

Now that the DAP-PAS-PKR had won based on the Barisan Rakyat concept, would they be keeping their promises and commitments made to the rakyat? Will they be able to deliver and perform better than the BN? Or, will the 3 political parties be engrossed with power and the gravy train? We are anxiously waiting to see what is going to happen now.

First and foremost, the Barisan Rakyat must put in place only those competent and honest people who will be mandated to manage the state portfolios. They must then set up a management system with a well-design control and monitoring system to ensure that their plans are implemented effectively all for the benefit of the rakyat irrespective of race, color or creed. They must pay a lot more attention to the poor and destitute.

Most important of all, the Barisan Rakyat must be conscious and aware of the customs and cultures of the people. The Malays still have phobias and paranoias; the ruling party must be conscious in managing them. The lower-class Malays must be given full attention and assistance. Of course the Indians must also be given attention in particular to the problems and issues which were voiced out by Hindraf. Then there is also the Chinese who are concerned with education and religious bigotry. And middle-class which is the key factors to the current wind of change must received attention to their career development and the high cost of living, in particular the city folks.

There are specific goals which the Barisan Rakyat must address:

(1) Ensure a clean and transparent govt by putting in an adequate control and monitoring system which will keep an eye on corruption and kleptorism. Involve the people to provide feedback on corruption and kleptorism. Listen to the peoples' voices of concern. Pay attention to their grief and plights.

(2) Maintain a fair and just government of the people, by the people, for the people. There must be clear goals and objectives of the plans for the state management team. Involve the people, the rakyat to provide feedbacks of system dysfunction or poor management.

(3) Practice meritocracy and work hard empirically by putting in place a performance baseline and performance management and tracking system.

(4) Make sure that all projects which uses taxpayers money are well spent, frugally spent, and benefit the public. Projects that do not have sufficient public benefits must be shelved or terminated.

(5) Work as a team and be courteous and cooperative amongst yourselves - PKR-DAP-PAS. Put your honesty, integrity and virtue as number one and the public interest as number two. There must be a monitoring and control system to track honesty, integrity and effective management.

(6) All members of the state cabinet must be men or women of knowledge and competent in skills and the uses of the tools and techniques of good management practices. each and every one of them must have the right attitude to serve the people and treat the people as their boss. In another word, they must be philosophers and at the same time are servants of the people.

The people have put PKR-PAS-DAP into power. They must now deliver. If they fail, in 5 years time, they will not be given a second chance - they will be completely wipe out and cremated at the next general election to ensure that they will never rise again.


the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Very well written Mave, very well written.

ewoon said...

Barisan Rakyat lives!
Barisan Rakyat rules!
Barisan Rakyat rocks!

Lim Kit Siang has some explaining to do why he said what he said like: There is no such thing as Barisan Rajyat.

Good job, Mave.

Jefus said...

now that the voting public knows what their voting can do, there will be no turning back - and the newly elected YBs must bear this in mind.

there will be lots of work to 'undo', being the handiwork of BN.

let us see Msia in the hands of competent, people.

we have long had the resources, the people, and now for the first time, the will...

we are living in exciting times!!!

Maverick SM said...


Thank you for your appreciation and it motivates.


Thanks Ewoon.


I don't think it's exciting anymore; it's more of anxieties and concerns that BR can work as a team.

Anonymous said...

R u shock w/ the results,mav? i missed DAP Ceramah in kuching esp. Bandar Kuching. Anyway its a relieve to see those old horses voted out esp. the Dark old horse of MIC b4 any flyover collasp! this time is truly wind of change.- Mmudahlupa

Maverick SM said...


I wasn't shock to see BN lose it's 2/3 majority. I was shock they captured Selangor, Kedah and Perak; it was impossible; but then, what is impossible?

bayi said...

This is an excellent piece. It voices our concerns and why our votes went to Barisan Rakyat. If Barisan Rakyat reps do not pay heed to these issues, then God help Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

so u predict they will capture Penang? DAP must deliver this time after talking so much the last few elections. it's interesting to see how they fulfill their election promises as publish in their manifesto. wish them the best of luck.- Mmudahlupa

nerdook said...

good commentary mave, i agree that what BR won this time is merely the chance to prove they have a better solution. let's hope they can get things done.

can feel a lot of malaysians holding their breath and crossing their fingers now!

Maverick SM said...


The people must continue to push the New Barisan Rakyat to come up with a control and monitoring system involving the rakyat.


Ya, the people have given the mandate to BR and we now wait to see how they are going to serve the people.


Ya, I predicted Penang will see the demise of Gerakan and MCA. Now we must see to it that DAP delivers. I have confidence for Penang but not Perak and Kedah. Selangor, I think Khalid is ok as the MB.

Anonymous said...

Barisan Rakyat (BR) did it! Should we less out BN's Parliamentary votes for Sabah (22) and Sarawak (29), West Malaysia is only 86. And, BR is 80. This would be quite a fair analysis taking into consideration about political conspiracy, monetary issues and mass accessibility for BR in Sabah and Sarawak. Hence, technically the BR did a wonderful job in West Malaysia... Of course politics in any country can never be perfect, but it could be better! So, let's hope for the better ... God bless Malaysia!

Hope said...


You've highlighted the people's major concerns. Thank you for putting that forward. Very well said!

Hopefully the six specific goals mentioned here will be addressed accordingly by Barisan Rakyat - the country's future is in their hands now...

Maverick SM said...


We can now hope that once these people gets into power and have the power, they used it as a duty to perform, not to use it as a personal privilege and starts looking for business and acquiring wealth for their ownselves.

CK said...

maverick, brilliant piece. i will link it to my blog.

the power is with us, whoever not doing the job, get out.

u take k mave.

Maverick SM said...

CK Tan,

Thanks for the appreciation and motivation. I am exalted by your kind words.

Anonymous said...


Please do not forget that Opposition has to do alot of housekeeping !!

Rot that has sunk in for 50 years CANNOT be repaired overnight, please give the new coalition some slack.

Thank you to all the rakyats to return this country to the people !!

Mave - what happens to FT KL ? Only the present Mayor has won ... so does that NOT nake BN has lost6 states?

Let's all work together towards a fair Malaysia for ALL Malaysians regardless of colour/creed.

This is a new chapter in Malaysian history.

Maverick SM said...


A good administrator do not need time. They can act effectively. Only the change to worldclass needs time. What we expect is significant efforts .

FT is not a state and therefore we only have parliamentarians.

Anonymous said...

Please be Fair to confirm many of the Pledges by BR (a group of People and not a Consolidated Party similar to BN) can only be fulfilled after Reform of Constitution & Laws at Parliament Level.
The Reform cannot be done without Opposition controlling 1/2 of the Parliament Seats!

Or at least controlling the Federal of those concerned.
Putting Oppositions into Ministers overlooking Judiciary, Police and ACA.
Any Chance?

If condition continues with BN not answering to AG reports and not be taken by ACA
and to have justice in Court.
Then, only God can do the work!

The Oppositions have endorsed People's Declaration and not BR which came later as a suggestion and not official to the Oppositions!
The Principle and Direction that they will stick is more important than any name they should endorse.

Please advise People the limit of what can be done when the Oppositions are in most case restricted in the States they are majority. But, remains helpless towards Federal except monitoring or complaining.
Except when the necessary or essential ministers are doing their jobs.

Otherwise, please start asking for minimum wages as PKR indicated!
This is not a challenge but necessary
when only Public Servant are reasonably paid then efficiency and non-corruption can be demanded.
But again, most probably this can only be done at State level right now. Key point is be more commercial than Political!

Please concentrate on those Opposition controlled States for Opposition to reform More and other states will most probably more on monitoring than else!
Unless, Police, Court and ACA in hands!

Can we see some basis things for Subang Jaya be done?
which has been ignored or avoided by a number of DAP and PKR lawyers (from the most Senior to the Juniors):
The Missions for Subang Candidates as in
Please show justice can be done even on a town or a Condo to convince justice be in State and be for the National, at last!

Bersih remains to be seen
how demand for justice can be done for the Basis Rights of People they promised before the GE!!

Maverick SM said...


A good and effective management will do all what was pledge. Many people thinks a lot but do little, and at the same time use up their brain to misappropriate wealth accumulation for themselves.

A selfless leader can be very effective. What it takes is being virtuous, honest and hardworking. Look at Singapore; they may not be perfect, but the ministers do a little good and the result is fantastic.

So, if the system administrators are honest and hardworking, believe me, things will get done and the rakyat will be happy. We have seen too much of BN cronyism and corruption; all BR needs to do is to be clean.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the moral talk on Persons to work!

Leader came from the System of Vote
With Power from the Parliament (as Board of Director) to work!
Without Majority or even simple majority can BN be as crony as today?

Can Oppositions change the system when Police, Courts and ACA remain with BN?
Can Oppositions change when Constitution and many Laws are BIAS or Abusing the Rights of People?

Not only Administrator should have heart and soul
but also People to vote and People to promote should know what is Fair to Vote or write!!

Anonymous said...


Great piece there!

It seems that the regime that never throught they would fall were trying to get into their SUKs to retrieve files etc. They must be wetting thier pants then...

I think salvaging those 'gift' projects to some cronies would have been able to get the new states started. It would require a lot of good lawyers and financial forensic experts though.

Nazri Aziz seem to be as invisible as the ISA Manoharan in this polls. Sneaky fella.

Gukita said...

Totally agree on your ending note.

Maverick SM said...


It's not about the opposition or BR to effect any change to the Police, the Judiciary or even the ACA.

If BR can show exemplary behaviors and results, the whole nation will change including BN.


It doesn't really matter even if files are lost. It can be retrieved in many ways. What is more important is not the past misdeed, but the future endeavor. BR had to perform and from what I hear of Khalid's statement it was something good to look forward to.


Thanks for your appreciation.