Sunday, January 30, 2005


EGYPT SAGA - 2 Posted by Hello


Ah Beng: Hi Khairi and Samy, today I read the news that say the Prime Minister expressed surprise about the Egypt trip. His comment is, if the PAC wants to go to Egypt to watch the Belly Dancers, then it is better they do not go as there are better things to do at home. The PM also asked: "Do they not have anything better to do?"

Khairi: What do you mean 'we had better things to do at home?

Samy: What the PM means is, ask your own wife or girlfriend to be a Belly Dancer at home or if they don't know how to dance, then go take lessons from dancing class lah.

Ah Beng: No-lah. What PM say is, you can spent the time to do more checking of the public accounts and scrutinize the other peoples trip overseas to see whether they are also doing the same thing.

Khairi: Ya-lah. Recently, I heard the Malacca State Govt also go to US and Hawaii, and the Chief Minister brings along the businessmen together with his family members there.

Ah Beng: But the Chief Minister says, he is paying for his own children trip.

Samy: Then, why can't he have a separate trip with his family some other time? Why must go with the official working trip?

Khairi: This is about killing two birds with one stone. Separate trip, you pay everything. This type of trip, you pay only the air-ticket. the food and other expenses, no need to pay. Sometime, shopping also other people pay.

Samy: What do you mean shopping other people pay?

Khairi: The trip include many rich businessmen. They are there to get some business. At the same time, they are there to Bodek-Bodek. If you want to bodek CM, you can take his children for shopping-lah.

Samy: No-lah. Malaysian Politician is very clean. Pak Lah says before the general election that he has scrutinize all the candidates he had selected and is very sure they are very clean.

Ah Beng: True also. They now make sure it is cleaner - they 'Sapu-Bersih' & 'Makan Bersih'. That's the new innovative and creative motto - BERSIH, CEKAP DAN AMANAH. Sapu dan makan bersih. Kena Sapu Dengan Cekap. Kalau tak to tangkap, Amanah lah!!!!!

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