Wednesday, September 21, 2005

SOS - AB Blood-Type Needed

This message came from groupmailing list calling for help!

Not much information was appended pertaining to a toddler who is suffering from leukaemia (blood cancer) and needed AB Blood-type bone marrow.

This is the message posted verbatim:

Please act as soon as possible.

Contact Chen Siew Cheng : Tel : (02)23708099,

Fax : (02)25507098.

Please forward to the person who has AB blood type of bone marrow and hope everybody will forward the mail to your friends so that they can have the opportunity to find the "right person" to help.

The success rate maybe very slim, that's why we used the e-mail method hope to find the right person. It may not be the smart method, but to us, this is final chance.

To the family member of the leukaemia(blood cancer) patient, every second count. We anxiously need a AB blood type of person to donate his/her bone marrow, and although it only have very little chance to match, but we still have hope for it.

Because of your loving kindness to pass the mail along, she may stand a chance to recover. So, please put a little effort, the little girl may have chance to live because of you.

Thank you very much and thousand words cannot express our appreciation.

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