Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pak Lah: Time to Walk the Talk

Prime Minister finally announced: I am ready to walk the talk!!!

Eh Mr. PM, did I hear it wrong?
I am happy to hear it.
But, it seems I had heard it quite many times before.

Let me check ....

January 2004: Pak Lah tells politician to ... Walk the Talk.

February 2004: Pak Lah says: It's time to Walk the Talk!

Still talking ah???

2nd Nov 2004, Pak Lah says Honeymoon is over and reminded all his MPs and his government that it is, in fact, over.

Some more talking lagi ah???

6th March 2005, Pak Lah again reminds his government that ...

aiya, HONEYMOON is Over; can you all hear???

Lagi talk ah...aiyo, talk and talk and talk and forget to walk, the talk...

21st April 2005, Pak Lah says: No More Excuse ah!!!!
Walk the Talk lah ... why still talking and not walking....

Lagi some more ah... talk again? How many times?

6th May 2005, Pak Lah says: Kick the habit lah ... don't just talk... walk lah... faster, faster lah...

Pak Lah, you also kick the habit lah... the habit of talking and talking.. can we walk; sorry, can u walk.. and walk faster, can ah???

Enough lah, boleh kah?
Talk until I also tak boleh tahan... talk, talk, and talk ...

27th November 2005, Pak Lah reminds again ... please lah! enough talk, more action ... please, please Mr Postman MPs and Ministers ... walk the talk lah, no more talk the walk, can you all hear?

Talk some more? Failure not an option?
But it seems there is no option ...

23rd March 2005, Pak Lah says go forth and tell the story and tell Malaysia's story to the world ..

What story? Tell them we only talk and no walk?
Or we love to talk and forget to walk???

Oh, tell them we are plagued by a perception problem?
You also plagued by perception problem ah?

You said you are aware... Are you sure you are aware?
I also very scared oh.. because you just say again...
Walk the talk but you still talking mah...

I think this one you are correct ... need to fly a kite ...

Finally, there is some sense ... fly kite!!!

sure you know how to control?

I mean, the kite???


howsy said...

Nice picture series again!

The last picture...look at those kids. If I was there, I would put up both my hands in the air and say 'So this is the walking you're talking about?'

d-a-v-o-r-s said...

nice collection of the issue!!!

talked and repeated so many times...
because as Tun M said...
"Melayu Mudah Lupa~"

Anonymous said...

You did a great one with this collection of WTT, because LOL, I also almost forgot! I thought alas AAB wants to WTT and do some real work. Thanks for reminding me.
Minah Rakyat

Anak Merdeka said...

Mave, you are terrorising Pak Lah with your archives!! Me, I'm totally shocked & awed at your professionalism, hehe..

ps: Now he's got another doctor to worry about. LOL

desiderata said...

mave -- why so long wan? I counted -- 12,000 words!

Don't lah teach Pak Lah how to Fly a kite. Don't lah teach Desi how to suck eggs.

Let's all go back to jkindie and sing with all our might:
"Don't do as I do;
Do as I tell you to!"

Bye, BUY! TokKok shares just launched by your missin' (3rd) pardner, no fren of mine altho we are both from the Nine States -- she no offers Desi any timber CON...!:(