Saturday, August 19, 2006

UPM Fracas - Culprits Letoff the hook by Interpretation

The UPM "Bully" incident is not really bullying as it is “subject to interpretation”, according to V-C Prof Nik Mustapha after the investigation panel found that only 30 students were involved, and of these just 11 were directly involved.

Prof Nik said the incident is only an unfortunate flare-up between two groups.

“Bullying is the wrong word to use. It happened in the heat of the moment and it was only natural for them to react strongly and raise their voices,” he added.

Prof Nik Mustapha said the university felt that as an educational community it needed to instil "proper values" in its students. (I just wonder what is proper values??? Isn't all these values enunciated in the Holy Quran and should be deem proper to all Muslims? Did the Quran say they could shout abuses and use force against innocents and the minorities who are your collegemates? and the university V-C still considered those as a good Muslims? Malaysia is an Islamic nation and the government adopted Islamic principles including the Islam Hadhari principles... It's not working, too many muslims are just not following the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad and following the way of life as written in the Holy Quran. They could only bully the weak and the defendless. )

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) will not hand down punitive action against the students involved in the July 17 fracas, which the inquiry panel found to be non-racist and non-violent.

“We just want to show that we are civilised. If we can't think in a civilised manner in a university, how can we do it outside?” Nik Mustapha said. (You are right Prof Nik! But the university is not a civilised institution as you condon those bullying and interpret this as "friendly" . I am not suggesting punitive actions but reprimands or corporal punishments must be handed down on those delinquents and sanctions are necessary to ensure deterrence.)

Prof Dr Nik Mustapha said those "bullies" would only be “advised” and “re-educated” on the correct behaviour on campus and the need to respect the university's rules and regulations (If there are university rules and regulation, how come this sort of incident can happen and that no actions or reprimands are handed down to the delinquents? Are the rules so flexible that it can be interpreted in any way as and when it is needed by those who have wide discretionary power?)

“We need to give them a second chance and not make judgment in the first instance. However, if it happens again, we will consider it as serious and will take action,” Prof Nik said.

Prof Nik said the five-man panel, comprising academic staff, had conducted a thorough three-week investigation (Thorough investigation or thorough cover-up???).

“Their findings show that both sides had breached discipline. However, the incident was not racially motivated, and it did not involve any physical fights, and no one was injured,” NIK said. (I am sure both side had breach the discipline. But no disciplinary action will be taken. Why? Because discipline is flexible as and when wanted?)

“It was also localised, as other students who were present were relaxed and continued with their activities as normal.” (Surely it is localised. But, were they relaxed and did they continued with their activities as normal? I am perplexed as it was considered NORMAL? Is it normal? or Normadic???)

The incident, which was captured on video and circulated on the Internet, was said to have involved a group of about 50 students “bullying” seven others in one of UPM's canteens.

Well, to all Malaysians, I agree with Nik Mustapha that it is subjected to interpretation. Do we call it bully or we call it "friendly Abusiveness"?

The University believes you can't call this bullying as nobody died or got injured. It will be considered bully only when someone landed in ICU or have broken legs or faces. The University investigators are educated intellectuals. They know what they are saying. Bully to the V-C has a lot of meaning - sometimes it means "friendly" while othertimes means "fucking friendly". This is called "Sinelective Interpretation" of the Malaysian-lish Vocabulary. Do you believe in our intellectuals and Professors??? Can you trust them to educate our children? I felt nausea within.

Khir lets officers off the hook

No body can commit any wrong anymore in BolehLand!

In Malaysia we have a new system of Interpretation - that a wrong can be made right as long as it suits the political objectives.

Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo said No action will ever be taken against any officers as long as they signed any agreement in good faith with the "good intention of speeding up" the implemetation processes including, the building of the pedestrian bridges and they will never need to worry as precedents had been set today when the officers in Selangor bad breach the advertisement contract which is against the State Exco approval.

“We understand why the officers had signed the deal and I do not see why action must be taken against them,” Khir Toyo said.

“Furthermore, the state did not approve the deal (because the Sun make a ruckus out of it) when the papers were tabled at the state exco meeting,” Khir Toyo added.


Young said...

Some group just have to be more tolerable. Is there a choice to be fair?

bayi said...

it's no wonder our universities keep missing the mark to be in the world's top 500. we are the laughing stock yet again. our universities actually encourage selective bullying! whether the incident was racist or not cannot be whitewashed by issuing a statement to the contrary. but do the education authorities care? your guess is as good as mine!

Lin Peh said...

INTERPRETATION means what you saw may not be the same as what I saw. Lucky fellas did not let Lin Peh interpret or else all will kena death penalty ! LOL!

Maverick SM said...

yp, U put up a good poser... a choice... was there a choice?

Bayi, our uni will not even be on the top 5,000 soon. They are beginning to sell professorship to those who need.

Maverick SM said...

Lin Peh, can you interpret it for us????

mob1900 said...

Like Howsy said on his issue with Malaysia not confronting Indonesia about the open-burning issue.