Friday, October 27, 2006

Chain-Smoking Sexy Lady Boss

Once upon a time,

This is how story telling starts...

A lady boss often walks and around to check her managers work.

She is a chain-smoker. Whenever she's in her managers rooms, she smokes too.

One day, she visit her new manager (who isn't a smoker) and as she start to light her cigarette, he asked: "Could you not smoke in my room?"

She answered: "I'm your boss and I do what I like to do."

The next day, while she walk pass his room, she saw a signage at the door of the manager's room that reads:


He was called to her office.... and asked to shut the door!!!

What do you think happens?

Picture courtesy from BayiSingh!!



Kenny Ng said...

wow! how wish i got a sezy lady boss like this... LOL

101picmails said...


excellent creative twist! i love it!

if only my boss looks so sexy!

Gukita said...

Lady Boss .."I'll show you who's boss"

Manager.."I like it either way!!"