Thursday, October 19, 2006

Councillors Infernal Affair

A patient went to a clinic.

Dr asked: what's wrong with you?

Patient: I have nothing wrong.

Dr: Then why are you here?

Patient: I just felt I have nothing wrong, so I came to tell you.

Dr: If you feel you have nothing wrong, then there's nothing I can help.

“I do not see anything wrong as the three of us were appointed councillors in our different capacities,” said Klang UMNO Puteri Chief, Roselinda, the daughter-in-law of Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Mat Deros. “If you take it negatively, it will be negative. If you take it positively, it will be positive. Our intention is to serve the people.”

She is right, after all. AS their intention is only to serve the people, it is good. But, what about the land that they got from MPK at a song? 8 settlors had to make way so that her family can procure that land to built the Istana Zakaria? Probably, the 8 were allocated low-cost flats to be re-settled which was a better alternative for them, but the ultimate objective of the good intention is the personal benefits derived. Win-win? Ya, some sort! $180,000 for a $1.3 million return on investments. Another success story of NEP.


Kenny Ng said...

yeah right nothing wrong coz they r too powerful till rules can't stop them.

mmudahlupa said...

AAB said nothing wrong if they are qualified to be councillors.How qualified? Are they the top 3? The only qualification you need is to be an UMNO member.If you are not, you will never be appointed to important post.It's political not qualification.The post of councillors should be elected not politically appointed. Can the chinese be PM? A big NO. Why? B'cos not an UMNO member.Are we not qualify to be one? AAB is qualified to be an UMNO member but as PM?? You know the answer.

Is the government going to engage DR. Lim Ghee Teck as a lecturer? Is he not qualify? Unfortunately, he tell the truth but the truth just not the truth AAB wanted.Dr Lim, migrate lah.

bayi said...

It's amazing how these politicians can declare their intention to serve the people without even blinking their eyes and then "raid the treasury" their power from the political office they hold.

"Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi."

It's downright betrayal of the people's trust. It's TREASON!

O2Deprivation said...

mmudahlupa, I beg to differ. There are many people who are disappointed with current systems but instead of migrating, they should turn their anger into something more powerful, their "votes". We are born in Malaysia, literally we are also "son of the soil" and we must do everything we can to defend this piece of precious soil.

moo_t said...

Honestly, I don't see many Malay talk about such corruptive practice. Is it because of "silent majority" think that it is political incorrect to discuss it?

bayi said...

By building more platforms for open discussion, such as this blog, we are stimulating discussion of what's wrong with this country and her systems. It's not much but it's an excellent effort.

We should not run away. This IS our country. We should set it right where we can.

Maverick SM said...

Bayi & O2Deprivation, I agree with you. This is our country; we had to set it right where we are.

Moo_t, it's not true that Malays don't discuss corruption. You can read them in so many blogs such as Bakri, Aisehman, and many others. Equally, there are those who don't blog but had been discussing it openly and they include UMNO politicians. I think the medias controlled by the cronies are doing a good job of wallowing them into their kidneys and stuffing it inside their asses for a good reason.

Mmudahlupa, you posed a good point: qualified? What so qualified except being an UMNO member and leader? They used their kidney to think and their brain to bowel.