Sunday, October 29, 2006

Do U back Rela?

Datuk Zaidon Asmuni said:

"Most Malaysians back Rela's action!"

Do we Malaysians back rela?

Who told him we backed rela?

How did he formed his opinion to be representative of the fact that Malaysians backed rela?

Did he carry out a survey to backed his statement?

Or, he decides unilaterally to speak on our behalf because there is no necessity do asked us as in this country, every leaders do the same - they can say what they like on the people behalf and we just have to accept it.

Didn't Pak Lah also said that Malaysians don't want the bridge? I remembered that MB of Johor had called on the federal govt to expedite the implementation of the crooked bridge as the delay had affected the economy of Johor. Didn't Pak Lah himself had directed PWD to issue the award letter to Gerbang Perdana that resulted in the $360 million claim for wrongful termination of contract?


bayi said...

This is typical of kampung-minded Malaysians who borak like big-time politicians when they are given a little authority. How did morons like him get into power seats that create maximum havoc?

What A Lulu said...

"Most Malaysians back Rela's action!"?
it's so funny, my toes are laughing?
when i see these rela people approaching immigrants, i have this lousy feeling that they're out there to collect pocket money, not enforce the law.