Sunday, October 22, 2006

More Councillors Mansions exposed

MB Mohd Khir Toyo reiterate that any action against Zakaria must be based on the law and not emotions.

Zakaria’s offence, he said was constructing a building on a piece of land without building plan.

The law says the offence is punishable with a maximum fine of 10 times the fees ($24,000).

“I cannot go above the law,” Khir said.

Second councillor builds mansion without approval

Another Selangor municipal councillor has been found to be building a mansion without getting approval from the Klang Municipal Council (MPK). Mazlynoor Abdul Latiff’s mansion at Kampung Raja Uda along Jalan Lengkungan is about 80% completed and resembles the controversial four-storey mansion built by Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros. It is understood that both mansions are being built at about the same time using Javanese masons and are now near completion.

When contacted by The Star, Mazlynoor claimed that other councillors had also built mansions within the area without building plans. “So, you visited the area. You took a lot of photographs. No reason for you to highlight the matter. Everyone is doing it, but my house is small,” he said.

Mazlynoor said: “I submitted the plan to MPK but it was returned to me as it did not conform to the sewerage infrastructure. As it involved costs, I went ahead with the construction. I will submit the plans after Hari Raya,” he said.

So, Mr Khir Toyo, all your councillors also do not submit plans. This is what is claimed by Mazlynoor. Is it semua OK?

Are you going to say again, that the law says fined them RM24,000? Is that all? That all your councillors don't have to follow procedures and regulations and just pay the fine, and semua OK?

Oh Malaysians, since precedence had been set by the government officials, all of us can go ahead and built houses without the need to submit plans to the authorities and if they harass you, just be prepared to pay the fines; it's small in comparison with the hassle you had to go through the bureaucratic norms. If the enforcement officers harass you, tell them Mr Khir Toyo said that the law says so. If the executives can do it, all citizens can do it. So, Malaysians, you built set up massage parlour, prostitute dens, gambling house, discos and karaokes anywhere, everywhere, as the law says you will be fined only; Khir Toyo confirms it...he is the Menteri Besar of Selangor; the Head of the State and he says semua OK.

MPK president Abdul Bakir Zin confirmed yesterday that Mazlynoor had not submitted plans for the construction of the mansion. “It’s a clear defiance of the Town and Country Planning Act 1974 and a fine will be imposed when he submits the plan,” he said.

“MPK will investigate how the mansion came to be built up to this stage without the enforcement or planning department imposing a stop-work order or even alerting me. Work should not have gone on until plans submitted are approved. “It is time the council stopped the rot as it will shatter people’s confidence,” MPK president said.

Oh, by the way, didn't UMNO and Khairy said the Malays were MARGINALISED? Are they? Can UMNO explain why these Malays are so exceptionally rich? Kena Lottery kah? Oh, itu haram...mesti bukan. Kena NEP kah? Oh itu bukan juga kerana NEP ada lah untuk orang Melayu yang miskin. Tetapi yang tak miskin jadi lebih kaya; yang miskin tetap miskin? Oh, NEP belum cukup lagi.

Update: Sorry, bukan makan tak cukup; Makan tak boleh cukup. NEP tambah lagi 30 tahun.


desiderata said...

mave sm:

I wish all our Muslim brothren have "small houses". I also want a "small" house by Sg Ujong -- can you, mGf, build Wan for me ah? In time for CNY sext year? Please....

anti stupid government said...

This is atrocious. How can these 2 councillors have heart to builts such a big mansions. Can ACA please find out simply test test where they get money to built the mansions

Maverick SM said...

Desi, ya, the house is small in comparison to the other corruptors.

bayi said...

Mazlynoor said there were many others who built without submitting the relevant plans. But note, as an assemblyman elected to legislate law and to ensure compliance, he was not even the least remorse about what he had done. His attitude was: Why pick on me when others had committed bigger wrongs?

And as in most of these cases, he started to point fingers at others when he was caught. Moral: Catch a guilty one and he will sing.

Obviously the system perpetuated by the ruling party is ROTTEN to the core!

The punishment? RM24,000, a paltry sum to people like him. It's a light tap on his knuckles.

What does this mean? He is encouraged to breach more laws because he gets away with it.

Likewise the others.

David said...

Am very sad to see the decadent state of affairs. The people that have been entrusted to care for the goodness of our society and growth of our nation behaving worst than animals... obviously the councillor could not even comprehend the mere notion of logic. Just because there are others who got away does not mean that he is not wrong in doing it - that is basic Philosophy 101. We have to put an end to appointing imbeciles to run our city/town councils.

Maverick SM said...

David, we can't end the appointment of imbeciles as the higher ups are imbeciles too and they are the sovereign masters.

The law makers who flout the law says: there are others too, why me? Isn't that doctrinally eruditing?

bayi said...

UMNO is a party conducive to allowing every member to hold party positions so as to enrich himself.

It's every man for himself!

Wonder how the meeting between Tubn and AAB is going.

Maverick SM said...

Bayi, in the land of beggers where the one eye jackbegger is the ruler, begging is norm and the law. It becomes an obligation to upkeep these beggers till they think they are no more beggers; they become king of beggers and began to beg for more from the less.

lucia said...

i was very angry when read about this news. think i'll 'lepas geram' in my blog!

so others are doing it too? how many more then will be exposed? 5? 8? 12? over 10 of'em councillors building 'small' houses without approval?

bayi said...

In Mukim Kelang they may end up having more istanas than anywhere else in the country. :)

Maverick, your explanation reminds me of the Beggers" Clan in the Chinese kungfu shows! *LOL*

Maverick SM said...

Bayi, the chinese legend of the begger clan is real and is incorporated in our system.

Lucia, let go and I love to read what you are going to write

bayi said...


But of course, the Chinese Beggar clan had very high principles and any errant member would be severely punished and perhaps even expelled from the clan. Our

Maverick SM said...

Bayi, you watch too much movies. The factual situation at the begger's clan is no different; when a social covenant is broken, the clan will uphold the rules and regulations. But in such a complex organization, power, greed and corruption including sexual gratification is imminent.