Monday, October 02, 2006

Picture Quiz

Who shoot me? I didn't do anything wrong?
I just said some people were systematically marginalised.
If you disagreed, disagreed lah.
I didn't ask you to agree.
Why shoot me?

They hang me too!
I didn't do anything wrong!
I just write things in my own blog about what I think happens.
I just write what I believe had been done wrong.
If they are not wrong; not wrong lah.
Why hang me?

I am worse!
They asked me to hang myself.
I didn't do anything wrong?
I just said it smells rats in the schools and the person responsible must investigate.
If not wrong; not wrong lah!
Why asked me to hang myself?
And now, they discover the wrong but didn't apologise to me for hanging me.
And they said I hanged myself?

Why bad mouth me?
I didn't do anything wrong?
I just have some fun with pontianak.
What's wrong with that?
Why kacau my wife?
She is she and her is her.
Willing buyer willing seller.
What's wrong with you all?
Others bought honda and Proton, I only test drive M*Y*-V
What's wrong with you all?

What's wrong with you all?
I just sleep anywhere I want, what's wrong?
He gave me a blanket and I sleep lah.
What's wrong with you all?
Sleep also wrong ah?
Tho' I only borrow the blanket, it was given to me.
He is a nice man who is willing to give me the blanket and fish.
What's wrong with you all?
Jealous ah? You can also look for fishes yourself.
Why bother my bf?

Quiz question:
Who do you think they are?


Howsy said...

You are damn good at these picture series! Lemme guess:

1. LKY

2. Any socio-poli blogger? Or that bloke from some ArmNoh branch?

3. OTK (not to be confused with OKT or LTK, the omega eggs)

4. Haiya, so obvious, who else?

5. Ponti-anak? (not to be confused with Merdeka-anak)


What A Lulu said...

systematically marginalised? uncle harry down south
write things in my own blog? sang kelembai
smells rats in the schools? "All’s well that ends well Semangat Barisan Nasional" Ong.
I just have some fun with pontianak? siapa lagi, if not budak belum kering hingus
Why bother my bf? yang ini, i tak kenal. AI-ah?

was gonna ask if there's a prize, but since i can't get the last one, tak'pa la...

Anonymous said...

I thought this post is in relation to something someone posted in your saybox.

Someone is angry. :-(

Howsy said...

Perhaps the 'budak' reads Mave's blog? Lucky you, Doc!

Helen said...


Maverick is a poet too eh?? lol

Maverick SM said...

Howsy, hahaha...budak read my blog too! I delete the stupid comment. hahaha
BTW, Howsy, the No.5 pic, you are wrong.

What a LuLu, you are sharp right for 4, get the 5th one right, can u???

Helen, I am no poet! This is jesting for fun..but it has profound knowledge encrypt.

lucia said...

wow! a classic piece! luv it... the pics and the poems.

like lulu, i know all 4 but not no. 5. let's see... siti nurhaliza? mawi's gf? ada clue kah?

Maverick SM said...

Lucia, you pandai..tapi tak kena tepat lagi....