Thursday, October 05, 2006

Wife, Pls Open Medicine Bottle

Hei wife, when you sent medicne to your husband, make sure you open the bottle or tearup the wrappers and give the medicine to your husband. Otherwise, eh,eh,eh, you may be given a hockey stick and a divorce. Do you understand?

One woman didn't understand and learn a tough lesson. In Kampung Geting, Pengkalan Kubur, Tumpat, Kelantan, a man asked his wife to get his medication from the cupboard.

She returned with the medicine and left it on a stool beside his bed.

The man was furious when he found that she had not removed the cap from the bottle.

He uttered the words: “Ambo cerai anda dengan talak satu” (a term used by a Muslim man when divorcing his wife).

He then grabbed a hockey stick and beat his wife causing serious bruises on her hands and body. The husband then stormed out of the house.

So, wives, just open up the medicine bottle and place the medicine in his hand. If you hate him, then you give him poison, ok...hehehehe (this is just a joke, please don't follow the last advise; you will go to jail for 30 years).

For further reading on the case, the link is here

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