Monday, October 30, 2006

Zakaria - First Nail affixed on the Oligarch coffin

It all began because of Sungai Pinang state assemblyman Teng Chang Khim, who first raised the issue at the state assembly sitting.

First, we are make known that he built a house without the need to comply to the rules and regulations set out by the legialature and the legislators could do anything to him because of his strong position and followers base.

However, the issue was quickly swept under the carpet by the MB Khir Toyo and Zakaria was left scot-free.

This builts up his confidence in the ensuing period and he becomes braver and braver.

He had come to believe that in BN and in UMNO, as long as you hold high political position and had strong followers and supporters, nobody, absolute nobody, can touch you. Helen called it The Untouchable.

Truly it he was untouchable and even the MB who had depended on him to deliver the votes had to close one-and-a-half eye.

The leaders risk losing his support and votes.

However, tho' there much hue and cry, the issue was suppressed and those who voiced out will suffer detriment.

The MB, when forced to take some action to appease the situation decided that he will only imposed $24,000 fine on the criminal act of non-compliance to statutory requirements. The delinquent will be left unseathed. In fact, three of his family member, including himself will be further appointed as councillors for another term. Thats a great show of power and the rule of the oligarchy.

However, in the words of Mahaguru58 : [Quote] What bloody hell kind of justice is that? Why are they using kid gloves to see to it that this blatant injustice is all that is the due judgement of these blatant crimes by this fellow? For crying out loud, this is a clear case of selective punitive punishing of a corrupt local authority official by those whom I am sure have vested interests in the culprit![Unquote]

Mahaguru58 continues with his prayer:

O Allah! This is the state of affairs of our socalled 'Islam Hadhari' government!

You judge them accordingly O Allah, for their transgressions and scapegoating Your Deen and Your Laws O Lord!

Allah must have heard the cries and prayers.

The "bad luck" of Zakaria continues ...

Now, he do not have the "Royal Protective Clothings" on his body. The administrators had to proceed to act on anything that was against the law.

Episode no 2: The DZ Satay House restaurant

DZ (Datuk Zakaria) Restaurant was located a stone’s throw from his Istana Idaman mansion in Kampung Idaman here, was sealed on 26th Oct. by MPK.

“Yes, it has been sealed because the restaurant sits on JKR (Public Works Department) reserve land, which is state land,” municipal councillor Datuk Teh Kim Poo said yesterday. ”Furthermore, the restaurant does not have any temporary occupancy licence or a business licence."

Teh,was queried about the MPK’s unfair action to “close one eye” over the matter, said that sealing off Zakaria’s satay restaurant was not enough. He said it must be demolished as well. He thanked the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, for his concern.

But why did it take Datuk Teh Kim Poo so many years to act? Wasn't it clear that he is "powerless" to act or the fact that it was "I scratch your back, you scratch mine?"

It is clear that all the councillors and those in power and with authority, nobody can touch anyone in UMNO. MCA and Gerakan, they are mere stooges and toothless. They shout and cry and put up a brave face in front of the rakyat, but they are useless and they had no power to act within the corrupt system. They only can demolish illegal squatters and signboards of shops that belongs to the ordinary citizen. They can do nothing, perhaps, even when a felony is committed by the oligarchy ...

So what did it tells us? Will episode no:3 surface soon/ What about Mazlynoor mansion? No more news?


What A Lulu said...

mpk should do zakaria a "favor" and tear the mansion down. now that he has no satay stall, no jalan for lucrative contracts, no source of income, he will have to turn to berkebun-ing on his land. house takes up too much space.

desiderata said...

the nest nail is for Pak Lah to discipline Zakaria -- Show Cause letter why he should not be renmoved as Selangor State Assemblyman. Then I'll pray with Pak Lah for The Peace Within.
One "small" house vitory for Down with the Oligrachy:)

Helen said...

Did you say no business license?

Hello, Hello, is the tax dept looking into this? No license meant he's not paying his tax lar??

See Fei said...

actually the mansion is built with rakyat money indirecty, DZ should be asked to complete it & turn it over to the MPK for charity usage.

In little dot, government allows assets owner to turn over their idling asset to govt for nominal fees for charity use for a number of years. in return they dont have to pay property tax on these prop.

Anak Merdeka said...

I have a hunch that this Zakaria scandal will blow over much like what happened to cries for reform of judiciary made by Bar Council.

In order to put things right, far too many people in power will be dragged down into the same abyss.

You see - the rot and dirt is just too thick to wash off, even scrapping it from the surface will unveal a stench so unbearable no one dares to dig in.

Expect this sideshow to last long enough to distract everyone from the Dr M-Pak Lah showdown.

Maverick SM said...

AM, I agree with you. The rot is difficult to fix. Mazlynoor said: "There are so many others doing the same thing; why pick me?" That tells how deep the system had been allowed to rot.

mmudahlupa said...

He's only an MP ( of course gov't crony) built palace.Not to stay all those overstaying cabinet ministers.They will only willing step down when the country goes bankrupt. you know who are they.

mob1900 said...

Hey, If the one-eye pirate MP of Jasin can get away, why not Mat. D?

"Satu Lagi Projek **"

What A Lulu said...

mmudahlupa, you memang mudah lupa. z is not an MP. he's "just" a state assemblyman.

Gukita said...

Those waiting for pak lah to act will be waiting for a long time. A preacher preaches and let others do the implementation. The rotten case of MP Jasin was left for a long time though he smeared shit all over the place...

The Zakaria case will be closed by the circumstances surrrounding him, not by Pak Lah. Soon UMNO will find him too expensive to retain....

mmudahlupa said...

Aiya, lulu. Bukan mudah lupa. Silap
saja. maaf zahir dan Batin.