Friday, November 03, 2006

From Careful with money to Mega Billion projects everywhere

What made a sovereign to reverberate to take such radical and drastic steps, from a frugal leader, scrapping almost all mega projects inherited from his predecessors, and over the last few months, pronouncing the arrival of mega after mega projects.

Did he suffer such anorexia?

When he took over the helm on 1st Nov 2003, the first few months of his tenure, he was going through almost all the mega projects awarded by Mahathir, and scrapping one by one of them.

There was in fact much hue and cry then.

He claimed that he was just being careful and isn't tight with money.

He said: Only vital projects will be implemented.

The first project to suffer was the double-track railway project awarded to MMC-Gamuda. Then, the mega storm water drain from Pandan to Taman Desa (which was allowed to continue).

Many other projects suffered the same fate such as the monorail project in Putrajaya, Penang 2nd Bridge, and later, the Crooked-bridge in Johor.

The vital projects proclaimed will be agricultural projects, batik projects, and Scomi's projects.

Then suddenly, accidentally or incidentally, since the altercation with Mahathir Mohamad, all of a sudden, he was inspired... Unresisting proclaimations of projects were made; everywhere we hear of mega projects that will be launched... not yet, but, will be, soon, might be soon, will be soon.

Today, The Star report that MB: SJER likely to attract RM60bil FDI within 10 years

Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman announced that the South Johor Economic Region (SJER) development plan is likely to attract RM60bil in foreign direct investments (FDI) within the next 10 years.

For a start, Ghani said a group of investors from the Middle East would be bringing in multi-billion ringgit investments to Johor.

He declined to give details on the investments from the Arab businessmen as Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would make the announcement.

If you remembered, ten years ago, Ghani announced that Johor will have a Disneyland project, Floating city, Sahara Desert, Dinosaur park, etc; all billion dollar projects. Till today, we hear something new; old proposals are cremated.

What makes Pak Lah changed so drastically? From Frugality to Excessiveness.

Pak Lah hates mega projects, but over the last few months, he had pronounced more than 10 mega projects...arriving soon. Cheer up contractors and employees... tomorrow will be better; hopefully!

Is he suffering from Bulimia, anorexia, or aphasia? Or, CTSB?


Robin Goodfellow said...

I hope, I do truly hope, this is not a case of repaying political favours after securing a victory of a sort in the Shouting Match against Dr. M. It would be truly pitiful for Pak Lah to be Agent Smith-ed by Dr. M, after all the turbulence.

bayi said...

Under pressure from Tun's incessant attacks? If there are no mega projects, how long do you think his machais will continue to support him?

Lin Peh said...

Economics lesson during the meeting with Dr M ? ;-)

Anonymous said...

well he has to so that HEes(his) UMNO puteras' can see better days ahead when their game is over