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Hail Hishamuddin!

Hail Hishamuddin!

This is by far the biggest ever concession ever made by an UMNO Youth Leader.

If this statement signifies the new core ideology of UMNO Youth and will become the values of the people at large, then it would signify the beginning of Bangsa Malaysia, and a United Malaysian Identity. Everyone would then be proud to call themselves a Malaysian.

Bangsa Malaysia will never ever be unless it begins from UMNO itself and it forms the core ideology and values of all UMNO members.

The saying goes, “When the giant walks, the Earth trembles below it.”

Hishamuddin declared:

“It is not just because UMNO fights for the Malays, it is not a fight for race or religion, but to help ANYONE who is on the sidelines.”

Is it the new philosophy of UMNO Youth?

Will it become the values of UMNO that UMNO Agenda is not about fighting for race or religion but to help anyone and everyone?

It remains to be seen, but for me, I would like to give it my support and laid rest my doubt. It does signify the beginning of a new ear, an era of social integration and of which should culminate into a Bangsa Malaysia.

Read NST Report:

Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said today that Umno Youth will use the party general assembly next week to soothe the frayed nerves of fellow Barisan Nasional youth wings.

He said his wing would explain the Malay agenda as a matter of common interest for all Malaysians in the pursuit of becoming a developed country.

He said youth leaders would be reminded not to play the race and religion cards for instant popularity.

He said the struggle to lift the Malays in education was not only in the interest of Umno, but of all parties for Malaysia to attain developed nation status by 2020.

"It is not just because Umno fights for the Malays, it is not a fight for race or religion, but to help anyone who is on the sidelines.

"When we declare ourselves developed in 2020 we don’t want to have anyone left behind.

"We need leaders with wisdom, maturity, sincerity and honesty, who are consistent and do not play to the gallery, do not seek temporary popularity with their own race, and do not use issues that can inflame racial and religious passions."

From The Star

Younger leaders of the youth wings of Barisan Nasional component parties must build trust among themselves and work towards a joint destiny, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said.

The Umno Youth chief said there were those who were tempted to look at issues purely based on their racial group to gain temporary popularity with their own race.

“In the long term, that will not be beneficial to the party nor the individual because that approach has been proven in history not to be acceptable by the majority of Malaysian people,” he said.

To a question, he said that while it was not easy to fulfil the demands of all races, what was needed were wisdom, maturity and sincerity.

“Whether it succeeds or not depends on the credibility of the leaders.

“That should be inculcated in all – Umno Youth, MCA, MIC and the others,” he added.

On the issue of Bangsa Malaysia, this is what Ghani had to say:

Johor MB unfazed by outcry

Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, who drew flak for his remark that Bangsa Malaysia is merely a rojak (mishmash) concept, is unperturbed about the public reaction.

“Let us hear as much as possible what the people have to say,” he told reporters at his official residence Saujana yesterday after feting a group of people going for the haj.

He said he did not want to comment on those who had given their reaction to his remark.

Abdul Ghani had told delegates at the Johor Umno convention on Monday that there were dire consequences in advocating a Bangsa Malaysia, saying that it went beyond the legal powers of the Constitution and could disrupt political stability.

He saw the concept as a threat to the Malays and the special position accorded to them in the Constitution.

It seems UMNO concepts and core ideology is paradoxical?

Second observation: Is there a Catch? Catch 22? Sandiwara? Seniwara?

My God, talk is cheap.... it's anybody's guess again.

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