Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Khairy's New Hypothesis

What will Happen?

New Posers for UMNO members:

What will happen if UMNO sets the target for Bumiputera corporate equity at 70%?

Nothing will happen son. UMNO can set it as a target, if they crave to do so. What actually will happen is that they would have to buy up the equity shares of the others and pay RM400-500 billion (assuming another 40% stake if the current stake is already 30%).

It would also mean that UMNO would drive out all foreign investors and non-Malay investors to countries such as Thailand, China, India and Indo-China.

It would mean that the economy will shrink and collapse reduing the country to the 4th World Economy of the dogs.

It would mean that Malays have to own non-Halal business or alternatively to close them down which will further shrink their equity stakes.

It would mean that Carlsberg, Anchor and Guinese Stout will have to cease operation and the nation's economy will shrink by 10%.

It would mean that Magnum, Sports Toto and Dai Ma Cai will cease operation and the GDP will shrink another 10%.

It would mean that Genting and World Resort will cease operation and the govt will receive less taxes from all these corporations to the tune of some RM10 billion.

It would mean that Malaysia's economy will be halfed or possibly three-quartered drowned and these inturn will translate to the reality that the Malays in general, will be impoverished. Why? Because most of the Malays are government servant and if the govt revenue is reduced by way of reduced taxes and excise duties to the tune of $30-40 billion, they wouldn't be able to pay the salaries and will have to resort to retrenchments and downsizing, which will in turn caused massive unemployment of the Malays and at the same time the public universities funding will also be depleted, which means free education for 70% Malays will be no more be available. University lecturers and teachers will also be jobless too.

All of these plus many other factors will start the cycle of chain effect which will ultimately bankrupt the country as a whole.

Try it my son! For from information, you have so many Chinese partners in your business; why? Why don't you just have Malays as your biz partner?

What would happen if MCA, Gerakan and MIC would leave UMNO and Barisan Nasional and join forces with PAS and KeAdilan?

This should be the ultimate choice of the people and it will happen...soon.

PAS though an Islamic party but they uphold the core principles of Islam as enunciated in the Quran of which the first principle of Islam is justice, fairness and equity. PAS never did rob anyone of their property and had never needed NEP. Look at Kelantan, they didn't have the Federal govt gravy train, yet they managed the State based on the principles of equality and fairness and they thrived till today. In Kelantan, no one, from whatever creed or color, had to worry of their business processes in relative to UMNO's rhetorics, and never need to worry about the equitable issues. Fairness prevails and the citizens in Kelantan are never identified with skin color; they are anak kelata or ora luar.

Now, another new poser:

What would happen if Puteri UMNO wants all the commercial bank to lend money to UMNO members without collateral or securities?

What will happen if UMNO forces the nak to lend money to UMNO members with no securities?

What will happen to the bank?

What will happen to the nation?

What is going to happen to the nation?

The choice will be answered by the voters in the general election, that is not too far away.

The fundamental issue is that MCA. Gerakan and MIC had failed to serve it's people.

They should be rejected. PAS, KeAdilan and DAP is the current alternative but they are fragmented due to ideological differences.

Maybe, the one possible alternative is that of Mahathir. He is the only source that could pose a challenge to the current regime. But will it happen? What would happen if Mahathir and Anwar patched up, forgive each other in accordance with the principles of Islam, and combined forces to seek a mandate in the next election?

Nothing will happen, for the poser what will, is in reality, "will not" and a mere rhetoric in the land of Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin and Cakap tak boleh serupa bikin Forum ongoing. It is siok, siok sahaja for the siok siok members who wants to siok themselves. It's the new UMNO Rempit.

In reality, 99% of UMNO members had Chinese and Indians as business partners although their companies are registered as 100% Bumi equity. For many of the Indians, they are more adaptive and many of them are Muslim Bumiputeras and UMNO members (they constitute more than 20% of UMNO members).

The nation had been lying, and UMNO had been the greatest of the all. Don't worry about 70% or 100%; for behind the smokescreen, they kautim and they spent time in Golok and London, and at the sesame street they cojoined.


mcdonald said...

The Govt try to protray to international audience that Malaysian is harmonious and of great unity despite the diversity of race and culture.

The UMNO AGM is now broadcast live and what do you think these foreigners would believe.

They will notice that the AGM seems like annual racial bashing event.

One day they (the foreigners) will tell them "You Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin"

It is sad after 50 years they still have to resort to racial tone to cling to their position.

How are we as a country going to face globalisation and liberalisation. The tone of the UMNO AGM as if they treat all non-Malays like enemies and pariah.

Where are the element of cooperation and alliances?

How does the country secure confidence to invest in the coutry? [Yeah I hear you Rafidah and Mohd Noh - Don't like here, get out!]

Lin Peh said...

set 100% easier la !

bayi said...

So, it's okay to tell a lie if you are UMNO but not if you are PAS, Keadilan, MCA, MIC or Gerakan.

Helen said...

Like lin peh said, set 100% easier.

Now that we've got that figure settled, can the garmen move on to more important stuffs? Like how to compete with other countries?

O2Deprivation said...

Good job, putera and puteri, you are turning the whole world around with the ridiculous demands.

There goes the hundred years of effort spent to setup the universal financial system and risk assessment methodology.

Anonymous said...

why not kill all non malays and take over everything. i am prepared to die standing to proof to the world that the umno malays are like rats. they only understands the word 'easy money'.

for those who don't know, matsushita is already in the process of shutting down their operation in shah alam and move to china.

the japs are smart to do so before the umno tell them to handover 70% equity rights to the selected bumis only in the name of 'rakyat kita'.

Anonymous said...

gua ada ambk sub dgn subcont
(sparkat sdn bhd)
0 maya maju.. tapi yg celaka skang claim gua xbyar2 smpi skang.. giler babi btul.. yg babinyer ISMADI.........
ptut lah org ckp dia ni xbleh pkai.....
lahanat la ko madi.