Saturday, November 04, 2006

Safety at Work

This article is dedicated to See Fei Burung Pipit. He wants me to blog about Safety, Health and Environmental issues. I am lazy at the moment. So, just post some pictures, for the fun of it.

Workshop repair specialist.

Don't have proper equipments, so innovation is a must.

Scaffoldings erected for workers to work at higher levels.

Installing temporary cable post.

Construction workers installing streetlight fittings.

Hoisting equipments to upper floor.

Single hoisting machine can't reach; so need 2 of them.

Shooting practices at Shooting range


Wingz said...

lokter lu mana pigik ledi? msn tarka online pun

carboncopy said...

This is darn funny!!!

I know it is dangerous. But.. got me LOL. :D

See Fei said...

SHE with a dose of humour, SM you are da man!

pls take a bow from burung pipit

*seefei bowing to SM!"

Maverick SM said...

See Fei, thanks.

Carboncopy, this is the real thing about safety in construction and engineering.

See Fei said...

mesti ada aksyen sikit. cakap ni murah aja!

will be in KL on the 15 Dec. ada chance minum kopi sama2 SM. burung pipit belanja?

Maverick SM said...

See Fei, when you are coming to KL, inform me and I'll try to have teh-tarik with you and your family. Give me your e-mail and we communicate in private.