Thursday, December 14, 2006

$11b Bailout only?

The government said they spent only RM11.022 billion to bailout 7 privatised projects:


Seremban-Port Dickson Highway RM142 mil


Kuching Prison RM135 mil

MAS RM2.8b

Unit Kajian Makanan dan Gunaan Orang Islam RM8.3 mil.

Is this half-truth or half-lies?

What about MRR2 which cost RM40 mil which is currently paid by the government tho' the project was a Design-Built-Turnkey Contract? BumiHiway didn't pay for the repair of the defective works which was due to design fault.

What about Matrade Building which was awarded to Perangsang, a subsidiary of Selangor govt and which cost PWD an extra RM100 mil to complete?

What about the Scenic Bridge/Crooked Bridge compensation of which Gerbang Perdana is claiming RM360 mil damages?

What about the bailout of MAS and Tajuddin Ramli (before Idris Jala)?

What about the Landslide and slope repair at Cameron Highland which was due to design inadequacies as alleged?

What about the computer lab projects fiascos and Sultan Aminah Hospital project in Johor?

What about the PSC Naval Dockyard Sdn Bhd’s alleged failure to build six offshore patrol vessels awarded to Amin Shah and PSC?

Is it half-truth or half-lies?

There are many more - Gemas Army Camp project, Police quarters debacles, bailout of banks, Double-track Railway project, University Hospital project, University Malaya Main Hall, Bakun Dam, etc.


Howsy said...

Even sports also got bailout! Le Tour de Langkawi, remember?

Anonymous said...

Only RM11.022 billion-- this is no big deal for AAB. Come January 2007, the increase in the price of petrol will bring in another staggering RM11,022 billion-- a thousand times of RM11.022-- more than enough to bail out all the other failed umno projects. And of course the govt-owned Malaysian newspapers can be coerced to play down the bail-out of those failed projects. And they will still praise the govt for having the cheapest petrol in ASEAN outside of Brunei.

Anonymous said...

Of course the government has to bail out these privatised projects because they have only RM2.00 paid-up capital each. Imagine the bagaroh awarding the tenders to these companies having RM2.00 capital. You can't get a plate of mee goreng for RM2 anywhere in Malaysia--- even the average beggar in KL has more than RM2 in hand. So why weren't the tenders awarded to those beggars who possess more than RM2 capital?

wong fei hung said...

come on lah.

let us be real.

the cocky Pak Lah will screw us the rakyat worst than 'tai-ye-long' lah.

for sure he and his umno-putra got share in the bail out; the only way he can cheat us non-bumi of our wealth.

only blind man can't see his move ma.

don't worry lah, there will be more bail out in 2007 and 2008 when recession comes, then he start blaming world economy bad.

typical malay bullshit.

don't we all know...

Maverick SM said...

Thanks Howsy for reminding me of the Sports Center in London.