Friday, January 26, 2007

Self Spinning?

Staff of NST brought more cheers to the flood victims.

Who? Amri? Kali? Pak Lah? Najib? Khairy?

Are we sorry, folks?


hasilox said...

sounded like Saddam Hussein promoting human

Howsy said...

I nearly puked!

You get NST for free issit? Why still bother to waste RM 1.20 for all these? But still have to thank you though, if not we'll never know their ilk!

Anonymous said...

"You were always with us, now we are with you.." Were these the final words the hangman taunted before Ol' Saddam was dropped through the trapdoor?

kittykat46 said...

Heh....heh....heh....Sorry, I don't read NST anymore, except if its somebody else's copy floating around.
I fully support the Boycott NST movement.

mob1900 said...

Can the people sue them for publishing blatant Media Propaganda like these?