Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oops! It's my husband & my younger sister

Teenager’s shocking sex diaries

KUALA TERENGGANU: She was 15-year-old then. He was her brother-in-law. He was 27, tall, handsome and moustachioed and works as a hospital attendant. She had sex with her sister's husband. She meticulously jotted down every single secret tryst and over a period of four years, she had compiled four diaries filled with scandalous stories. Her luck ran out. On Tuesday when her 26-year-old sister inadvertently discovered the diaries while cleaning a wardrobe in their home in Setiu, 69km from here. The housewife was enthralled by her teenage sister's juicy stories involving “a tall moustachioed man with seductive eyes” who sneaked into the room and took off her clothes almost every night while the others were sleeping. Her awe turned to shock and outrage when she discovered that mysterious man was her own husband.

The teenage girl had apparently listed all the “naughty things” that her brother-in-law had done to her and even wrote down the lewd jokes he told her. Entries in the diaries revealed that her brother-in-law had entered her room using a duplicate key for the first time in December 2003 when she was 15-year-old schoolgirl. The teenager's incensed sister took her to the police station where she lodged a police report.

Is this consensual sex? Was it because of lack of sex education or rather a practical experience in sex education at home? He's a hospital attendant and his hospitality and medical knowledge is questionable. Wasn't it the lack of religious knowledge and education that was the sole cause of lack of morality rather than sex education?


freelunch2020 said...

a case of raging hormones? hmmmmmm actually i admire their free love concept...but within the family even for a staunch polygamist like me is GROSS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

bayi said...

Is this statutory rape regardless the consent?

Anonymous said...

only for the times when she was 15 among other offences he committed.

kittykat46 said...

Since this case involved an underaged minor, its statutory rape. It is gross misbehaviour by an adult to take advantage of an immature person's trust like this, even if there seemed to be some apparent "consent".
It is very common in Malaysian society for an unmarried sibling to be living with their married brother or sister, especially if the family is originally from another place. In such a situation, you always have to be very careful to avoid any "complications" of that nature. The unmarried sibling could be younger, better looking or sexier.
Its all too human to succumb to temptations....

hasilox said...

It's statutory rapes, no excuse. If the paedophiles are not stopped, sex education and religion are never enough to protect children.

Helen said...

I agree with those who commented before me. Yes, it's statutory rape.

I think the elder sister did a brave thing going to the police. Many women would have just kept quiet and continue to live in denial.

Ms J said...

my opinion? it's not lack of religous education that causes this, because one can be an atheist/non believer and can still lead a decent life. blame it on
poor morals (for the incestuous behaviour),
lack of sex education (potentially impregnating a minor)
lack of knowledge of the law (committing statutory rape)