Friday, June 22, 2007

Kelantan Nude: Malay Tabloids smeared her name

Jah Mohamad, 51, called for a press conference at her home in Taman Cinta, Pantai Cinta Berahi, to clarify an article that was widely reported in newspapers, especially Malay tabloids, that she was a female bomoh who performed a nude dance in front of a married couple.

“Those who want to find out what I do can interview my patients and see for themselves. My reputation was smeared by a journalist who never even bothered to check her information or consulted me about allegations made.”

One of her patients, Zaharah Awang, 63, from Tanjung Mas, was present at the press conference and said: “I have been treated by Bonda for the last two years. I had heart disease four years ago and doctors said there was no hope for me.”

After her sessions with Bonda, Zaharah said she was told by doctors her blood circulation was better now.

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) student Nurulaini Che Daud, 21, from Jeli, said she suffered from bad mood swings.

“Sometimes, I pass out and Bonda has helped to reduce this occurrence. Now, I feel more cheerful and can still study at UUM. During semester breaks, I visit her for follow-up treatment.”

Both said they had never witnessed any nude dances performed by Bonda.

Why did the journalist had to smear her name? Is it because she is a Muslim from Kelantan? Is it because Kelantan is PAS? Why does a Muslim have to smear another Muslim?


Terang Bulan said...

Damn it, ur scanner quality is better than mine... eeeiii jeles!

I dont know how this kind of article appear suddenly in the news. But I don't think Bonda's popularity would be doomed after her clarification.

I prefer Bonda compare to other male bomoh.... they look suspicious, if you know what I mean.

Maverick SM said...

Terang Bulan

Don't jeles lah; upgrade ur scanner lah.
I agree woman Bomoh create less sexual crime than man except Mona Fendi.

famil said...

she denied being nude (herself).. but doesnt say a thing about hiring 'young naked men from a neighboring country to dance in front of her patient..'