Monday, August 20, 2007

2nd Class Citizen? Not bad if it is.

MCA President Ong Ka Ting called on the Chinese community not to view themselves as 2nd Class Citizens.

Mr. Ong is doing everything he could to motivate us. He knows the reason why we viewed ourselves as 2nd Class as this is a social fact. The problem is still not 2nd class, Mr. Ong. MCA leaders and ministers are 2nd Class. All others are further down a few class, Mr. Ong. I will be happy to be 2nd Class but the social and political fact is that we are not; we are, if lucky, 3rd class or 4th class. The 2nd Class guys gets the remnants of the NEP, AP and leftover projects. We get nothing. My children had to study in private university even though I could not afford it. I had to sell my backside to foot the tuition fees at UTAR which belongs to MCA. The 1st. Class guys gets govt scholarships to Cambridge, Oxford or some Ivy league universities. The ministers could sent their children to Australia and America or Britain. Where they get so much money to do so, is unknown though we know their ministerial salaries aren't much.

My sisters who are teachers had to moonlight to get some extra income to sent their children to universities. They did not cheat anyone nor have any side-income derived from corrupt activities or political hand-outs. They used their time after work at school to conduct tuition classes to earn some extra income to supplement their financial commitments. They were hounded. Now MCA is calling the authorities to stop the harassments because the general election is near and the votes from teachers are sizeable.

Pak Lah said he has been fair, he wants to be fair and had always being fair. How did he define fair? Fair means my children should not get into public universities? Fair means I should not be given APs where the few cronies got tens of thousands each year? Fair means your son and son-in-law gets all the projects? Fair means we must suffer the social discrimination and marginalization which you called it as "Privileges" of the special class? Fair means let UMNO gets everything and anything they want and leave the left-overs to MCA and MIC?

NST parade front-page: Spirit of '57 & Sharing.

I concur with NST, sharing the roti canai was the recipe for all other Malaysians.

Ya, the government has made it clear: we can have roti-canai and share amongst us, the Malays, Chinese and Indians. The special class of Malays would not disturb our roti canai as long as it is one piece to be shared amongst millions of us. Leave the billions dollars to UMNO and millions to MCA, MIC and Gerakan and they would let us live in peace; otherwise, we will be in pieces.

The MCA President and its ministers offered each MCA delegates a watch bearing the MCA Logo. That watch, you can get in Petaling Street for $17 a piece except that it does not have the MCA Logo.

The MCA had being extremely kind to its delegates; at least they had a watch where they could look at and admire when there is no food and no money. The watch was a surprise because MCA had not given them to the delegates over the ages. The leaders felt that its time to give a little to their members as the leaders "sudah kenyang", sudah makan cukup.


PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

It is very sad, especially when I read about the university part.

I remembered few years ago, my Dad called up UPM to inquire about an engineering course for my brother. The answer he got was: "oh.. ini untuk melayu saja."

My Dad say Thank You and hang up the phone. My brother, just like me, didn't get into a local uni.

My Dad has to take up a loan to send my brother to a private uni. We are still paying for the loan today.

I always feel like crying when I think of this. My parents have to suffer financially just to provide us with the right education that existed in this country, but was never meant for us.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you right. How did Abdullah define FAIR or being FAIR? The truth is NEVER!
He had said he is the PM of all Malaysian. But then he shouted "hidup Melayu" in UMNO AGM. That's his typical character :cakap tak serupa bikin.
If Pak Lah said he has been fair, he wants to be fair and had always being fair, I recommend him to use "SK-2" or "Estee Lauder". He is as black as a crow.

Anonymous said...

you see, even for attendance, the members have to be incentivised. what a glorious political party!

Anonymous said...

"I had to sell my backside to foot the tuition fees at UTAR..." No wonder AIDS is spreading like hell all over the world!

"He is as black as a crow." Actally, he's not as black as Mugabe, but his lies are worse than Osama's.

Anonymous said...

Foundation for Assholes, Idiots & Rogues, basically that what this 'fair' thing is all about.

Anonymous said...

OKT is just another coward from MCA, instead of defending freedom of worship; ; freedom of expression; democracy ; equality of all races; anti corruption etc etc;,he has opted to choose the easy way of promoting to the Chinese community the so-called ' Life-long learning '!

Anonymous said...

Do and get the results,
then talk about the results.
Respect lah...

Talk but no action and no result.
Tak payah lah... leceh mau dengar