Saturday, August 18, 2007

Big News from Khairy for Unemployable Graduates

Prime Minister (sil) Khairy Jamaluddin called on graduates from Malaysian public universities to be prepared to work in fields unrelated to their professional qualification.

According to Khairy, graduates should not be fussy and choosy when picking their first and second job. Khairy felt that the unemployment problems of graduates is due largely to mismatch of qualification and skills required by employers.

Khairy is right. It is observed that 80% of the engineering graduates can't do engineering design works. I have personally interviewed many graduate civil and mechanical engineers and so far, none has shown confidence that they understand and are able to apply structural engineering design basics, even a simply-supported reinforced concrete beam. To add to the woes, they don't even have a copy of the design criteria and standards such as the BS code. I am not sure what the university lecturers had done for these graduates but I am certain they lack knowledge in engineering design and the application of the engineering design code. In fact many are working as site clerk (SC) and clerk-of-works (COW). We may also find many of these engineering graduates working as salesmen for multi-level marketing products and insurance clerks. The only fortunate thing is that a large portion of those graduates who got employed are absorbed into the civil service and GLCs. The government had help to reduce the number of unemployed and unemployable graduates. According to Khairy, UMNO Youth Education Bureau would be offering more than 8,000 jobs soon. That's good news but the only stale factor is, the news was the same as announced a year ago and I hope it won't be the same news in another years time.


Anonymous said...

coming from a racist who doesn't work a single of his unproductive life...

do you believe in all those rubbish he is spewing.

bayi said...

Offer the unemployed graduates positions in UMNO Youth. As cyber-troopers?

Anonymous said...

Send them to the middle east as construction workers(male) and maids(female) as what the philippines is doing

Anonymous said...

On a more serious note, it reflects the "excellence of our education system" as claimed by some quarters even though these individuals who made such a claim do sent their children overseas for education instead. This shows how they "really" feel about the local education system, churning out unemployed graduates whose secondary academic results could be straight As. Top UMNO leaders have preferred to send their children overseas even before they are eligible for varsity level, i.e. matriculation, shows the paradox of their public declaration. Do a factual check on top UMNO Ministers and find out who and how many have children already studying overseas will spotlight this hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Good advice from someone who never work a single day of his life. We prefer him to advise us how to borrow millions from the bank and make easy money.

bayi said...

Yes, this would be interesting. How many of our top leaders send their children to study overseas? Start with those policy-makers for education.

Anonymous said...

Since we have world class graduates, they should not have problem finding jobs oversea in places like Timbuktu, Valdivastock, Harare, Davao, and Khartoum. These are all world class cities build for world class graduates. They also pay you world class. What are we waitng for? We can charter world class MAS to send them there right away.

Anonymous said...

Tun Mahathir's children all studied in UK or US.
Education Minister has children in Australia.
AAB- ??? Can anyone let me know?
Subang Jaya State assemblyman has children in Australia.
Ng yen Yen's children children all studied in Australia. THat was the flimsy reason she gave for acquiring an Australian PR.
Ling's son studied in the US. Don't know whether he graduated or not.
Can someone let me know more?

Anonymous said...

Khairy Jamaluddin called on graduates from Malaysian universities to be prepared to work in fields unrelated to their professional qualification because the govt can no longer find jobs for them

Helen said...

"Khairy felt that the unemployment problems of graduates is due largely to mismatch of qualification and skills required by employers."

He's right. It's mismatched... from the day the 'selected' student is streamlined into the U. That's what you get when Science student opting for medicine ended up being offered mass media comm.

hasilox said...

Trouble lah. When education is used as political tool, such problem is inevitable. You vote for me, you get a university. You preach my political agenda, you get to run the university. How to educate the people if universities are run like brainwashing machines?

Anonymous said...

UMNO Youth Education Bureau offering 8,000 jobs soon.
Do I hear correctly or he is misquoted. Shit, who is the employer? Where is UMNO gonna get the funds? RM1,500 per employee is gonna cost them RM12.0 million per month. Funding thru bloated contracts again? Shit, which means taxpayers are paying for the shit again.
Many thanks, BN.

niamah! said...

These umnotroopers are using the NEP as a facade to kill their own race softly over the years and reaping the "benefits" now. At the same time they are vigorously raping the assets of the nation. Worst they are carrying on with this. Good luck.

Anonymous said...


STOP taroh our friend for awhile. Perhaps he knows something we don't.

His message could indicate the unemployment rate is increasing despite the launch of Northern and Southern Corridor BILLION dollar projects!

My question is the unemployment rate increase as rapidly as the money spent on the billion dollar construction projects?

Anonymous said...

Hey isn't Gali Jambanludin himself an unemployable unemployed graduate too ???

GobloKing said...

khairy is right unemployed grads should take any job..

lookee him..

he took the job of marrying a minister's daughter...who became PM

If I have a son like khairy (whose idea of a job is to rob the country), I too would advise him to marry up...that is a well paying job

To the question of whether or not Ling Liong Sik's son graduated..UNLESS he went to an Ivy league or a renowned tough uni, in the USA, it is HARD not to graduate.

I should know (wink wink)

You can pay ppl to do yr papers, and cheat on yr exams...

heck!! no disrespect to my alma mater but I have seen APES graduate and mine was considered a "tough" uni to grad fr.

All you do is pick a univ famous for,, and then you do..interior decor...ppl look at ye famous name and THINK you too are a rocket scientist.

I swear to that!!