Monday, November 12, 2007

The King & I

The King, being a constitutional monarchy is above politics. He is the supreme commander and a sovereign. Sovereignty is a practical device needed in any political community for some final or ultimate legal authority. He cannot be drag-into politics..., he is the King above politics.

The headlines today in both NST and TheStar had absolute contemptuous words and a direct challenge to the wisdom and impartiality of the King. He was portrayed as someone who lacks intelligence and capability to discern the right and wrong, someone who can be drag-into a ploy.

An attempt to force the King into taking sides?

The King is the King of the people. His duties include the duty to protect the people, listen to their plights and understand their needs. It also include protecting the peoples' interest and ensures that those he had appointed to lead the nation has done his job efficiently and effectively, in the interest of the nation and of the people, not just the interests of his family members and the benefits of his coterie of followers.

The Rally is seen as a move to get the King to act, to protect the people, his rakyat from abuses and to protect democratic principles as enunciated in the constitution. That's not dragging the King into politics, for the King cannot be drag as he is far more intelligent and wiser than many of us, including the PM and DPM, and Kalimullah. That statement is contempt and a disrespect to the King. It's seditious!

Royal Trap?

Opposition trying to drag King into politics?

BERSIH is a grouping of many non-governmental organization and at the Rally, there's no opposition party; all are Malaysians and whichever political affiliation each participants belong to, they did not participate as a opposition party member. They are opposing, yes, but opposing and demanding a fair and free election.

This is no brainer!

You don't hear Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf organizing a rally to prove that his party has more demonstrators. You also do not see the Junta of Burma organizing another rally of monks to show the demonstrating monks that the Junta has more monks than those monks. It's the same as in Phillipines, Taiwan or Thailand. It's the minority who demonstrates and needed a rallying. Anyway, Najib said: "What's the point". He at last got it right, the right to be wrong.

Hi King of Spain, my PM said you are also drag into politics....


Anonymous said...

this guy is getting out of hand & getting too arrogant to the extent of trying to smother & suffocate the agong legal & constitutional authority... i.e the last hope/avenue of his rakyat grievances

小针 said...

For those can read Chinese, I have a comment on Pak Lah's comment:

Anonymous said...

Look forward to the day when the Agung tells Dollah to shut up and take a flying leap....

Jefus said...

This govt has a knack of missing the point by the mile!

Their mentality of denial and twisting facts have made them ludicrous!

Get this: The people are not happy - infact, some are very unhappy, angry even!

Can't get any simpler than that.

Maverick SM said...

Tan Teck Chin,

I can't read Mandarin. Could you also translate to English?


Maybe, they did not twist the facts; they just have intellectual disabilities and cognitive dysfunctions.

moo_t said...

Just browse through TeckChin blog. He pointed out, since position of Agong are draw under constitutions, and it is politics. Exclusion Agong from Malaysia politics system is a practical jokes.


Nevertheless, after watching video from Howsy site, I learn that our Prime Minister are really out of his mind when he say democracy rally "Ini Di Luar Budaya Kita".

I think Tunku Abdul Rahman and many will turn in their grave.

Helen said...

I looked at the papers on Sunday, the Chinese papers were silent. This morning (MON) I saw the CHinese paper headlines blasting THe Agong should be wiser than be used as a political tool of the opposition.


The PM is out of his mind.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Eh.. you can't read mandarin meh? Then how come I commented in Mandarin you can understand?

The last para.. haha! Your post never fails to make me laugh.

Maverick SM said...


The constitution, the legislature, the judiciary, the executives, and most of all, the constitutional monarch are all elements of a political institution. Under the Rule of Law, a constitutional monarch do not interfere with the making of law, judicial process management, and executive functions of administration. However, the King is still the absolute commander of the army and the ultimate law-maker and have duties such as the appointment and removal of the PM if there is a loss of confidence or abuses. The King is a political appointment and can't be excluded. The legal convention is about the separation of power which our Courts had declared that as not a part of our Constitution. At such, the nation is facing a new dilemma.

Maverick SM said...


You are right; the PM is having cognitive cognitive incapacitation.

Maverick SM said...


I can't read Mandarin but can recognise a few words or phrases and include the one you wrote.

Anak Merdeka said...

Now that AAB has challenged the King, it would be ludicrous if the King choose to remain silent for then, the rakyat would surely think our monarchy is subject to the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Should we then change the rukunegara to read "Kesetiaan kepada PM dan Negara"?

Terang Bulan said...

They try to distract the King with some kind of horse thing in Terengganu during the rally. What I know from BERSIH, the King already "berkenan" to receive the MEMO.

Still, A King is still a King. There will be no King without People. So, its the People who must go out and meet the King so that the King will take action. This is what the King trying to imply a few days ago.

Yes, we succeed to give the MEMO. Now, we just have to wait la. Who else can we ask for help now, if its not the King,... lucky this term its Sultan Mizan... if u know what I mean

Maverick SM said...

Anak Merdeka,

I believe the King is upset of his appointee. He'll act soon.

Terang Bulan,

You are right. If the subjects can't go to their King, then the monarchy is failing in his duty to the rakyat.

constant_drama said...

But I thought that the King does not actually weild any power right? He is there just as a symbol to the sovereignty of Islam or something in Malaysia? Or is that the Sultan?...............

Ah crap. Now I'm confused.