Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Licence to kill: A new paradigm

Deputy Health Minister Datuk Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad was half right when he said doctors were given the "licence to heal" as well as the "licence to kill" and there's no need to apologize as well as he would not apologize.

This is the new age where mob rules. We have seen that in Batu Buruk and various other incidences.

Yesterday, a group of thugs sat on the concrete blocks erected by Grand Saga Sdn Bhd, the concessionaire for the Cheras-Kajang Highway. They are stationed there to prevent the residents from removing the barricades and they threatened to attack anyone who have the guts to go near the barricade. They were armed with sticks and helmets.

However, the residents believed that this country is a democratic country and not a police state. We have laws and we have police to protect the people. The residents tried to approach the barricade to remove the concrete blocks. To their surprise the thugs attacked them and several residents have to be taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries sustained. Four of the residents were arrested; the thugs left.

Several policemen present during the incident had failed to intervene.

Kajang police chief Shakaruddin Che Mood, however, said they were only traffic policemen whom he had sent to the area for traffic control.

“They were too busy controlling traffic and could not do anything,” he told reporters.

Source: TheStar: Standoff over Cheras barrier and Malaysiakini

This is the new age of professional thug services. Organizations are now engaging this professional service to perform critical tasks. The point must be noted that the residents are arrested because they engage the professional thugs in a fight. I'm not sure, but it is observed that the thugs are "certified", "accredited" and most likely granted special privilege "licence".

Many organizations are now employing ex-police senior officers to be their executive directors as well as safety and health directors. It works and ex-servicemen are great performers. They had good connections and loyal friends who would assist them to protect the people whom are privileged.

Those who need employment and those unemployed graduates who are interested to be employed as mobbers or thuggers can consider joining this new profession. The government may need to consider whether to regulate this professionals and register them with the Malaysian Quality Agency (MQA).

A curiosity-seeker who wanted to know what was going on at the site of the disputed barricade near Bandar Mahkota Cheras was beaten up by the police.

Chang, 21, his sister and two friends were driving away from the site of the barricade about 11.30pm, when their car was surrounded by police personnel who had earlier dealt with a fracas involving BMC residents.

A high-ranking police officer at the scene claimed that Chang had run over a FRU personnel with his car.

“He asked for it. He ran over a policeman and he got what he deserved,” the officer told Malaysiakini a few minutes after the incident.

Asked to identify the person who was hit by the car, the officer had initial difficulty in persuading the individual to come forward.

When he did so, the man - who appeared unscathed - claimed: “He tried to run me over...

However, a police officer who took Chang to the Kajang Hospital said none of the personnel had been hit by the car.

Chang Jiun Haur was soaked in his own blood after being repeatedly beaten by 20 riot squad (FRU) personnel armed with batons and kicked with boots.

It is learnt that Chang was placed in the intensive care unit. The other occupants of his car were arrested last night.

Source: BMC fracas: Police beat up youth

Malaysians must learn to take care of their safety and health and not to provoke the police. The police can be easily provoked and can go amok if provoked at the slightest. We must be law abiding citizens as well as abiding the law enforcers' power and authority as they can act in accordance to any law, or in accordance to any law they could infer. That's the doctrine of ketuanan. We must respect the tuans.


hasilox said...

The poolice is myanmar trained and certified. Long live malayanmar!!!

Billy said...

The authorities have better get their act together and the sooner the better. I own a property in BMC but do not stay there, and I know how the the residents feel about the barricade. It is like driving out from your house in the morning to find a concrete barricade at the t-junction 10m from your home. Then you have to make a detour but ended up having to pay the toll in order to leave the taman. It is really really unbelievable that one has to pay the toll twice when the booths are hardly a few kilometers apart. Grand Saga has drawn the first blood by beating up some of the residents to pulp (by the police and the thugs) and I think the worst have yet to come. I wouldn't be surprised if the residents were to burn down the toll booth next.

Anonymous said...

grand saga+ex-cop+present cop+...the rakyat get screwed and whacked.

many thanks Barisan Nasional.

Anonymous said...





BMC said...

Anon 10.53pm

You are not correct.

Grand Saga is one of Selangor investee. MB Khalid got to explain this! not Barisan Nasional

Many people in BMC are getting impatience with MB Khalid on this issue.

Read here

S'gor MB: State firm owns stake in Grand Saga
Rahmah Ghazali & S Pathamawathy | May 28, 08 3:08pm

It is time PKR walk the talk!!!

Anonymous said...


selangor govt only owns 30% of the stake in Grand Saga. Balance 70% is owned by Taliworks BHd, a listed company controlled by the Lim family.
Sure, Khalid has to work faster to solve the issue but please be advised that 30% equity stake is not gonna give him much leverage at the corporate level and moreover the toll agreement is between the federal govt and the concesionaire. Granted the constraints, Khalid must find an innovative way to stop this toll company from further absuing the citizens, even to the extent of scarificing the 30% stake.
For me, the federal govt is responsible for the mess as they were the ones who (and not the state govt) gave the concession on its present terms and conditions which, as usual, are skewed towards to the concessionaire. To whom the tolls benefit?

pwcheng said...

WE must charged the policeman for murder. No 2 ways about it.

Anonymous said...

So this is how islam hadhari operates

bmc said...

anon 12.07am

The remaining effective shareholder (the major shareholder) in Grand Saga is the LGB & family. Why is Khalid so concern about the revenue of Grand Saga in this instance?

Compare to Khalid pressure on Syabas, the water concessionaire in Selangor where Khalid say Syabas has "high" margin. In this free water instance, Khalid have been giving exact deadline in implementing the free water.

Why isn't Khalid give a definite date to re-open the road?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to reality. We all can sit in front of the computer bitching about everything till the cows come home.

We forget history and the evolution of human civilization.

Bottom line, if you feel very strongly about issues, you better be ready to fight (literally) for it.

And that's the difference between the Malays and the Chinese. Don't forget, the Chinese before you ran (instead of staying and fight) from China for a better life. The Malays don't have anywhere to go,we have no choice.

I, for one, is prepared to fight Singapore for Pulau Batu Putih. I doubt most of you here would.

Anonymous said...

excuse me anon 9:33, but do you have any idea how many chinese died defending malaysia from japanese occupation during WW2? how all of us has contributed to the economy of the state, and building this nation. i think you are the one forgetting history.

as for the pulau, ICJ has granted it to singapore, what more to fight now? since malaysia bring this case to ICJ, the decision must be respected. don't be a sore loser.

Maverick SM said...


Did we now have Myanmar police?


The State govt had been show in defending the rights of citizens.


That's not an intelligent statement.


Selangor KPSB only owns 20% of Talisman. Talisman is owned by Lim Chee Meng whose family owns Grand Saga. The BMC saga is Lim's baby.

BTW, the road is open now.


I agree with you but not murder; it's attempted murder.

CK said...


anyway, khalid's ability is in doubt now. i think PR really need to examine this.

Merah itu saga said...

Eii kalau aku le takde sibuk nak pegi tengok benda-benda macam tuh. Dah tau kalau berkumpul sure ada yang amik kesempatan either crowd yang akan naik sheikh atau polis yang akan tahan sesapa ade kat sana. Kalau tak pegi kan konfem selamat. Jangan nak salahkan orang lain.

sandyow said...

anon 9.31am. What the heck does this have to with islam hadhari? Party pooper.

So when the heck is the Selangor MB going to do something about this issue anyway? Or is he still digging away in Khir Toyo's skeleton closet?

Maverick SM said...


I surely think Khalid is dragging his feet for some reasons that is not to the public's interest.

Merah itu saga,

Ya, awak pandai dan cerdik.


Khalid is sleeping.

Gan said...

I really hope there's retribution for the pain they inflict on the innocent !!

Your reply to Billy might have a typo error - "show" might be "slow", as, I too think the State govt is MUCH to slow to act !!

Maverick SM said...


You are right about my typo error - it is "slow"; the road is now open to all; but why did it had to take a crisis and violent events before the govt would act? We are puzzled.

Gan said...


No need to be puzzled lah, this is the typical modus operandi of the government.

It's a fact that the interest of private corporations are of more importance then the welfare of the rakyat.

The lop sided highway concessionares contracts seems to favour such corporations at the expense of the rakyats.

so sad .... even after GE12, they have still not repent.

Maverick SM said...


This is absolutely an abuse of due process and an abuse of power. It's coercion, duress and undue influence and it's against all the rules and laws of jurisprudence.