Saturday, August 09, 2008

50 NS Trainees fights. 6 injured!

50 NS trainees involved in brawl at the Padang Hijau National Service Camp, Kluang.

6 trainees suffered multiple injuries on their face, hands and legs as a result of the brawl where chairs were also used.

They trainees were having supper at the camp's cafeteria when some of them starting teasing one another.

However, the tension among the trainees increased as the teasing intensified.

The situation became worst when the trainees started throwing punches and swinging chairs at each other.

The camp authorities then alerted the police who arrived soon after.

The case has been classified under Section 148 of the Penal Code for rioting with weapons.

Source: TheStar Online


sheriff said...

I have always believed that the NS scheme has not been thoroughly thought out and does not serve any significant purpose, apart from enriching those involved. Despite assurances from the ministers and various authorities, serious incidents keep happening and the same assurances are recycled. You get really fed up that the ministers sing the same old song all the time. And with each additional incident the song goes more out of tune.

The trainees who die, who are raped, who are injured, etc. are the children of certain parents who feel pain and anxiety.

I maintain that our ministers are deaf.



These NS Students make good citizen of future though. The country can send them to find Osama Bin Laden or the Israelis war against the Arabs.

A good Start to Younger Malaysian of Today.

NS is also good start to recruit future Generals and Men In Blue too.

Not all NS are crooked, remember. Give some benefit of doubt!

moo_t said...

Oh shit, they failed to cover this one. because it is major.

According to my little bird news, Bolehland NS camp real fatal rate are 2x more than the reported.

Anonymous said...

The NS program is good but the management is terrible, everybody seems to be pointing fingers to one and another. Nobody wants to responsible for anything.


hasilox said...

Combat training? :P

HopefulPessimist said...

I have never been a fan of NS and I think it is just another way of our government showing the rakyat that they are doing something when they actually not.
My cousins who went for NS told me once that during their first few classes, they were given papers and colours and we taught how to draw the national flag. Shouldn't that be taught in primary school?

A waste of time, not to mention the rakyat's money.

Anonymous said...

Soon, NS trainees are bound to turn their M16s on each other, or better still, on the NS camp commandants and directors

Moo.. said...

Look at the level of tolerence of the young trainees today. Tease also cannot stand. Mind you it is not an insult. What will be our nation be like if such people be leaders in future?

gongkaukau said...

What if they were to lose their cool during live shooting?

artchan said...

Too much money at stake to close NS camps.

The gravy train will stop. No one is interested in the purpose of NS training except those seeking to enrich themselves from this program.

daniel said...

Why are we blaming the NS program or the management when clearly the problem is with the trainess themselves? Blame the parents la for such hoolaganisms. Blame the media la for so much violence. Movies, videogames? WHat does NS has to do with the reason for the fight? In my opinion it can happen anywhere, in schools, on the streets, in pubs. So are we going to blame these places and their management for the fights?


Anonymous said...


you hit the nail. its the gravy train, guys.

national integration and the rest are just b*$#shit. when will the rakyat wake up and take a stand against these corrupts. pray there's no more participants returning in plastic bags.

Maverick SM said...


You are right; however, the business is too big and lucrative to restructure. There are too many stakeholders involved.


These NS participants are our future leaders and law-makers.


Is that true?


Ya, it's combat.


It's a crying shame.


We have become a over-sensitive breed.


Then we expect war.


You are right.


You are right; blame ourselves. Ya, blame the opposition parties and blame Anwar too.

sandyow said...

lol, we have to blame the opposition and anwar too izzit? lolz...

daniel has such a point. I think ppl's ill perspectives towards NS and the BN as a whole has clouded their judgement that the incident was NOT caused by the NS program per se.

What WAS the intention of u posting this article up btw, are u for or against the INCIDENT or NS? Because clearly the point was to show that NS has a million faults right?

Anonymous said...

Hope no case of sodomy among the trainees, or sweep under carpet.


Anonymous said...

rumble in the jungle?

CK said...

the point is national unity can't and never can be achieved by keeping the youngsters in some summer camp with weapon training. mediocre activities or worse still, major brainwashing give no use to the trainees.

wasting our money and enriching those involved, tat's all it did.

Anonymous said...

NS is a way to fill Najib's gravy train! Otherwise how to garner support to be PM!
The Merdeka Centre released a poll report, revealing that the three major races in Malaysia – Chinese, Malays and Indians did not trust in each other:
• Only 39% of Chinese trusted in Malays, and 38% of Malays trusted in Chinese.
• Only 29% of Chinese trusted in Indians, and 35% of Indians trusted in Chinese.
• 57% of Indians trusted in Malays, and 55% Malays trusted in Indians.
• 39% of Chinese and 46% of Indians considered themselves as second-class citizens.
• 83% of Malays trusted in Malays, 75% of Indians trusted in Indians and only 57% of Chinese trusted in Chinese.
This trend will not change unless there is political will to integrate as PEOPLE, not by race. But looking at what's happening today reinforce my believe that it will never happen under BN.
I wonder if this clash is racial too...

Anonymous said...

it happened at construction site amongst my subcons' workers! Luckily no casualty.- Mmudahlupa

Maverick SM said...


Maybe, you should sent your daughter to one of the camp and I would be please to know your opinion.

If you are not sick of the enormous pains and anxieties of those parents who had lost their children in such program and some who had their only child raped.

My intention? I feared for the children's safety; Unless i can be convinced that the organizer of the program are dead serious in eliminating the risks in such program.

Maverick SM said...


That's frivolous.


I somehow are as paranoid as you are.

Anonymous said...

Mav,Sandyow maybe among the cronies of the NS programme!Do NS in singapore facing similar problems? ponder- Mmudahlupa

Maverick SM said...


I don't think you made a fair statement. Sandyow was fair in the comments made and I accept the rights to differ.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Is that what the NS trainees were taught at the NS camp? To be violent?

Maverick SM said...


No, it's not but that's the product of the services which reflects the social fabric of which we are facing - disintegration and distrust of each other.

not NS trainee said...

NS programme is good.but they have to optimise the management side and too many finger-pointing at each other and none dares to take the blame.

suprisingly,the most effective NS programme is the social and welfare.the NS trainees most of them were touched by visiting the orphanage,the elders home and the charity home of disables.many of them also revisit and do follow-up contribution after finishing the NS.most youth dont even have the intention to go and visit the less fortunate on normal life basis but NS open the door for them to appreciate them more and appreciates themself too.

Keith Low said...

NS programme is good?????

If NS programme is good, why so many problem surfaced?

Such simplistic view is not going to help. For NS to be good, it has to satisfy many criterias, which so far it has failed terribly.

Can I also say "allowing every citizen to carry guns is good"? I can argue that it is good b'cos if I happen to be in a a bank during a robbery heist, I can use my gun and shoot the robbers. If I happened to shoot the innocent people, too bad, but it's the robbers' fault. Why? Cos I'm the 'good guy' here.

Well, this is simplistic, isn't it?

A programme is good if it can, as maverick's had said, "eliminate the risks in such program".

Maverick SM said...

not NS trainee,

You write well.

Keith Low,

I agree with your view.

Anonymous said...

The NS is a legitimate way to cheat the rakyat. Some people really do believe it's good; summer camp, make new friends, learn to shoot a real rifle etc. And money making for the cronies, of course!

Our population is so polarised there's only 1 way to fix it. Go back to basics and fix our education system; take the political hat off and wear only an educator's hat. Only then can one really see what is wrong and do the right thing for our kids, from meeting their academic needs to instituting honesty, righteousness, respecting others etc in them. All can be taught in school, give the educators all the resources needed, and throw in that extra Rm500million a year. Involve them in community services after their SPM, all done by school counsellors. The kids don't have to be sent away to some god-forsaken jungle, just provide transport to fetch them to & from schools.

I tell you, it'll be much more successful this way to instill goodwill and harmony among the kids.


Maverick SM said...


You have somewhat good points.