Friday, August 29, 2008

50 years after Merdeka

Two more days and we will be celebrating the 51st Merdeka.

51 years since Malaysia had achieved independence from the British rule, what had we become? Better or worse?

Economically, the nation has moved forward from an agriculture to industrial and soon we would need to embrace global capitalism and global liberalization.

Politically, the Alliance party consisting of Umno-MCA-MIC coalition had remain in power albeit with a larger groupings. However, since March 2008, we are observing a paradigm shift to a two-party political system administration which should auger well for the people.

Technologically, in the last 51 years, the nation had evolved and transformed itself to meet the new global level of competency and capacity, though we could not be in the top echelon, though we weren't on par with the developed nations, however, we are not too far off the pace.

Socially, the nation ... alas, had remain divided, disintegrated and distrusting. What was the reason? What was the fault? Was there no solution? Was there no political will?

There was political will; there was solution; there were many attempts and many efforts made; there were many programmes and initiations, to promote and to integrate the social fabric.

But how is it that we are getting far more divided and disintegrated, and much more distrusting among the races? Aren't we all Malaysians which our forefather aspired when they sought Merdeka from the British?

The reason: Political hegemony; political domination; power, wealth and positions - greed, dishonesty and lust.

No researchers dared to penned an honest and factual thesis. Sedition and Article 153 is the tool used each time someone says something that is truthful and real. The truth cannot be said openly; it can only be whispered within each groupings and within your own four-walls. The political system is designed to ensure that racial disintegration, racial divide, political domination and political hegemony is the core objective of the power-that-be. Bulimic greed is the disease of the powerful. In the divide and rule ideology, it was necessary to sow distrust, disharmony and alienation of the people in order to continue to dominate and hold on to power. Power is freedom - freedom to rob, freedom to enrich, freedom to partake in luxuries and freedom to made the people slaves. That's the freedom we have.

Two more days and we would be celebrating freedom; this freedom we have had for the last 50 years.

Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka! The three calls by Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Looking around and looking inside:

This is what America tells the global world:

This is what Malaysia tells the global world:

This is what we keep hearing each year, for the last few decades:


pgmotorolaenjinnyeor said...

2010 aku rasa lambat sangat LAH, tolong LAH belah tahun ni jugak? Oarng MELUAT sangat hang dengan anak dan menantu hang tu...

mangsa BN said...

DIAORG pakatan gomen (BNs & Sekutunya) sedang dok piqaq camne nak cover balik price turun petrol & diesel RM0.15/L & RM0.78/L tuuu... Ingatkan dengan harapan nak ambik undi or dengan kata DIAORG nak kurangkan majoriti tapi malangnya RAKYAT thankful utilised that to drive and buried them even used to burn them... Taktik tak menjadi... Sian Pak lah... Menyesal tuu...

Anonymous said...

50 years under UMNO, 50 years of bulls***s!!!

Anonymous said...


its not for pendatang & 'dan lain-lain'...

so you guys continue to dream on la... as long as umno with those ahmad ismail-type around.


yok hoong said...


i cannot agree with you more.

the message and vision of fairness, equity and meritocracy tempered with humanism from Anwar is really fresh air. thats the only
way to go in a globalised world.
BN, as it is, is fossilised politics.

Anonymous said...

the big difference between "mature" politics and "immature" politics. between 200+ years of independence, and 50 years of independence.

but then again, looking at singapore, 50 years of independence, they are well advanced than malaysia who is still struggling with traffic chaos due to poor "metropolitan city" planning, after few hours of rain. another waste of money into a so called "smart" tunnel and poorly planned development projects.

Only one reason why people pushed away BN, "They are not the Man for this job of building Malaysia in the new Millenium".


Maverick SM said...


Are you speaking about Merdeka or Pak Lah?

mangsa BN,

You writing about Merdeka or Pak Lah?


Ya, I am pendatang.

Yok Hoong,

Anwar is fresh air, but he is not the government. In fact the current government can do much better if only they had a strong leader who acts with wisdom and intelligence.

Helen said...

308 has definitely changed Malaysians. Before 308, everyone thought they're destined to put up with what is handed to them. They have no say. Many rakyat felt they don't own the country.

Suddenly 308 happened. It is then, many realized 'people power' is not just a word we only get to read about. They're suddenly living it. :-)

built to last said...

Malaysian has a lot to learn.really.seriously.

i wonder when is the time for us to have such political campaign that had long been implemented at the States and Europe.

not to say that they're the best but they're surely better than us.take what's is good from them.

we got to move on beyond what we have right now (racial issue,personal attack,slander,lies,threats etc).

we're already merdeka a long time ago.but bear it in mind that we must also merdeka our own mind.we have to push,even it takes time,to be able to have such political system and campaign in the States and Europe.

Changes takes time,definitely.but changes should not stop.

Anonymous said...

yes, in malaysia bukan melayu punya, but also bukan chinese nor indian punya saja.

ini malaysia kita malaysian punya, all melayu, chinese and indian alike. fair and equal.

sheriff said...

It was not so much that the voters turned their backs on BN, though it was still true. It was more the voters turned their backs on UMNO.

chong said...

hai people.

kita semua perlukan lebih dari yang ada sekarang ini.bukannya meminta-minta.cuma kita perlu "melompat" lebih jauh daripada isu yang berkaitan perkauman.

bagi saya,tidak ada salahnya kita memelihara dan memulihara warisan kaum,bangsa dan agama kita.cuma kita patut tumpakan lebih kepada pembangunan dan sosial negara dan masyarakat.

saya tidak kisah mana-mana politik untuk memerintah asalkan negara dan masyarakat terbela nasibnya.

toolan said...

Afternoon Mav,

The word that westerners like to use is "racist pig"! That is what BN/UMNO has turned into. I know it is bad to use that term and it also depresses me a lot to think that we in Malaysia, in this current century still have leaders, people and the government who still think like this. What makes it worst is these leaders will tell the people that they are all for one nation, they never practice lob sided decisions but when in close doors, the true colors all come out.
Merdeka? It seem to me Merdeka these are very superficial, the real "meaning" to celebrate Merdeka seem to have long lost in the dirty world of money and politics!

Abo said...

If anyone is a squatter, he is not just the Chinese or the Indian alone. The aborigines were here first before anyone else.

pgmotorolaenjinnyeor said...

Mangsa BN,

aku cakap pasai Pak Lelah, abg ooiii...letih dah tengok dia tak buat kerja..

pgmotorolaenjinnyeor said...

silap Mangsa BN...

maverick sm,

aku cakap pasai Pak Lah, abg oii..letih tengok muka dia dah...lazy and dumb

moo_t said...

This is nothing new around the world.

After World War II, many countries gaining their independent, WITHOUT knowing the reason and meaning of independent. Independent is a process, NOT results or goals.

There won't be any different even the May 13 incident doesn't happen. Because the nationalism teaching in the school text book are no different than the colonial master talk about loyalty.

Doc, did you realise, NONE of any school text book will mentioned about what the surrounding environment? In Malaysia text book, like many post-colonisation country, there is more arbitrary talk about various city. Even the teacher know little about the village/town/city they stay.

That is similar to colonisation era teaching : Coloniser will separate the local memory from the people, so the local can serve the coloniser better.

There is also greedy,unscrupulous politicians in 1st world, but why the 3rd world make it worst?

seefei said...

happiness is in the heart and mind, SM. Selamat meyambut hari kemerdekaan.

Anonymous said...

Tunku shouted 7 times Merdeka and not 3 times as many had thought.

Anonymous said...

Tunku shouted 7 times Merdeka and not 3 times as many had thought.

Maverick SM said...


Ya, that's the awakening.

built to last,

changes do take time, but time has past 50 years which saw the social fabric torn senselessly.




lompat jauh? Jauh ke mana?


Happy Merdeka day.


It's not relevant as the political reality and the Constitution says otherwise.


Oh! Saya faham.


That's esoteric.



Anon 11:47,

Thanks for the clarification.

Anonymous said...

To abo..

You were wrong bro..
The aborigines was not the first in Malaya... it was the dinosours or the cavemen..
Let give Malaysia back to them..

Oh! I am sorry.. they are extinct..

The caveman..