Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BayiSingh goldplated his car

40 lbs of gold, slapped on this Porsche.

My good buddy BayiSingh has no where to spent his money.

His gold mine had closed down and he don't know what to do what all the gold bullions.

So, he plaster his car with gold.

Could someone please help me to scratch his car and get me the dust?

This guy just don't know what to do with his gold!

And I can't even afford a gold ring for my fingers.

Bayi, tolong bagi sikit debu mas!


wow! said...


whose car is that?.im sure that not of the locals here.how much does it worth?.

i feel intimidated by this.i shall send my kapcai tomorrow to cover them in gold.haha.

Maverick SM said...


This car belongs to BayiSingh from Africa. His goldmine closed; so no place to keep his gold. I think not very expensive lah ... to him.

Anonymous said...

ewww..... fucking ugly... fugly!!!

Poscheman said...

Ha...sour grapes! :)

Anonymous said...

Now where did i read about this car? Tolong lah, mave. Don't tease.

Wonder where car owner can park it?

Maverick SM said...


You said rightly.

Anon 10:49pm,

The car is park somewhere that I am not told.

kittykat46 said...

Oh Wow...what a car...
Was it someone who said taste and wealth have no bearing on each other ?