Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BN policy is fair to all?

I read Jurisprudence at law school.

Jurisprudence is my favorite subject and a subject I truly love with the greatest passion.

The greater part of Jurisprudence is about natural justice, fairness and equality for mankind.

But now I had to wonder and ponder. The words: fairness, justice and equality are evolving and most of all, devolving into a new vocabulary, or at times, much more of a vocabulary of the time immemorial.

It seems now that the word "Fairness" must mean "What I say is fair, is fair"; similarly, "what I said is unfair, is unfair." Or, has it begin to mean, what the majority said is fair to them, even though unfair to all others, is thus fair, irrespective, because this is what the jurists called Utilitarianism.

So, if someone says I am doing an act because it is my religion or my race, and this someone has the numbers and might, then might is right? Surely we observed empirically and avidly the bold behaviorism of the mighty.

This is what Aniza Damis has to conclude:

The greatest proof of democracy at work that day was this: Might is right. Unlike in other countries where Muslims are the minority and have to patiently engage with the non-Muslims and convince them Islam is a peaceful religion and our God is merciful and just, over here, the Muslim majority can just tell people to shut up.

Source: The Malaysian Bar: Despite the protests, democracy wins the day and NST: ANIZA DAMIS: Despite the protests, democracy wins the day


toolan said...

Morning Mav,

Ahh, finally we have at least one MSM that report some truth about our current government's version of "rule of law".
Like I always said before, we only have BN/UMNO law now....any other law are sub-standard and secondary.....BN/UMNO law is THE law. What BN/UMNO law say is truth, you must accept blindly or you will be charged under ISA/seditious act.
Chinese have a saying "Dead already also still MUST make back alive"....hope you get this....

Anonymous said...

this fairness thing, as define by them...

what they propounded thus far is not race supremacy but merely exibits the raw nature of cannibalistic mentality.


Anonymous said...

talking about FAIRNESS??? so najib now want the CHINDIANS to back bn in pp by-election by promising some pathetic financial aids for vernacular school & some meserable scrap metal collector licenses???

many many moons ago, i thought this racist bugger want to bathe his holy keris with the CHINESE blood...

seriously, want to know what we think of him... GO EAT SH*T & DIE IN HELL!!!


Anonymous said...

FAIRNESS in UMNO Democracy : Might is Right.

Today give aid & license, tomorrow tarik balik!!!

What happen to all the financial aid & corridors investments promised to the people in Perak, Penang & Selangor... a big fat ZILCH!!!

The people of Permatang Pauh, do NOT be HOODWINKED by a RACIST & a LIAR overtures!!!


two-face said...

For 17 years whilst in BN, how many laws did Anwar opposed or support? Did he opposed ISA? Maybe I missed the time when Anwar went to Kamunting to visit LKS. What about the time when Anwar was the Education Minister, any effort from him to repeal the UCCA? What was his Education policy then, was it fair?

Tales of pots and kettles!

wisdomthinker said...

I guess now onwards the racial sentiments is pouring out. Since Khalid mentioned about the uitm, everybody starts to play on the track to maintain the rthym so that if would make the present government looks bad.

Its hard to maintain a peace and harmony relationships among races and religion, but yet Malaysia had proved to the world, unlike other countries with riots and fighting between each other.

I think the policy of BN is quite fair to all, it is proven to be for this whole 50 years time. Each races is treated fairly and equally among them according to their demand and need.

The word "fair" is define in different ways. It depends how you interpret the meaning. Like you said, might be majority to others, but not fair to the minorities.

Maverick SM said...


Ya, I got it.


I admit you are right.


You must be extremely upset.


I agree with you on Anwar. So, it makes BN right all along, is it?


You are right! Racial sentiments pouring out. You have been blind all these decades; you intentionally directed your brains to these racial sentiments. You forget about all the Umno AGMs? You forget about Najib and his bathing in blood? You forget about Ali Rustam and Khairy who wanted to burn down the Selangor Assembly Hall. You forget about the recent BAR Council Forum? Or, you intentionally forget about all those sufferings and discriminations of the others because you are a beneficiary of the discrimination and the gravy train. Oh, I forgot, you are a Muslim and you believed in Allah; but you do not accept Allah's command - justice are for all and that no man should discriminate against the others just because they are less competent and more lazy. I wonder if you did actually believe in the words of Allah. I believed in Allah; this, I affirm!

wisdomthinker said...


For godsake I'm a muslim, and I believe In Allah. Again, I'm sad to say you indeed are blinded too these decades.

I wonder if you believe it by words, but differs in the heart? If you says that they aren't being unfair, how certain are you they aren't being fair? Do you really sure about it? You feel unfair just because you measured those hot issues appeared?

I'm very open minded, but its sad you aren't. No offense mave.

Maverick SM said...


Ya, I am closed-minded and you are open-minded. Might is right!

You fail to note your own writing: "I guess now onwards the racial sentiments is pouring out."

Is it true that now racial sentiments is pouring out? Didn't you read newspapers and news media everyday of those racial sentiments and threats? Did the non-Malays requested for the 10% UiTM places? Didn't you read about those threats from Umno general assembly? or are you blinded by those acts of oppression? And I wonder how you could still remain fair and just which is the core essence and virtues of Islam?

I have no disrespect for anyone. I just didn't know how you could say we had been treated fairly and equally when we have all unequal policies in place. Tell me, would I be given a place in UiTM? Would I enjoy what the NEP privileges? Why has all contracts given out to Bumis and all class F contractors must be Bumis. I accept all these policies as I cannot go against the might which is made the rights. Did you read Article 153 and compare it with what was espoused by the Umno politicians and ministers? If ever you believe in Allah, you must believed in the virtues of Islam: Natural Justice and Equality - help all the poors and underprivilege; don't give privileges to the rich Chinese, Indians and Malays; give help to the poor Malays, Indians and Chinese - that's all I preached.

Anonymous said...

Following BN is sheep being led to slaughter.

toolan said...

Hi Mav,

Rightfully replied to Wisdomthinker.

I am not sure why he/she uses that name as reading his comments shows no wisdow at all......just loads of "bau" BN/UMNO.

My goodness, which hole have you been hiding these past 50 years? In a country that practices double standard policy from educations to social benefits and you dare to blow your trumpet that everything is rosy and fair? The non-bumi who have succeeded worked around the system and eventhough I despise them(politic money, bribing etc), the policy is against them and not for them. They just worked around these policy to further their own agendas. But, as explained by Mav, bumi's gets all the cotton candy(NEP) but yet failed to live up to expectations and blame it on non-bumi's for suppressions? You said you got wisdom, you think about what Mav and I just brought up, got logic and fairness or not?

Wake up and smell the dirty, rotten air Wisdomthinker....

But that does not mean we should give up hope, BN should move on and allow others who might be able to perform better. BN should think about the next election(4 years time) and try to make a comeback then. Practice what you preach...."listen to what the rakyat wants"

Maverick SM said...


I think it is important to note that the discussions here are not about who is right or wrong. It is about sharing of opinions and points of contention.

We have to accept both views with an open mind though you may tend to read as if we are disputing.

I accept Wisdomthinkers line of thoughts but I do not agree with him/her. I pointed out the words which I disagreed and felt that those words were not justified and against the fundamentals which we both shared and agreed.

However, both of us may have read each others comment and words used and construed the misunderstandings based on the general construct which in fact we are focused on some specific words used which were ideologically disagreeable between us.

However, I wish to reiterate that this is a discourse and if ever we had used words which sounds unreasonable or unthinkable which was made impulsively, I wish to ask Wisdomthinker and all others for forgiveness and express my deepest apologies.

I want to state that I appreciate Wisdomthinkers point of view and I learn a lot from all of you commenters who may disagree with me but have been constructive in your comments.

Thank you all of you.