Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finally, Anwar Swears

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim is no more de facto.

Today, he is officially parliamentary opposition leader.

Finally, he did swear!

Source: Malaysiakini


Anonymous said...

New MP in the parliment.
Let wait and see what he can do

Either he will do it or he will go for it.
Anyway, let wait what is the next step by BA
Every single secomd in parliment are counted so I hope Anwar do not wasted the time for Non value added activity.

We want leader by example either BA or BN.
All the MP was elected by rakyat and there is no quarell about people power . Pls more focus on ur commitment towards rakyat who elected u as MP


hasilox said...

Most mini-stir-s stayed away wor.

Anonymous said...


Mankanan said...

"Let wait and see what he can do"

What can he do? Off cause lah make havoc in Parliment.. Kan beliau suka buat kecoh...

redBag said...

I'm waiting to see if he's really up to what he'd said before..
I'm waiting to see if he's really going to help the people and this is not about his political career only.
I'm waiting to see if he's really innocent as he claimed to be.
and I will not forget every single thing, lies and press statements just to see if he's really what Malaysia needs.

observer said...

You can meddle with the photo and rephrase the verbal by saying, "Saya bersumpah saya tidak meliwat Saiful............". That's what we can do to clear the air for him.

If he can take oath on becoming MP, why not that sodomy thing? I don't understand. Why? Why? Why? Just tell it out , you didn't sodomised Saiful? That's all. Why beating around the bush? The focus is on Saiful, not other mangsa!!

Anonymous said...

anybody believe saiful anyway when he swears, so does it matter if anwar did?

no point playing 'monkey see, monkey do'.

bayi said...

Congratulations, DSAI. Way, way to go!!!