Friday, August 08, 2008

Flower Corruption: HKL report to ACA

NST Report Today:

Kuala Lumpur Hospital yesterday lodged a report with the Anti-Corruption Agency over 10 bouquets of flowers it received from PKR Wanita chief Zuraidah Kamaruddin.

The flowers was presented by Zuraidah to the hospital’s deputy director (medical) Dr Lailanor Ibrahim and widely publicised.

The bouquets costs about RM50 each.

It has also noted that Zuraidah had asked the hospital to give a copy of the medical report pertaining to Anwar Ibrahim once it is ready to be given.

It was also noted that Zuraidah had expressed hope that HKL would uphold its integrity in doing its job.

Flowery Crime of Corruption

Macam ini pun salah?

Please don't give flowers to any govt servant even if they are sick or their family member passed away. You may be indicted for a crime of corruption.

Please also don't asked for a copy of medical report - ini pun salah.


Anonymous said...

in what way is this corruption? in malaysia, 'boleh' things can happen.

you give flower, and all you expect is that the HKL uphold its integrity, and give them a report when it is ready to be publicise.

is this corruption? this sounds more like rapport building.

shouldn't HKL be doing their job even without flowers?

have heart said...

haa...amek kau!

kita nak malaysia bersih dari corruption kan?nampaknya setiap gerak-geri yang mencurigakan bakal menggerakkan BPR untuk buat siasatan.

hasilox said...

Hahaha.... these idiots are not only stupid. Simply ridiculously stupid!

This is how ACA wasting their time and resources. Even secondary school students have better judgment than that.

Anonymous said...

you can make any police report on anything at all, even if it's a false report

fergie said...

They don't appreciate flowers la .. better give $$$$$$ then they keep quiet!!! All dem dirty scumbags!

moo_t said...

This is what happens when everything are under incumbent politickus. Seems HKL are no exception.

As long as the "gift" are towards the hospital, than individual, you can't say it is bribery.

If using HKL logic, the donation to government inside your income tax form will be bribery, and IRD should be charge for having that column.

Maverick SM said...

have heart,

Kita nak Malaysia bersih, tapid di sapu sampai bersih. Sekarang tak da kerja; jadi cari lah kerja.


The flowers are very expensive, my friend. If more than RM50, it is corruption - that's the rule.


No dirty lah; just to make sure the flowers are clean.

denzook said...

long long ago japanese dignitaries visited rafidah in hospital and gave flower too. itu tak salah ? oh i forgot, no one launch report at that time, just like csl no one launch report only...

Anonymous said...

Stupid decision. Something that is done in good faith and HKL has to 'dirty' it by making an ACA report. Does this means that the deputy director should be charged for accepting the flowers? Someone gave and someone received!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!!!!!

Sharifah said...

Bagi saya, tak salah kalau nak bagi flower bouquet pada mana-mana pihak. Tapi isu ni, pemberian bunga oleh Ketua Wanita PKR amat mencurigakan di saat kes Anwar masih panas. Apa taknya, laporan HKL berhubung siasatan ke atas Saiful belum dikeluarkan, datang pula Ketua Wanita PKR ni bagi bunga seolah-olah seperti hendak merasuah HKL supaya memberi salinan laporan siasatan hkl berkenaan Saiful...

suealeen said...

sebenarnya dia bagi bunga tu sebab laporan tu dah bocor. ACA wujud kat sini sebab nak cari si pembocor kotnya dia tu diberikan duit. bila orang minta cara baik tapi tak dapat, kasi sinislah sikit dengan bagi bunga! hahaha...

suealeen said...

'merasuah' HKL dengan bunga? you must be kidding right? :D

Maverick SM said...


I forgot about that incident!


Malaysia is a country which has the rule of law and a justice system. What we are seeing and observing is the factual and empirical acts of those who had power and are using it to cause undue influence and destabilize the peoples' confidence in their day to day life.

You are right to point out the cognitive perception, the paranoia and phobias. We have now become a society filled with suspicion and distrust for each other.


RM500 million of commission was paid and thats not Rasuah. RM70 million was paid to repair MRR2 when the initial quotation is RM18 million and there's no rasuah. Bunga yang RM50 adalah rasuah.

What is rasuah?

have heart said...

thanks for your comment.

kali nak tambah skit,tapi nak cakap dalam bahasa malaysia la.hihi.

saya rasa mungkin BPR nampak lebih dari hal "bunga" tu.mungkin ada yang mengadu kat BPR pasal kes kebocoran maklumat dari HKL.takkan lah BPR bangang sangat nak ambil pusing pasal bunga.mungkin ada perkara lain yang kita tak nampak.

tapi ini cuma andaian saya yang saya rasa logik.

warrior2 said...

Ianya menjadi isu disebabkan
"bunga diberi, laporan di minta" sepertimana yang disentuh/komen oleh sharifah.

Tidak kah Wanita tersebut tahu bahawa laporan perubatan sesaorang adalah confidential dan tidak boleh diberi begitu sahaja kepada pihak ketiga yang tidak berkaitan.

Dalam pada itu, yang bocor, laporan dari hospital swasta and not the HKL`s report

msiaman said...


Rasuah to them is valueless gifts. Imagine miserable amount to send flowers that cannot be converted to legal tender. If you give treat them to makan and holiday and pocket money, they will thank you profusely.

Rasuah to complain that you treat them like dirt, not worthy of more valuable gifts. Ha ha....

You think they are that high integrity to report rasuah? Just like the PDRM hypocritical batch only lah....

sheriff said...

When it siuts the ACA and the government, it's rasuah. When it suits the government and the police it's sodomy.

Anonymous said...

Tak pernah dengar ke HKL ada banyak hantu!!!

They are the hantu lah!!!

Hantu doctors, hantu nurses,.........

Anonymous said...

The fact is there're a lot corruptions in any government hospital which start at P'jaya.


Maverick SM said...

have heart,

Saya setuju dengan pandangan awak. BPR memang ternampak yang terlampau.

Ini juga bermakna: hati kecil.


I agree with you regarding the confidentiality of the report.

However, where the minds are filth, only filthy things exists. Many has forgotten that a social system of government is based on the confidence of the citizens towards the administration of which if that relationship is based on distrust, the whole social system collapse and turns into anarchy.


There just too much empirical events and actions which betrays the trust the people placed in the administration.


It may not be absolutely; but it is empirical.

kj said...


Looks like it suits the government to define consensual sex for DSAI as doing it to himself as Saiful is not going to be a party.

Maverick SM said...


It is done suitably.

suealeen said...

warrior2 and all,
you must haven't red about the news yet, right.. that another report not from PUSRAWI but HKL has been leaked out. that's why, HKL reported it to ACA! i red the news about 2-3 days before!

CaptainCaveman said...

Aiyoyo ! ACA oh ACA, you are so efficient lah hahaha!

Moo... said...

Aiyah... only give flowers, cannot use or eat, sure angry. If give hampers different lah and money even better, happy lah sure will not report to ACA..

Maverick SM said...


Maybe, there's a preferred way to read news.


Ya Lah!


Flowers are sweet and good.