Friday, August 08, 2008

The Future of Malaysia as an example to the Muslim World may be at Stake

Excerpts from an article by
Sandra Day O'Connor
former US Supreme Court Judge

"The power to prosecute is one of the most awesome powers of the state. Without proper checks and balances it can easily be abused by those in power to humiliate and discredit innocent people."

"Even when the injustice is corrected, its victims are often left with their reputations permanently damaged.

"In Malaysia, the power to prosecute is being used to try to discredit...

"The Malaysian authorities need to recognise that there is no way that continued pursuit of [criminal] charges can be viewed as credible, given the history of prosecutorial abuse and manipulation of evidence.

"We are deeply concerned that the safety, freedom and reputation of an important leader in the Muslim world are at risk.

"So, too, is the integrity of Malaysia's judicial system and along with it the credibility of the government in general. The future of Malaysia as an example of success for the developing world and for the entire Muslim world may be at stake."

-Former US supreme court judge Sandra Day O'Connor (left) and former Indonesian president Abdurrahman Wahid said in a column for the Financial Times yesterday


Source: Malaysiakini



sheriff said...

No use making such statements. Our ministers are deaf and illiterate.

Maverick SM said...


I hope it is not!

abdul said...


They are dead, dumb and beyond salvation point. I have no hope in AMENO ministers and their lackeys. I have given up on them though I repeatedly tried.

Bung Karno said...

But dear Sandra and Pak Gusdur, we want to be certain that whoever wants
to be PM of Malaysia must be GOOD Muslim so we are respected by Muslim world. No gay Muslim PM.

Let the show begins.

Anonymous said...

Sandra & Pak Gusdur, both of you have got a lot homeworks to do in your own countries as far as intergrity is concerned, you countries are killing more human compare with terrorists.


Yan said...

Our past & present government are "deaf" & immuned to all the internal & external criticism. That's why we have sodomy version 1 & 2 now. It's very easy just to ask foreigners not to interfere in Malaysia's internal affairs, follow our own "rules & laws" blah blah...

I also donot understand why there are people who judged DSAI as guilty of homosexual/sodomy when this couldnot be proven beyond reasonable doubt?? Moreover, the previous notorous conviction was overuled by our higher Court and the present prosecution has drawn lots of criticism both locally & abroad.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia has always been an example to the Muslim World -- a very bad example of racist discriminatory one-party rule

Maverick SM said...


Please don't lose hope; that what we need to keep.


Only a terrorist speaks about comparing a democratic country with terrorism. We are talking about the rule of law based on natural justice. Anyway, I don't think you understand. Please go back to where you come from.


Well, Anwar is homosexual and a sodomite; that's what they said. At the same time, they also said Saiful is a victim of sodomy and he had funs for 8 times as claimed.

HuntressMoon said...

Bung Karno said...

But dear Sandra and Pak Gusdur, we want to be certain that whoever wants
to be PM of Malaysia must be GOOD Muslim so we are respected by Muslim world. No gay Muslim PM.

Let the show begins.

He is not gay, but a bisexual

Maverick SM said...


He is not gay but he is alleged to be bisexual.

It seems an accused is guilty before adjudged. That's what is my concern about Malaysian justice system.

Equally, Najib and Rosmah is innocent unless adjudged by the courts. They were accused and that remain as rumours.

Pak Lah has also been accused for being involved in the scandal of the oil for food program. That is also an accusation and he is innocent because there's no judicial decision that adjudged.

Billy said...

Come on, Raid Yatim. What are you going to do now? The Americans even have the audacity to summon our Ambassdor in the US. Shall we boycott American products? Shall we severe diplomatic ties? Shall we stop using American technology? Shall we stop sending our UMNO kids to the States to be educated? Shall we stop going to the States to seek medical treatment? Shall we stop employing Americans to work in our country? Shall we .........
If I were you, just keep your trap shut and no one will say you are dumb.

Jefus said...

the last people to realise that our govt is not civilized will be themselves. if at all, it comes to that.... no respect for law and order which took ages to build.

Gan said...

I think such words will not sink in as the ruling party thinks that they above the law.

Maverick SM said...


To justify Malaysia's right, Malaysia must boycott and sanction USA trade.


Maybe, they can't accept that it was.


You may be right.


Wonder RAIS YATIM can fit for American Lowest Session Judge post with his qualification, experience, wisdoms, and dumbness. A position even in the land of Alaska where his subjects being drunken masters and wild bears????

With QANTAS cancelling servicing their 737 to Malaysian MAS, RAIS YATIM could possibly fit for jobs in Zimbabwe lah...

What you think?