Wednesday, August 13, 2008

labuan MP said he may be the VIP under investigation

Labuan MP Datuk Yussof Mahal has come out to say that he may be the high-ranking Sabah politician being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Agency for alleged abuse of power, forgery and bribery.

Confirming that he was awarded contracts to build a RM24.8 million market and a RM10.5 million school in Labuan, he claimed that he secured the contracts through open tender and that he was the lowest bidder.

"Is it a crime for a company to secure a government contract by making the lowest bid, so much so that I am being investigated by the ACA?" he said.

Yussof also denied that he had cheated a Kuala Lumpur sub-contractor hired to build the Labuan market.

On the allegation of forgery to secure a bank loan, he claimed that it was mere slander and he would lodge a police report soon so that the culprits could be brought to justice.

"I believe there is a political agenda behind the allegation because it was raised at a time when the Labuan Umno division election, in which I have offered to contest the chairman's post, is just around the corner," said Yussof.

According to a Bernama report, a 51-year-old senior politician is being investigated by the ACA for allegedly bribing officers at the Federal Territories Ministry to help his firm win contracts.

The police Commercial Crime Investigation Department and Bank Negara are also probing the politician in connection with the three contracts.

Source: NST: Political agenda behind allegation, says Labuan MP

Why is it that Yussof is being investigated for being awarded projects by open tender? He is only an MP and MPs are allowed to secure projects and involved in business.

Furthermore, he is an Umno leader and Umno leaders do not commit wrongful acts such as corruption, rape, stealing or sodomy. Umno leaders only fight for Islam and the protection of Ketuanan. A good example is the dialogues held with PAS on Malay and Islam unity.

We should not accuse Umno leader. You can accuse Anwar bcoz he is not Umno. You can accuse Chua Soi Lek and Wee Ka Siong; they are not Umno. You can accuse Samy bcoz he is no more a minister. Mahathir is no more Umno; so you also can. Of course you can accuse all the babis for corruption or sodomy but don't accuse non-Muslims for eating pork. Caveat: Non-Umno members are not allowed to accuse.


youth attack said...

apa daaa mave.sarcasm gila ahh.haha.

based on the article above,i dont blame the ACA.they're just doing their job after a repost was made and they have to investigate the acussed in the report.but when ACA do an investigation on individual that accused of bribery,doesnt necessarily mean that individual is down guilty to it.

so the aforemendtioned Labuan MP should give full cooperation if he feels that he's the one that might be investigated.

Maverick SM said...

Youth Attack,

You are right about the accused; he is innocent until proven guilty.

And, it's not sarcasm; it's a paradox.

moo_t said...

Welcome to Bolehland, anything is possible.

In fact, Sabah umno are actually PROXY for KL umno.

p/s: "Anything is possible" are slogan use by Li Ning brand sport products . ;)

Maverick SM said...


No lah; they are not proxy; they also got to cari makan and become rich by doing business.

wisdomthinker said...

The reforms of ACA is doing well. It is good anyway; less corruptions and money politics. ACA is becoming busy nowadys. Wonder if they receive higher salary increment this year?

Anonymous said...

many many investigations,

how come no actions taken.

for show and shiok sendiri.

will also come down to "tak apa lah, kita tengok dulu"


Looted said...

He must have antagonized some UMNO VVVIPs. Maybe he didn't share the loot?

Anonymous said...

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