Monday, August 11, 2008

Local Babi can't balik Cina

I am truly intrigued by Farish A Noor's article which was posted at Lim Kit Siang's blog entitled: No, this ‘Babi’ will Not ‘Balik Cina’

I like to share a part of his writing here:


Was there a pig in the auditorium where the forum was held? And if so, how could the Bar Council invite a pig to attend a forum that was open primarily for Malaysian citizens (who are overwhelmingly human, as identity papers and passports have not been issued to pigs or any other non-human species as far as I know)

Furthermore I need to ask how the demonstrators knew that the pig (if one was present) was of Chinese origin? Did it carry a Chinese passport, and if so, why was it in KL when the Olympic games were being held in Beijing and the world’s attention was focused there?

Lest there be any offence to pigs from China, I would like to remind the demonstrators who made that remark that there are enough pigs in South East Asia and that pigs are, in fact, a native species in the region (including Malaysia). To ask this mysterious pig to ‘Balik Cina’ was therefore offensive to say the least, as it overlooks the fact that it could have been a local Malaysian pig and therefore has every right to be in Malaysia. Though what it was doing at the bar council’s forum is anyone’s guess.

Here are some categories of local pigs (genus: Sus, subfamily species: suinea (Latin)) that have shared our very same bumi for centuries:

In Malaysia we have the babi hutan, babirusa (genus: Babyrousa) and wild boar (genus: Sus Scrofa) that have been long-time residents of the peninsula.

So how dare some people go around making wild allegations about the alleged foreign citizenship and/or origins of a pig that may or may not have been present at the Bar Council forum? To assume the foreign identity and origin of an individual merely on the basis of appearance and behaviour would reek of the highest form of prejudice, and points only to the ignorance of those who simply do not know: PIGS are not foreign to Malaysia or Southeast Asia. They are as localised and normalised as Durians and Corruption in this country.


Source: Lim Kit Siang for Malaysia

Am I a pig? I was created by God, the same God of Abraham, Moses and Noah. Those who also admit that they too are from the descendants of Abraham , Moses and Noah, and if they called me a pig, I have to remind them that we are from the same forefather; and if I am, how is it that you could ever be any other.



modern youth said...

it's very bad and sad to see that racism still lives up to these days of modern life.

moo_t said...

A poisonous soil will growth poison plant.

That poison soil is none other than our society,education and culture.
BN government REFUSE to put human rights as part of school education to fix the problem. Politikus like Rais Yatim keep talking nonsense when come to human rights chartered.

warrior2 said...

wow, some will say that you are so passionate about this piggy thing and how they wish that you are as passionate as when someone replace the crest or emblem or something of the police with the face of a dog. not the same thing i know but still what do think about that?

Moo.. said...

Some 'human' can call other 'pig' but it is a fact that 'pigs' are far more intelligent than a lot of ketuanan specie.

The pigs are smart and intelligent not because of protectism but through open competition.

sheriff said...

Shows how wonderfully ignorant some people are. Such ignorance breeds arrogance. And such arrogance leads to conflicts that don't lend credibility to the political parties or organisations they belong to. Their manifesto is faulty and makes the public see a credibility gap between what their parties and religion are said to espouse and their actual behaviour!

jeery said...

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Anonymous said...

And you people here claim to be the intellect and 'wiser' of the ordinary people. Wake-up! Welcome to realities of life!

I think Malaysians especially the younger ones grew up too fast and have not been to the ground and see life as it is. The Malays has every right to call the Chinese pigs as the Chinese to call the Malays racists. As long as the name calling does not lead to bloodbath, carry-on! Let the show begin?

Maverick SM said...

Modern Youth,

That's not the sad truth; the sad truth is, that, racialism is not seen as racialism but as a right to demean others.


The poisonous soil is not the education or culture but the breeding and inculcation of sycophants.


If I am a pig, so are you because we came from the same source: Abraham, Moses and Noah unless you disclaim that they are your forefathers.

Regarding the police crest as posted by Penarik Beca, you must asked him as I am not a part of it and if you and him comes from the same forefathers then it is better you asked him for his views.


The truth is that those who demean a certain community do not have the cognitive faculty to discern and are unable to know their own frailty.


I don't think it is about ignorance; they are loonies.


Thanks for the link.

youth attack said...

yes mave.i do agree with you.

racism exist when people fail to see and understand other races,cultures,traditions and religions.

Maverick SM said...

Youth Attack,

Sadly, some even have the joy of calling others Babi and forgeting themselves that they are Muslims and are suppose to respect others as espoused in the Quran. Sadly they claim to represent Islam and tried to protect the integrity of Islam by misbehaving and acting in unIslamic manners, degenerating human being whom are created by Allah and openly defying the teachings in the Quran while insisting they are protecting Islam.

youth attack said...


yes mave.i understand your point there.ive seen things like this happen so many times before.there's nothing wrong defending own race and religion but be it in a respectful way.the people that call people from other races "babi" are not following parallel to the teaching of Islam and completely ignorant.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mr. Pig said...

I'm Mr Pig but I'm sure it wasn't me that they wanted for 'a pig to go back to China'.

It's sad that we 'pigs' don't get much respect, what more for all fellow Malaysians of ALL races.

It's time we moved towards being truly Malaysian, regardless of colour or creed. Maybe then I can be known as Mr Malaysian.

moo_t said...

Doc, we saw countless time that, because weakness of majorities, the evil prevail.

And that is a lots to do with the cultures. A few sycophants can't do much damage if the climate doesn't allow it.

For example, try speculate Bush make himself the emperor of USA, American will not hesitate to impeach,overthrown him. Because that is their culture.

On the other hand,are anti-racism,equalities part of Malaysia culture?


what is this talk and grumble about PIG, BABI, KHINZIR etc.

I love Pork Soup, especially Pig Tail Soup... PIG make good PAO too!

PIG Legs are nice, soft and less (and some NIL) hairy. This tender leg are simply nice to bite.

Finally, PIG dish make best curry!


what is this talk and grumble about PIG, BABI, KHINZIR etc.

I love Pork Soup, especially Pig Tail Soup... PIG make good PAO too!

PIG Legs are nice, soft and less (and some NIL) hairy. This tender leg are simply nice to bite.

Finally, PIG dish make best curry!

Maverick SM said...

Mr. Pig,

Sorry, Mr Pig if that speech was targeted at you. But I believed it was targeted towards all the Chinese Pigs.


There is not few sycophants; you can observe them almost everywhere.


As long as you are not a Muslim, you can like all those but I appreciate we all respect the Muslims.

Jefus said...

am i supposed to be offended when some one calls me a pig?

to me it shows the insecurities of the person who uttered the offensive word.....the inability of the individual to communicate cognitively what he wants to get across.... equally as in unable to sit around a table and discuss matters. even pertaining to religion.

it gets down to name calling and shutting off anything that you deem unacceptable. these are dangerous signs.

what would the resulting reaction be from the offended person? fear? brooding resentment? revenge?

when rationale is lost,.... then it is a very, very, sad day

tongsan said...

After paying so much taxes, the pigs don't get an iota of respect. If the babi were to balik Cina, the government would be near bankrupt!

Anonymous said...

BABI. Also called Babism, a Persian religion, originating in the 19th century, now supplanted by Bahaءi.

And you people, just wait & see, when my taikor BABI (Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim ) become the PM!


Anonymous said...


Religion that started on May 23, 1844 in Shiraz, Persia, when Mirza Ali Muhammad proclaimed himself the Bab (from Arabic, meaning "gate"), the gate to divine truth.
The Bab said that he was equal to Muhammad, and that former prophets had been divine manifestations. He also predicted that an even greater manifestation would come 19 years later, as well as the revelation of a Holy Book, to be called Bayan, which should supersede the Koran.
The belief in Babism is centered around the Bab, who is considered to be the mirror of God. Babism has taken certain elements from Islam and has redefined them, thereby introducing the teaching that the world was created with 7 attributes: predestination, predetermination, will, volition, permission, doom and revelation.
Numbers play a sacred role in Babism, '19' being the most sacred. The year is therefore divided into 19 months, and every month is made up of 19 days. There are 19 members of the council that administer the community of the Babis. And the Bab had declared that there would be a span of 19 years from his death until the next human manifestation of God would arrive.


Anonymous said...


follower of Bab, people belonging to Babism.

Babis themselves prefer the designation ahl-i bayan. Due to persecutions from the earliest times of Babism, the Babis formed a political entity in order to provide for their own safety. Groups of babis sought refuge at new locations. A group turning the sanctuary of a shaykh into a fortress surrendered to the Muslims in 1849, yet all of them were executed. Another group, defending the town of Zanjan, were defeated in 1850.

The schism between Subh-i Azal and Baha'ullah, left the followers of the former in low numbers, while the latter went on to form Baha'i.
There are still Babis, but a few in number who live in southern Uzbekistan.

So where should we babi go back to? persia or uzberkistan but definitely not china la!

***dis-is-babi-nation / baha'i-anyone?

Anonymous said...

Even if te pigs were to be sent balik China, they refused to accept. On the other hand they may accept if PORK are shipped to China.

bayi said...

I am amused by the immaturity of those loonies...

HopefulPessimist said...

I feel ashamed and embarrassed...

Maverick SM said...


It is not about insecurity; it is about disrespect and a show of ketuanan.


That is your presumption; I think it cannot be seen at such. We have to respect the others.


That, I agree!


I too! I felt sorry for the many who are intellectually sane and rational.

CaptainCaveman said...

So shameful! BN Government is to be blamed for what we are till today.

Anonymous said...

Very good observant about the defacto leader of the Opposition distancing himself from the Bar council forum.

Since he is/was also the economic advisor to the current Turkish government, which is facing the same challenges of running a secular state with a Muslim majority, what would his experience with Turkey inform us about the current social problems with religious conversions?

How can these issues be handled with tact and wisdom without provoking racial, tribalistic, religious paranoia? Anwar surely has a lot of experience and knowledge which he needs to share transparently with his PR colleugues and the rakyat.
Are we ten years behind Turkey and Indonesia?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, typo error: "Very good observation ..."

redBag said...

Well this is what happen when we refuse to tolerate with each other and put the effort to understand different cultures.Ignorance is still thick among us.
And yet, sometimes we pretend that we are living in a harmonious environment, refusing to see the real thing.

PleoMax said...

What makes them think that they can easily called or downgrade somebody by calling names.
If they themselves are standing behind religion, religion that they themselves uphold, then I certainly fail to see any religious values projected through them. This is not the way to deal with conflict.

Maverick SM said...


When leaders are elected by bigots the fundamentals and essence will remain bigotry.


If you read psychology it is not your refusal to tolerate that existed; it was an ideological dogma that persists - the Ketuanan thing.


I wholly agree with you. In the name of Islam, no one is permitted to abuse or show contempt to another human who is also a creation of Allah.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that there are so many unmature racist monkeys around here.

No wonder malaysia is what it is today. shit on the top and shit on the bottom as well. BN is not the only one that is shitting around,

anyone who feels that somebody should be deported then pls go ahead, do it, stop talking and no action. I challenge that you even dared to do this against another malaysian.

use your head for once, 'penarik beca' use of logo has nothing to do with any bloggers, nor any race in particular. if he is related to anything than it's to you, cos he is also a muslim, but then so what? does it mean anything nor any conclusion?


Anonymous said...

Namun Setelah dapat nasihat dari PM Abdullah supaya tidak teruskan, Majlis Peguam masih Keras kepala, Besar Kepala,buat juga forum. Ni adalah sikap kurang ajar dan tidak hormat pada PM dan orang islam amnya.Kalau nasihat PM pun tak hormat,memang BABI lah tu...

Kita tak larang mereka untuk berforum tapi biar kena caranya.Buat apa nak panggil orang dari German buat pengakuan itu ini, semua orang patut sedar dalam agama apa pun akan ada pengikut2 yang haprak. Nampak sangat niat jahat mereka adakan forum terbuka untuk humuliate islam.

Kalau begitu kita pula anjurkan forum bagaimana usaha2 murtadkan orang islam. Kita panggil En Bokhari ceritakan bagaimana terseksanya dia dan keluarga bila anaknya dimurtadkan. Bagaimana Perundangan yang bolehkan seseorang bebas pilih agama setelah umur 18 thn adalah tidak adil. Setelah umur 18 thn,ibubapa sudah tak ada autority untuk halang anak kesayangan yang dibelai dari kecil untuk murtad. Kalau dihalang ibubapa pula didakwa dimahkamah.

Kita panggil mangsa2 murtad yang berjaya diselamatkan dedahkan usaha jahat bukan islam dalam forum terbuka.

Anonymous said...

for the idiots above, i got this from somewhere, yes, call it plagrism.

"Should the idiots called and force all BABIs to “Balik China”, we believed that the entire economy and financial system will collapse. It is unwise for such irresponsible “Otak Babi” protesters to voice out racist and animal instint remark against another race like branding Indian origin as Ular by UMNO ADUN Perak. These pig heads are desperators can’t understand the real meanings of the Bar Council Forum on Conversion of Islam issue is to resolve the unresolve problems faced by conversion of non-Muslim to Muslim. Furthermore, it is the freedom of Malaysians to practise their own religions and beliefs regardless of race, creed and culture. Islam is a freedom religion is embraced by people of many tribes and origins including Chinese and Indians people.

In fact, the Chinese population in China embraced Islam many times bigger and larger than the muslims in Malaysia and some nations in Middle East countries. So Islam religion does not belong to the right of one race only. Many Chinese Kelatanese also embraced Islam respect and have no problems with other muslim in Malaysia. Therefore, the crazy protesters who caused trouble and uttered racist remark or animal remark are really shameful and behaved worst than PIG behaviours."

Maverick SM said...


I agree with you and I too wish to challenge those bigots. Shame on them who called themselves the defender of Islam when what they are doing is against the principles enunciated in the Quran.

Samad said...

Memang agak keterlaluan sikap Majlis Peguam yang berkeras mahu meneruskan forum tersebut. Tapi kita sebagia umat Islam tidak boleh melemparkan kata-kata atau bahasa kesat dan hina seperti 'babi' kepada orang lain tak kira apa bangsa pun. Kita harus tunjukkan contoh yang baik kepada bangsa-bangsa lain. Jangan hanya ikut perasaan bila bersuara... Jangan sampai bangsa lain hilang respek pada Islam... Kita hidup dalam Malaysia yang berpenduduk majmuk, pelbagai bangsa dan agama...Harus ada sikap hormat-menghormati...

Maverick SM said...


You have shown to be a good Muslim in your thoughts as espoused.

A good Muslim follows the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad as dictated in the Quran.

If those demonstrators are trying to protect Islam, their manners and actions betrays the virtue and behaviors required of a Muslim as they had acted and behaved against the fundamental tenets of Islam.

Dear Samad, I have respect for your virtuous words.

shah said...

but there are real babi's outhere...

here's one, your beloved...dah bagi power buat macam macam

"We read about the snoop squad, indicating that the Minister of Health Liow Tiong Lai is allegedly involved in it. Although the Presidential Council committee clear him of any connection with the squad, but the investigation committee is unable to clear him on his close association with the ex-convict Tee An Chuan and why Tee who is a non-MCA member going around town and meeting easily MCA leaders. Now, it is a well known fact in town that the new minister in his hurry to build up his wall chest in view on the impending party election has his own list of cronies which he will impose on any other people who have projects with the Ministry of Health. The strange part is that the Minister keeps saying he’s not close with Tee but evidence showed otherwise. Just few weeks after he was sworn in as Minister, contractors and suppliers were informed that if they want to discuss or get any projects, they have to go through Tee first. Tee will then filter the projects before they can meet up with the Minister himself to further discuss on the projects. If the Minister is not close with Tee, why did these contractors have to go thru Tee? Please bear in mind that this happened way before the snoop squad issue occurred.

Recently, a company called System Conglomerate has been awarded by Ministry of Finance an IT project in several hospitals but this poor company has been facing a lot of resistance. They were notified that unless the project is outsourced to BB Chew, a director from Data Sonic Sdn Bhd, they will not be able to proceed. This is a man who knows nothing about IT in hospitals. He has openly threatened and bragged hospital staffs and staffs of System Conglomerate that the job should be given to him since he gets blessing from the Minister, or else the project will stuck. I really wish System Conglomerate the best of luck.

In another incident, one contractor was awarded a contract by the government to purchase 100 ambulances.. The Minister then directed the Director of Engineering department that the ambulances must be bought from a Datuk Goh from Bentong, otherwise create as many trouble as possible. Although this company AVP has been awarded LOA three months ago, they are still unable to purchase the ambulance from the main agent rather than from Datuk Goh, meanwhile the hospital is suffering from a chronic shortage of ambulance. The Minister only makes statement to show that he cares if the ambulance is from Datuk Goh from Bentong, which is the Minister’s constituency.

The Minister also directed that the Ministry should abolish their award of linear accelerator to be installed in GHKL so that the contract can then be awarded to another company, which is the well known Lim Brothers of Glotel Bhd. The technical committee was not in favour of linear accelerator from Glotel but the Minister said that he doesn’t care as long as it is from Glotel. One of the Lim brothers of Glotel is appointed as the General Manager of Port Klang and is a crony of Chan Kong Choy. We must not forget that Liow Tiong Lai is also a crony of Chan Kong Choy. You rub my back, I rub your back! What a disgrace!"

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Maverick SM said...


You have a good story. Could you provide me with those documents or evidences and i will bring up this matter with PM immediately.

Redbag said...

well, some people feels that if they stand behind the name of their religion or what they are 'fighting for' is for their religion then they are entitled to do all out.
They seem to forget what and why they stand there at the first place.
such a sad situation..
and from people like them that their religion gain bad image..

Anonymous said...

Aku ini babi? Babilah, takpe!

Janji babi ni tak hidup macam OKU yang kena ditongkatkan oleh kerajaan!


Maverick SM said...


That was said and the behavior was blesphemeous and contradicting to the virtues of the religion that was sought to protect.


You funny!!!

GobloKing said...

Calling chinese Babi is NOT the insult it is for Muslims.

For Chinese, the Pig is a symbol of great fertility and fortune.

Sticks and stones...So go ahead - just call me..

Monyet! I am 1; no problem!

Babi! Fatt Tatt! LOVE it!

Anjing! I WISH! especially dogs in Japan or Europe! Lots of loving & attention!

Snake! OK! Wise, elegant & beautiful!

Lembu! YEAH...HHH!!! cows give milk = also FATT TATT!

somemore what ah?

In my view, one should just ignore these type of kurang ajar orang and smile sweetly back at them.

Make Peace not war!

Maverick SM said...


The essence is about disrespect for the constitution and a disregard to the virtues and teachings of a religion which they claim to represent and of which they claim to protect; but they are showing the contrary acts and behaviors.

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