Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mahathir: Meaning o0f Merdeka is lost

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he would celebrate Merdeka day this year but it would not be the same as how he celebrated it for the past 50 years.

"Something is lost from the meaning of independence. Mouths are shut and what is in the heart cannot be expressed. We are afraid to say anything because the police will be urged to act.

"Sometimes I feel like we are already in a police state, but maybe this is just an overreaction," he added.

"I believe we still value our freedom, our independence. But something has happened to make us feel unhappy on the anniversary of our independence. We regret that we are unable to do anything to bring back the joy of an independent race.

"But the leaders must understand why the people feel sad this year. Don't fool yourself by saying that it is not true that the people are not happy, just look at how many people came out to watch the fireworks. Unfortunately, this (watching fireworks) is not the benchmark.

In his latest blog posting, Mahathir argued that the gloomy feeling could be related to the hike in petrol prices and other essential items.

But, he also noted that something was not right, and this has robbed the people of the joy in celebrating the 51st anniversary of the nation's independence on Aug 31.

To illustrate his point, the former premier cited the 'fly the flag upside down' campaign initiated by blogger Sheih Kickdefella to protest the greed of political leaders from both sides of the divide.

Such a suggestion was never made during the past 50 years since the country achieved independence, he said.

Source: Malaysiakini


Anonymous said...

Merdeka? NO freaking celebration for this year?

We are saving the celebrations for next year when PR is in Putrajaya.

Mr Mahathir, your contribution is much appreciated... but best if you take a good rest.


Anonymous said...

Bos said, An Hua win today, tomolow 1/2 half day off & lunch some more on him.

Bos some more said this year no need hang flag, better donate the 80 ringgits to old folks home.

This is what we called merdeka!

Anonymous said...

huh ... look who's talking!!

moo_t said...

Oh, let see who is talking history here.

Meaning of merdeka is lost? Hahahahaaha, if anyone still recall it is under Mahathir administration that calling to demolish the historical Stadium Mederka for shopping mall.

Mahathir is asking too much, during his administration, he don't care about building of true civic society.

bayi said...

He is at fault for choosing ABB.

John said...

Mahathir Mamak is the biggest hypocrite of all times.

Most if not all the shit we currently face were created by him !

Anonymous said...

yeah, don't blame anyone else, including your sucessor aab. it is you that screw up the nation for decades, and set the shit in it's place.

Moo... said...

Old Horse you are wrong and stop harping about the past.

The voters of PP has just gave us a new meaning of Merdeka.

Anonymous said...

we do seem to be going towards a 'gloomy 51st merdeka'...

..but gloomy, not in the means that the people do not appreciate what has been sacrificed almost 51 years ago, it's just the celebration isn't as hip as the past several years...

I believe this year, the people are trying to find the true meaning of 'Merdeka'. This is a year of what the Malays call 'muhasabah'... Finding 'Merdeka', not through hip concerts, fireworks here and there...but pondering on what it means to be 'free'.

artchan said...

Mahathir was working with Anwar to kick out AAB?..just a guess.

He left UMNO..speaks like an opposition member...and strangely he gets a lot of space in MSM.

Anonymous said...

Move over... umno, mca, mic & dll in bn!

PR, so how now? want to to celebrate 'our' merdeka?

Just tell us & we will do it together, our way this time!


Anonymous said...

Police State?

Who was the created TDM.

Stand in front of a mirror and ask this questions.

It is less than a month When the day come which is very near we expect you honour your words.

Have you chosen your destination?
Have you chartered a plane?

Anonymous said...

The meaning of Merdeka isn't lost, it just took on a whole new meaning. We're gaining freedom to think and act independently for the betterment of Bangsa Malaysia.

Chinese saying "五十年不變 50 years no change" isn't totally true anymore. After 50 years of colonial independence, we're now moving towards thought independence.


Anonymous said...

This Merdeka signals a new beginning for Malaysia. The road is narrow & long, dangers abound. Trudge on we MUST!

PP by election is the nation's watershed, BN's Waterloo.

"One small step for man, one giant step for Malaysia!"
(With apology to Neil Armstrong!)

M E R D E K A !!


Anonymous said...

Mahathir Kutty doesn't know the meaning of the word 'Merdeka". He never allowed any freedom to us when he was PM. He continued denying developing to those voting for a change. He locked Anwar up on faked "sodomy" charges. He continued to intimidate the public until the last while allowing Rafidah to issue APs willy nilly to his/her two favourite people. The ACA was useless under his rule. Then he had the gall to complain when AAB used the system against him. I only have one thing to say to him: "Get Lost. Go back to Kerala".
Lat, Parit Raja

anti-illuminati said...

I used to look up at Mahahatir Kutty but not now. His speeches nowadays contain racial remarks.
It seems like he suffered inferiority complex disease. He, mamak kutty does not appreciate his father's origin but instead very much want to be "Melayu". Shame on him !

Surind Raj said...

Need the support of all Barisan Rakyat supporters!

(TM Nut - Blocked MT, Invasion of Privacy, Censorship, Throttling P2P & Torrent Bandwidth, NST Printing Garbage!)


Jefus said...

must be miserable to see all the work of two decades gone awry bcos u picked the wrong guy,...... or, for that matter, was there any better pretender?

on the other side of the coin, the unraveling becomes easier,

what a way to spend the golden years,...... alot of revision needed on his memoirs,..... he he he

KongKor said...

Meaning of Merdeka is when the RAKYAT rules.

Mahathir is the main caused of the breakup of the Malaysian unity.

Helen said...

I don't know if I agree with Tun. I can understand him being sentimental and all. Afterall, he's migrating soon. He said so, right? :-P

Anonymous said...

This is my humble opinion on why there was no one "brave" enough to hoist the flag upside down in protest to the BN government.

1. 25 years ago, the internet was not born yet (not to the capacity that a regular house wife could even blog).

2. People are not read. They do not know what is in the law. They do not know that Malaysia has no such thing as prosecuting someone who hoists a flag upside down. People are not so aware that hoisting the flag upside down is accepted worldwide.

3. People are not creative enough to know that there are other ways to show protest instead of going out to the streets to demo.

4. The oppression was not so great that people still consider life is "good" in Malaysia, eventhough their freedom to protest and speak up are limited.

5. Because people are only fed with news from RTM, TV3, RTM...now they have more luxury of choices from MalaysiaToday, HarakahDaily, MalaysiaKini and other reliable sources instead of the BN funded media.

Last but not least, people hoist the flag as a protest. Because people are now smarter than what the government thinks of them.

Kick the clowns out of the house right now please!


whisperingshout said...

[Overcoming DNS Blocking]



For once; go get lost!

Your sodomization ploy and policy fails.

Maverick SM said...


You have good words for TDM.


TDM is having fun time.


No, he is not.


I think so.


You are right.


I agree with you absolutely.


I don't think so.


You have good words of encouragement.


You have good thoughts.


I share your thoughts; I hope it is the right thing.

Lat, Parit Raja,

He may be migrating soon.


You have a point.

Surind Raj,

I will visit your blog now.


You make fun of old man?


No he is not; Umno is.


You are absolutely right; but he may change his decision soon.


You have sensible points. However, we may differ ideologically. It's not about being brave; it's about being sensible.




Cool down; TDM has retired.

CK said...

i just can't keep my cool down when Madir keep saying things as if he's giving so much press freedom during his time.

he should shut but again, it's his right. and for tat, i need to respect.... heavily haha....

nasser said...

Hello Tun Mugabe, u 'kill off' all your deputies who are capable becoz they are a threat and then u surround yr self with idiots. Then u complain when they cannot perform. I think u should commit hara kiri and give us a cause to celebrate merdeka this year.

Maverick SM said...


He can't shut up till he is dead.


Tun Mugabe? hahahaha!

RedBag said...

Well, perhaps Tun was talking and reminiscing about HIS era.
Or it is that the nyanyuk-symtomps have finally decided to kick in.
"Mouths are shut and what is in the heart cannot be expressed. We are afraid to say anything because the police will be urged to act"
well, these...all of these...happened during your era Tun.
Don't try to play the sad-innocent character here.

only said...

"Something is lost from the meaning of independence. Mouths are shut and what is in the heart cannot be expressed. We are afraid to say anything because the police will be urged to act.

"Sometimes I feel like we are already in a police state, but maybe this is just an overreaction," he added.

errr...doesnt that referred to the times when he was in charge?

youth attack said...

Mahathir can never keep his mouth shut.then again,he do have the same rights as us all to voice out his opinion.

but i dont think we're in a "police state".things not as bad as he describes.i'm sure he can't never forget "ops Lalang" back then in late 80's. :)

Maverick SM said...


Tun is truly sad; sad because he is powerless.


You may be right.

Youth Attack,

Good memory.