Thursday, August 07, 2008

No more Maids ! They are now "Home Managers"

Soon, there will be no more maids in Malaysia. They will be certified and classified as Home Managers. This is what Women and Community Development Minister Dr Ng Yen Yen promised.

Minister Ng Yen Yen said courses would be conducted which teach the "maids" how to manage the home and caring for children and the elderly. This course would be available to Malaysian women aged 18 years and above. Participants who attended the course would be awarded a Distinguished Honorary "Degree" in Home Management (BA Home) and their job title would be "Home Managers". And for those who may want to pursue further and higher qualification, we may soon have Master in Home Management (MA Home) and Doctorate in Scientific Home Management which will carry the title Dogtors (Dgr Home),

According to Dr Ng, the word "maids" would not be allowed to be used as it is derogatory and seditious.

Dr. Ng said that these Malaysian domestic helpers could be paid up to RM2,000 a month - four times what Malaysians commonly pay helpers from Indonesia.

"In the long term, we want our families to be looked after by Malaysian caregivers," Ng said according to the Star daily.

Malaysian women will be encouraged to train as domestic helpers in a government programme aimed at reducing the country's dependency on foreign workers.

(Note: The news above are exaggerated and sensationalized) Read the actual news about it here at Malaysiakini and also at TheStar Online


have heart said...

being a maid or shall i say "home manager" is not a job for all.what i mean by that is,being maid/home manager takes a lot of patience and skill as well.dont expect to be pampered by the employer because some might gonna go stern on their housemaids/homemanagers.

but still housemaids/homemanagers is human being just like us.they also have their own right and should be respected.

but there's no denial that there are many cases among maids and their employers.some maids took advantage on their employers and vice versa.

a real case that i know of happened in Singapore where a maid tried to smuggle the jewelry of his employer to oversea by baking a bread and put all the jewelry inside the bread.

Yan said...

Our Ministers sure have "foresight"!
Foreign investors are leaving us & we are lagging compared with our neighbours. We might be heading the direction of Ghana & other backward African countries. So, our Minister promote training Malaysians to be future Maids & who knows may be they could be send to work in other countries!

Maverick SM said...

Have Heart,

I agree with you.


Ya, Dr Ng is farsighted. She is good in conversion and classification. This way, Malaysians will no more be low class and low moral. We are all managers. Bellboys at hotel should also be renamed Lift & Baggage Manager. Waiter and waitress should be called Customer Order Manager. And office boy should also be called General Managers (Misc & Postal Division).

elle said...

shit .. i am a house wife my husband cant even affort to pay me RM1,000.00 a month ... a home maker instead of maid? hmm.. better to get a second wife i guess ... what an idea from the bn minister??? this will not help at all ... home maker with diploma??? hmm???

Mr. Pig said...

Hey... I thought my wife was supposed to be the manager of the home. She wouldn't be happy to know that her 'position' has been usurped by a foreign woman!

A house is not a home. Maids should be house worker, if you want classifications. For me, a maid is a maid is a maid.

moo_t said...

Janitor - hygiene manager
tea lady - Refreshment coordinator
newsPaperman - media coordinator
MSM - feels good mentor
FRU that f*ck up - flesh impact manager
Mat Rempit - Bike Stunt Manager
August* P**l somebody - Political scenario evaluator

Anonymous said...

They have been managing 'husbands' well and deserve a raise.


Maverick SM said...


Are you sure it is better to get a second wife?

Mr. Pig,

Now you have to promote your wife to be the Queen of the Home because the manager of Home is now your maid.


Thanks for tambah.


I agree with you. I will raise!

bayi said...

Home managers? Then they won't sweep the floor and wash the dishes. We'll have to hire another maid because they need to supervise maids to be managers. Bankruptlah kita...

msiaman said...

Home manager or not, Malaysians are not ready to have a local Home Manager. Trust me on this. You will see more new social issue coming out. Leave the Indonesian or Philipino, we have got used to them. Locals? Don't they have a lifestyle to maintain? Or chill-out with friends? Then how to do a 24x7 live in Home Manager?

They will eventually become 2nd wife or hit the road....

Maverick SM said...


No more maids, please! They are Home Manager and if you hire another, it will be another Home Manager.


Not true lah! Many years ago we have local home maids; they are very good and did not become 2nd wife.

Anonymous said...

Ng YY should set up a University for training maids and the first chancellor can be Jean Abdullah-maid (oops home manager) from Putrajaya