Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saiful swears. Anwar shit!

Excerpt Report from Malaysiakini:

Saiful told reporters that he had waited to garner courage before swearing on the Quran. Earlier, Saiful swore on the Quran at the FT mosque in Jalan Duta that he was sodomised by Anwar.

Below is the statement read out by Saiful:

I feel that the time is right for me to do my duty as a Muslim and Malaysian by doing what is right. With this, I swore in the name of Allah at the Federal Territory Mosque this evening in accordance to the teachings of Islam and as advised by religious scholars and teachers that I was sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim.

The oath I've taken was done voluntarily and it was done to uphold the truth as a Muslim, a Malay and a Malaysian.

I understand that if the allegations and oath that I've taken under the name of Allah are not true, I will be cursed by God and tragedy and curse will come upon my family and the generations after me forever.

I've taken this oath to prove that my allegations are completely true. This is the best way for me to attain justice in the world and the hereafter and for me to redeem my pride and dignity as Allah is the only place where I can complain to.

I've done this for God and I took my oath in the house of God, that I was humiliated and sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim and I do not wish to lie to the world as he has done.

With this, I challenge Anwar Ibrahim to swear by Islam and do it in a mosque, witnessed by religious scholars, teachers and all Malaysians to deny what I've accused him of.

Below are the questions posed to Saiful and his answers:

Who witnessed the oath-taking at the mosque?

Saiful's lawyer Zamri: All the FT Mosque imams.

Where have you been hiding all this time?

Saiful: I've not been hiding but I was quietly gathering enough courage to answer all the allegations against me, especially by Anwar Ibrahim.

Why did you pick today and the FT Mosque?

I've been intending to do this for some time now but it needs mental and spiritual strength as taking an oath is not something trivial or easy. The consequences can be very dire in the eyes of God. Nevertheless, Allah has given me the strength to take the oath today.

How do you feel after taking your oath?

I feel relieved and for the first time, I feel that I've been given the strength by Allah to face reporters.

Was it consensual?

I wish to stress here that it was done without my consent.

Do you intend to campaign in Permatang Pauh?

This is not a political matter, it is a private matter between me and Anwar Ibrahim.

Are the allegations you've made against Anwar frivolous?

Everything happened without my consent.

Source: Saiful: Sodomy wasn't consensual

Puzzled? Perplexed? Ya, I'm!

I feel that the time is right for me to do my duty as a Muslim and Malaysian by doing what is right.

I ponder: He said he felt today was the right time to do his duty as a Muslim after 2 months by doing what is right? So, what was right thing to do? Swear on the Quran was the right thing to do? I do agree. But then, would it be taken to mean that the earlier meeting with Najib, Dr Mohamed and negotiating with a police officer and ultimately making a police report was in itself never the right thing? If he wants to do his duty he should in the first place had sworn by the Quran and thereon leave it to Allah to punish Anwar. But he is so passionate to want so much publicity and gaining compassion. By his own words, "it is between him and anwar and Allah"; if that is so, then why he wants so much publicity to proof that his arse was on the line of fire? I am puzzled and perplexed!

Saiful said: [quote]"He swore in the name of Allah and in accordance to the teachings of Islam and as advised by religious scholars and teachers that I was sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim." [unquote]

Ponder: There seems to be a catch - did he say that he was advised by religious scholars and teachers that he was sodomized by Anwar? He was advised to swear that he was sodomized? Or he was advised that he need to swear? And he said it was done in accordance with the teaching of Islam? Tell me in which Surah gave such teachings on swearing? I have not found a phrase in the Quran pertaining to swearing as an victim; the victim was suppose to get the necessary witnesses as espoused; that's the rule of syariah.

Saiful said: [quote] "I've taken this oath to prove that my allegations are completely true. Allah is the only place where I can complain to." [unquote]

Ponder: If Allah is the ONLY place to complain, then why did he go everywhere, including to Najib to complain. Najib is not Allah! And he don't have to take an oath to prove that his allegation is completely true. If the sodomy is true, Allah surely knows; the Quran said Allah knows everything; so you don't need to prove to Allah that you did not lie. If you believe in Allah, you must also believed that Allah is all knowing and Allah is omnipotent and omnipresent.

And Saiful also said: [quote] "I've done this for God ... and I do not wish to lie to the world as he [Anwar] has done." [unquote]

Ehm!!! You did this for God? Oh my God! You can't be doing this for God; you are doing this for yourself and to convinced us human beings that you did not lie; you don't do this swearing for God and God do not need you to do this for Him.

Saiful said [quote]: "I've not been hiding but I was quietly gathering enough courage to answer all the allegations against me, especially by Anwar Ibrahim. It needs mental and spiritual strength as taking an oath is not something trivial or easy. The consequences can be very dire in the eyes of God. Nevertheless, Allah has given me the strength to take the oath today." [unquote]

Ponder: Why do he need mental and spiritual courage to tell God? If you believed that God is all knowing, it must mean that He already knows whether you tell Him or not. Of course the consequences of falsely swearing to God is dire in the eyes of God. But if the sodomy was a factual act committed, he never need to fear about telling this truth to God because he already knows that God knows of what had happened to his arse. I don't need strength to tell God because I know that God is omnipotent and omnipresent irrespective whether I tell Him or not.

Saiful: "This is not a political matter, it is a private matter between me and Anwar Ibrahim."

Ponder: This certainly is a private matter between 2 person and God alone. Saiful is right on this. But then he chose to go to Najib for advice; Najib was the first to know. After that, he then went to some specific police officer for advice at a hotel room to discuss the sodomy; thereafter, he went to so Dr Mohamed and then to HKL before he went to make a police report. By involving so many parties it was no more a private matter; it has become a public issue.

It must have been a great courage for him to come out now to meet the press after the swearing. The swearing was suppose to be a private matter; but he went to the press to pronounce the swearing for reasons known only to himself and his lawyer.

Now, it's Anwar's turn to do so. He has to do it; otherwise things will turn against him.

Anwar said if Saiful wants to adopt the Islamic method then he should follow the syariah way and make his complain there instead of going to the police.

"I too have already referred this case to the Syariah Court and the officers there want to take his statement but the police have stopped them. Saiful is under police protection and they have a hold on him and they decide what he should or should not do," said Anwar.

Saiful said it was a coincidence that he was making this revelations one day before the nominations for the by-election. It surely is coincidental!

(source: Malaysiakini)

I hope God will reveal the truth to us; for He is the only source of truth; all others are human's claim of some kind of truth.


Anonymous said...


really beats me. AG foocie said it was consensual. he said no, it was bloody rape.
just went to see my doctor for some bleeding butt problems. believe me, it was damn painful when he prise open my butt to analyse the problem. thank god, he said its just some minor problenms and he gave me some medication.

and this saiful said its non consensual. freaking hell, his arsehole will be scarred with non-consensual penetration unless he has been jutting out his butt for a long time.

i rest my case and God bless him if he is telling the truth.

Pauh said...

If this is a private matter, how private can it be for Saiful to take it to Najib first under such doubtful circumstances that Najib "couldn't get his dates right" at first? Can Najib be Saiful's private counsellor?

Jay said...

Yeah. Can Anwar be charged for consensual and the Saiful said it was against his will?

Anonymous said...

Anyone got a taped recording of Saiful's swearing?

On TV3 (midnite news tonite) he stumbled over the date of the alleged sodomy incident by swearing it happened on "dua puloh enam hari bulan LAPAN (!") then quickly corrected it to "bulan enam dua kosong kosong lapan".

Yahya said...

It is a time like this that I wish the Prophet was alive for the Revelation to come down. But Allah the Almighty is in charge and unto Him is the final return. We may be confused, but as the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, we judge by what we see and Allah is responsible for what's hidden.

In this case, I believe in Anwar's innocence and have no faith in what this nefarious child is claiming or his nefarious, wicked hearted handlers are cooking up to destroy the very fabric of the Muslim Community in this nation, but may Allah show His signs and take charge so that he punishes evil though it is His tradition to give a long rope to the wicked heats and "bless" them on earth for them to fall into the ensnare. To say that he has "gathered courage" after 2 months while all along he was taunting Anwar and flashing victory signs at the media camera is quite cheap and shows the stupidity of the forces who are behind him. Did it take two months for his to gather courage while all along he was blogging about anything he could imagine about his relations with Anwar and PKR? Hogwash!

lucia said...

what's the point of swearing on the quran (or bible) if a person is not of deep faith? or like a person who do not believe in god. this person may murder someone and then swear on the quran that he did not do it, including calling on curses and all hell on him and family if he lied. it will be NOTHING to him all this swearing!

Purple Haze said...

Setting aside the religious implications of his swearing, perhaps what is important is that the judge could throw out the case on a technicality.

Obviously the charge under S 377B cannot hold if the victim says that it was not consensual. It would be the wrong section !

As far as I have read in blogs, Saiful has always maintained that it was non-consensual and yet the charge implies consensual. Is he (Saiful) being set up for a fall ?

Good Doc said...

What about Dr's Osman's report that said no sodomy on Saiful? If Dr Osman swear on Quran that he saw no signs of Sodomy, then???

Orang tua said...

Frankly, I don't see how the act of all the FT imams in encouraging such an act can further the cause of the religion.

And if it doesn't, what is the underlying motive? Politics is what comes to mind.

Anon said...

Taking God's Name in vain is serious business. I hope the young man understands the consequences....

Anonymous said...

saiful telah pun bersumpah seperti mana yang ia telah janjikan sebelum ini…insyAllah dalam masa 40 hari sesudah ini akan berlaku suatu hal yang cukup besar akan berlaku baik terhadap Saiful atau pun DSAI.
Lihat senarai mereka yang telah diadili.

Ummi Hafilda Ali——> salah seorang dalang utama dalam konspirasi Anwar, telah digugurkan menjadi anak kepada bapanya sebelum beliau meninggal.Azmin Ali yang sebapa dengan Ummi mengesahkan perkara tersebut. Apakah nasib yang menanti seorang anak yang telah diakui anak oleh bapanya sendiri dan bapanya meninggal sebelum sempat memaafkannya?

Azizan Abu Bakar——> rakan konspirasi Ummi, telah terlibat dalam kemalangan kereta, menyebabkan kematian isterinya. Dia kemudian ditangkap kerana khalwat dan dihukum enam bulan penjara.

Aziz Shamsuddin——> ketua dalang dalam konspirasi terhadap Anwar, juga terlibat dalam kemalangan jalanraya dan isterinya juga meninggal dunia. Apabila mereka mengambil jenazahnya daripada hospital, didapati sekeping cek bernilai RM3 juta padanya, iaitu pemberian rasuah bagi meluluskan kontrak kepada sebuah syarikat Cina. Semua orang akan mati satu hari nanti, tetapi mati dalam keadaan menerima wang rasuah ialah cara mati yang keji… more.

simple and clear said...

I have only one word: God's word.

"And don't incline to the disbelievers and the hypocrites. Disregard their noxious talk (and annoyances) and put your trust in Allah. Allah is sufficient as Trustee." (Qu'ran karim: 33: 48)

Anonymous said...

Say-Fool lied yesterday during the press conference. So how can we trust his swearing joke? Read Haris Ibrahim's blog.

HuntressMoon said...

dude is going to hell.

Everybody can swear over anything if it actually mean something. Unnatural sex has already broken one of the Quran teachings so is lying or using god's name in vain.

Anonymous said...

Now as a good Muslim and after swearing on the holy book,Saiful should take the case to the syariah court.
In the six years that Anwar was incarcerated in a prison full of men there was not a whisper of "liwat". His cellmate who wrote in MalaysiaToday, who claimed to be friends with him since Uni days, only complained about his change in political philosophy. Here coffee boy graphically swore that "zakar dia masuk lubang belakang saya"on national TV. Who do you believe?

Tony said...

Actually anwar should throw this whole thing back into saiful's face by doing his retaliatory mubahalah. There seems to be no other way to silence these conspirators and those who don't want him to win the bye election than by fighting back with the same weapon they are using on him: mubahalah. I mean they're using a "gun", why is he using a slurpee straw to defend himself? Anwar should take up the "gun" i.e. Mubahalah and shoot back. He is innocent so he should have no qualms. Besides it'll only take an hour or so, but imagine the wide ranging political mileage and moral high ground anwar will gain by accepting the challenge.

Anonymous said...

I swear that Petronas owe me RM 1 Billion...

Plz pay me back!

This swearing things is getting out of hand!

Hostage said...

The biggest Joke in recent times.

If God can curse him and his family, the world is a more peaceful place to live in!!!

Now all Malaysians, let us all join hands and seek god to make sure justuce is done and curse this idiot.


Because his statement made to god already conflicts what DSAI is charged!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonder what will happen if Atantoyo were to be released by Hades to KL and she swears on the quren thqt bijan had her c4ed....

hasilox said...

Leave the holy book alone. He should swear on his sodomy counselor's backside instead!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

this saiful's sifu also swear he got nothing to do with altantuya...

think the believe them?


Anonymous said...

pendapat saya, bila seorang muslim tu bukan seorang yang mukmin, tentunya tidak ada rasa takut dan gerun dalam dirinya akan Allah dan pembalasanNYA. oleh itu, manusia sebegini, walau beribu kali dia bersumpah dengan nama Allah sekalipun, tidak ada apa - apa baginya. InsyaAllah, bala dari Allah keatas orang sebegini akan datang juga satu hari. juga janganlah kita yang menonton 'sandiwara' ni terlalu cetek fikiran untuk mempercayai atau meyakini bahawa dengan hanya bersumpah sebegini, maka telus dan sucilah manusia sebegini.

dan pendapat saya juga, tidak perlu bagi DSAI untuk menyahut cabaran manusia ini untuk bersumpah sebagaimana yang dilakukannya jikalau sudah terang yang ianya tidak digariskan oleh Syara'. lagi cetek la pemikiran orang yang menganggap DSAI bersalah dengan hanya tidak menyambut cabaran untuk bersumpah dari manusia tersebut.

Anonymous said...

Mr Sinful oops I mean Saiful can screw around as much as he likes BUT KEEP OUR SACRED RELIGION and HOLY BOOK out of all those evilness. Whether he is paid to be a political hooker is no business of ours but stay away from the Holy Religion please.

Anonymous said...

PAS leader slam Sinful

IPOH, Aug 16 — Coming to the defence of their main ally, Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang today charged that to accuse Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy by swearing on the Quran is not only stupid but politically motivated.

Casting the matter in a religious light, he said Anwar’s accuser Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s oath on the Quran was stupid because such an act could only be done by a husband or wife to accuse either one in an adultery case, referred to as li’an.

"In the case of sodomy, there is no such thing as a marriage. Therefore the swearing on the Quran cannot be done," Hadi told a press conference at the sidelines of the Pas general assembly here today.

He also said it was politically motivated because it was done a day before the nomination day for the Permatang Pauh by-election where Anwar is involved in a three-cornered contest that is his ticket to topple the ruling Barisan Nasional government and seize power by his self-imposed Sept 16 deadline.

"No doubt it is motivated by dirty and immoral politics," Hadi said, reiterating his belief that Anwar did not commit sodomy. Police have charged Anwar for the offence and his case will be mentioned on Sept 10.

Hadi reiterated his proposal that the case should be referred to the syariah court. Anwar has sued Saiful for defamation and slander in both the civil and syariah courts but has refused to take an oath on the Quran. Pas leaders say Anwar should not do so to prove his innocence.

Last night, Pas deputy spiritual leader Datuk Dr Haron Din also claimed that it was a politically motivated move, done in less than 24 hours before the by-election nomination this morning.

He said Saiful did not have to resort to the Quran as he should only bring four witnesses to prove that sodomy had taken place.

"If the accuser fails to provide the witnesses in the syariah court then his allegation is false and he should be punished by 80 strokes of the rotan according to Islamic law," said the religious scholar at a Pas forum here.

toolan said...

This sounded fishy to you as well right? I mean, a normal person who gets rape either by a man or woman would normally be under tremendous duress as it is acted against one will. So, in normal circumstances, the victim would go into hiding until a friend or relative notices something is wrong and act upon it to find out what is wrong, OR the victims go directly to his/her closes relative that he/she can confide which will then lead them to the police, not even the hospital. It is upon making the police report that he/she will be taken to the doctor's for examinations.
I think I got the sequence correct, so correct me if I am wrong but Saiful's sequence of event and emotions seem to be against the norm of rape victims. Unless butt fucked victims react differently but his story does not add up, something really smell rotten fishy.
Lastly, what he is doing is definitely going to put Islam(as a religion) in very bad light in terms of credibility.

Anonymous said...

swearing by the quran is nothing, it doesn't prove anything.

Anonymous said...

swearing by the quran is nothing, it doesn't prove anything.

seefei said...

will be in kl, free to lim kopi?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if that saiful were to offer his nasty smelly arse to any of the commentators in this blog, you will all run screaming home.

Anonymous said...

what a fcuking pathetic malay... peddling his arse to the world and try making it holy by using the quran.

can ask this najid favourite boy to stick his arse in boiling oil, if he is telling the truth, his god will never let it burnt.

btw, did anyone check the pages of the holy book he used to do the swearing ... for all we know it could be a stack of old newsaper...?


Anonymous said...

This swearing thing... just making a butt joke of the quran.

layman said...

Simple layman understanding, the ball now is at Anwar's court.

Anwas has been delaying, diverting, avoiding.

If he didn't do it, wtf he so scared!!

Anonymous said...

Its amzing that the government led by abdullah & najib could stood so low...

Full backing for this saiful guy to use their god name & holy book just to make the opposition leader look bad.

And continue abusing their religion & holy book to serve their interests.

Maverick SM said...

Dear Commenters,

I do not want to pose any further to what you had said as I had given my views at the article.

Thanks for your comments and participations. We have to leave this issue to Anwar.


Yes, please post a note at my blog ShoutBox and give me a day notice; I will have coffee with you.

mode de la shadow said...

Pious people turn to the holy books to look for guidance and wisdom in God’s words away from prying eyes, crooks make themselves look pious by making use of the holy book in full view of an audience….

blowdwhistle said...

let RPK took his Qoran oath pulak for accusing Najib...let see what Pak Lah will say later....

blowdwhistle said...

let RPK took his Qoran oath pulak for accusing Najib...let see what Pak Lah will say later....

PleoMax said...

For Anwar, berani kerana benar...takut mesti lah gelabah kan.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said... know tht,,the evilless is anwar....he look a bastard tht wanna be a will not be darling...hahaha<---yurrrkkkzzzz!!! never be!!!LOSER bisex!!!