Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tale: Model Sues Doctor


If you don't want the devil to tempt you with forbidden fruit,
you had better keep out of my orchard.

- Doug Barnett

Model sues plastic surgeon in Mexico for not making her nipples even after a breast implant.

The doctor said, "They looked good to me!"


Anonymous said...

The Dr from Pusrawi also said it looks good to me, and now he disappears.


Anonymous said...


i would have done the job for her for freeeee

Maverick SM said...


Did he disappear?


You a veri good man.

Anonymous said...

The doctor said,' Correct, correct,correct level! - mmudahlupa

sheriff said...


Did you notice that the doctor is cross-eyed? Or cockeyed, whatever! Look at his two eyeballs. One goes to the extreme left and the other to the extreme right.

That's the punishment when you don't pay attention when you engage the services to surgeons for operations like this.

Boy, if I were to engage his services to circumcise my dick, he might even snip off part of it and claim that the hole thing looks good!

HuntressMoon said...

hahahah that is a good one.. i nearly had a heart attack..

Maverick SM said...


You must be dreaming about lingham.


Don't snip your balls; you become ball-less!


Do you need a doctor for your heart attack? That doctor is free.

Anonymous said...

I wud call those eyes as stereo eyes so sound and vision amplified, balanced lah!

Anonymous said...

i think this is just a joke. doubt such thing really happened. the doc eyes is way out, looks more comical than real.


ORIS said...


Wowwww.... thats gigantic and well placed too. The doctor (esp forehead) look similar like Najib if he is with specs....

Could that be Najib twins??? a decent twin, of course!

Jefus said...

does he have a brother who's a mechanic?

once i came across an on coming car with its headlights one shining up and the other shining down,...

Maverick SM said...


Is it? em!!!


No lah! Najib more handsome.


I don't know. Could be!

ewoon said...

No big deal. Slightly cock-eyed that's all.

Just like the plastic surgeon. Cock-eyed.

Two wrongs make a right, no?

Maverick SM said...


But he saw it right,,,